Autograf – Metaphysical (ft. Janelle Kroll)


What happens when art meets art meets art? You get Autograf’s latest series of projects that are just mind-blowing. Like it’s so easy these days to just pick a semi-popular track and pump out remixes every 2 weeks and stay relevant. But Autograf literally spend so much time on focusing on all inclusive art from head to toe of each release. Besides the fact that Metaphysical is amazing and Janelle Kroll shines I highly recommend checking out their interactive art site.

Here’s what they had to say about their latest inspiration.

Finished this new art piece! To us Metaphysical isn’t about the origin of the universe. It’s about the reality we create in our own lives. When we peel back the layers, we’re all just human inside.

We chose Twiggy as the subject, a pop-icon who challenged the societal norms of her era, encouraging people to look beyond assumed stereotypes.

Pretty cool guys. Pretty damn cool.

Download: Autograf – Metaphysical (ft. Janelle Kroll)

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Watch Kygo & Ella Henderson Cover Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams”


Well I’m sure there’s a few girls out there who will need to change underwear after a combination of Taylor Swift & Kygo plays for them. I’ll be honest, Tropical House isn’t the most difficult music to make, but Kygo proves that he’s a super talented musician when time and time again he pumps out stuff like this. Dude can seriously tickle the ivories. It’s like he’s making love to the piano.

If you haven’t already you gotta go check out his new single with Ella Henderson.

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XYLO – Afterlife (The Jane Doze Remix) [Free Download]


Welp, this is a hype machine number one remix if I have ever seen one. The Jane Doze have been killing it this year with their selection of indie tracks to put their own flavor on. Sadly, I had never heard the original and not feel it’s my duty to spend the next hour checking out XYLO’s entire discography.

Apparently this is “Chill Trap” which I would assume is an oxymoron, but instead works flawlessly with this track. Free download below.

Download: XYLO – Afterlife (The Jane Doze Remix)

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Watch Flume’s Live Set From SXSW’s Hype Hotel



Just a few days ago we posted Flume’s Essential Mix. Today we have another amazing mix from the Australian. In March, during Hype Hotel’s I Guess I’m Floating/YVYNYL party, Flume threw down an INSANE set and you can watch it after the jump!


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Rihanna Goes Full Nude For Vanity Fair’s November Issue, Talks Hooking Up, Chris Brown



Following up Demi Lovato’s nude Vanity Fair shoot, we are treated to the one and only Rihanna‘s November cover and spread. Of course she’s never shied away from baring all, but with this issue she also talks about EVERYTHING. MORE!

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