Krewella Countersue Rain Man, Say He Was “Pretending To DJ”


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Krewella sisters Jahan & Yasmine Yousaf file a counter suit against founding member Rain Man aka Kris Trindl.

After parting ways, Kris went and filed a $5 million lawsuit detailing his side of what went wrong. It touches on a story where three high school friends formed an EDM supergroup for life, but it took Kris to alcoholism. He battled it, went to rehab and got sober, but as his series of events goes, the “new” Rain Man was too depressed for the sisters’ liking, didn’t party enough, and one thing led to another as they basically forced him, the founding member, out of the group.

But as the Hollywood Reporter is reporting, there’s a lot more to the story, and the sisters’ lawsuit gives us their side.

But before we get into dissecting and summarizing the other side for you, we just wanted to remind you that Kris, Jahan and Yasmine were once great friends, and what you’re about to read, and what you have already read in Kris’ account, is lawyer talk, so everything should be taken with a grain of salt. We recommend waiting till all the smoke clears before lashing out at anyone, because remember in both cases, in both claims, they are just that, claims until proven or dis-proven in the court of law (or settled privately).

We’ll warn you though, that it gets ugly, even painful at times to read as what you’ll read are attacks, one way or another, so proceed at your own risk. MORE!

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Krewella to “Speak Out” and “Say Goodbye” on Sunday


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Yesterday, Krewella, now only made up of sisters Jahan and Yasmine, “shocked” their fans by blacking out their social media with a “Say Goodbye” message, which was quickly followed with a brand new logo.

While at first fans were startled, it’s safe to say they’re likely just saying goodbye to their past, to their ex-partner in crime Rain Man, and moving on to bigger and better things despite ongoing legal issues.

They plan to shed some light on the darkness this Sunday, November 23rd at 5 PM PST on Twitch. You can expect them to say goodbye to Kris Trindl and the previous chapter of the Krew, and say hello to their next phase, with brand new music!


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The Neighbourhood – #ICantEven (Ft. French Montana)


The Neighbourhood are no strangers to collaborating with rappers with many collaborations with artists like Danny Brown and Casey Veggies. Their latest song features New York’s French Montana. The song is titled “#ICAntEven” and I can’t even describe how much I love this song.

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Mad Decent Presents: A Very Very Decent Christmas (Ft. Diplo, Alvaro, Wiwek and more)


Last year, Mad Decent giveaway an insane Christmas mixtape that featured so many talent artists. This year, they are back at it again with another crazy assortment of tracks! This year’s Holidays-themed mixtape features Diplo & Alvaro, Davoodi, DJ Fire, Jesse Slayter & Wuki, 4B, Wiwek, Aquadrop, Snappy Jit, Splurt, and Alizzz.

Out 11/25

Tracklist -> MORE!

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Felguk – Showtime


Having found themselves in this years DJ Mag Top 100 list, Brazilian duo Felguk drop their brand new single titled Showtime. Being released via Vicious Recordings on November 24th, “Showtime” moves at a frenetic pace; kickstep drum rhythms and snappy voice edits give way to some super heavy riffs.

It breaks down in the middle, becoming strikingly melodic before thumping back into life again. “Showtime” is big, bold and brash – Felguk deliver a rowdy slice of dance floor fodder.

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