Waka Flocka Is Running For President


Back in 2012, Waka Flocka Flame promised that he’s going to run for president.

And apparently, he wasn’t kidding. On 4/20 (of course), he officially declared his candidacy for President of the United States, with DJ Whoo Kid as his VP. As president, his first course of action will (of course) be to legalize marijuana. In the campaign announcement video, he discusses this and more.

Take that Hilary.

Watch “This Is Not A Joke” video: MORE!

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Hear Lana Del Rey’s “Life Is Beautiful” From ‘The Age Of Adeline’ Movie


A brand new song from Lana Del Rey surfaces with the new trailer for The Age Of Adeline, in theaters this Thursday. Take a listen to a snippet of “Life Is Beautiful” now.

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Listen To Rihanna’s “James Joint” Interlude From New Album


rihanna smoking a joint`

Better late than never. Rihanna‘s late tribute to #420 comes in the form of “James Joint” – an interlude from R8.

In celebration of 420, here’s an interlude from my 8th studio album that I call James Joint.

Listen: Rihanna – James Joint (Interlude)

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Jez Dior – The Line


jez dior the line

Jez Dior has has returned, and with a vengeance. His latest release “The Line” further showcases his more mature flow and sound, as he’s fine tuned the art of “grunge rap.” Dude’s going to blow up any day now.

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Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life (Lash Remix) [Free Download]


With a trend of reaching the number 1 spot on HypeM, Lash is back with another hit. If Imagine Dragons isn’t in your library, Lash will change that with their tropical X progressive house remix of “I Bet My Life”. Keep an eye out for the highly in demand Dominican duo.

Download: Imagine Dragons – I Bet My Life (Lash Remix)

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