Kanye West Meets The Weeknd In “Feel Stronger” Mix By Carlos Serrano [Free Download]


Carlos Serrano has done it again! This time The Weeknd‘s brand new single “Can’t Feel My Face” gets mashed up with a Kanye West classic, “Stronger.” This of course isn’t the first time Serrano has taken on Kanye West – his combination of Yeezy and Sam Smith made it just about everywhere including the likes of Time Magazine.

Download: Kanye West vs. The Weeknd – Feel Stronger (Carlos Serrano Mix)

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Kanye West – Stronger (Club Killers Remix) [Free Download]


Club Killers just took on Kanye’s classic “Stronger” and gave it new life. There’s no way in hell you don’t head to your local strip club (hopefully not as full of C-Section scars as mine…) and don’t see some skrippa twerking her booty to this remix. I’d say the best thing about the Club Killers, besides their actual music, is the songs they select for remixes. They always pick the perfect tracks to match their signature sounds.

I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for when they start dropping originals as “Cancun” was dope and I feel like they have grown a lot since then.

Download: Kanye West – Stronger (Club Killers Remix)

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Phat Ass Friday (Ft. KSHMR, Vaski, Tiesto, JOYRYDE and more) [Free Downloads]


Welcome back to Phat Ass Friday, where we bring you the best of this week’s free downloads. This Friday we have tracks from Tiesto, KSHMR, JOYRYDE, BLU J, LUCA LUSH, SAM F (holy caps lock) and more! Download them all below, and don’t forget: PLEASE LIKE OUR NEW PAGE. OUR OLD ONE GOT FUCKED OVER!


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Kanye West Shouts Out Chance The Rapper On Stage, His Reaction Is Priceless


chance the rapper kanye west studio

It’s been long rumored that Chance The Rapper had linked up with Kanye West – his #1 idol – in the studio, both being two of Chicago’s best current emcees. But it looks like their relationship hit a new high when Yeezy shouted the rising star out on stage. Chance basically flipped out. So much energy, so much passion, so much excitement.

See for yourself: MORE!

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