Lil Dicky – Classic Male Pregame [Music Video]


HA! If you’re a bro, you can 100% percent relate to this video. In fact, even if you’re not a bro, maybe even a chick for that matter, you can relate to the constant struggle’s of a pre-game with your crew. What to wear, who’s bringing what, how many shots to take before going to the bars; is the bar game strong that night, or should you just keep getting drunk at the crib kick it at home? So much goes into a pre-game nowadays it’s ridiculous. What ever happened to pounding shots at 11:15 and rolling out at 11:25?

Lil Dicky nails it perfectly with the lyrics and the music video to “Classic Male Pregame,” which is dropping on his debut album, Professional Rapper.

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A-Trak Drops BANGIN’ Remix Of Alesso’s “Cool”


Fresh off announcing his debut album Forever, Alesso enlists the services of A-Trak for a one of a kind remix. While the intro may incorporate some of the same clean, progressive elements as the original hit with Roy English “Cool,” just wait till the drop because damn does it go OFF. Some seriously gritty, bangin’ electro awaits. Remix is out May 5th, and the album arrives May 26th.

Pre-order: Alesso – Forever (Album)

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The Knocks Release Groovy ‘So Classic’ EP


Ever since the release of “Dancing With The DJ” way back in 2010, it was clear that The Knocks would soon be making waves in the music industry. Fast forward to 2014, they released “Classic” and once again reminded everyone of their unique, groovy style. They have seen their style morph somewhat though, as seen when comparing the 2010 hit with “Dancing With Myself” – a late night cruise anthem.

To truly push their evolved sound, they have now released a 5 track EP via Big Beat Records, So Classic EP. You can hear it in full above, and support below.

Download: The Knocks – So Classic EP

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Shura – 2Shy [Music Video]


Vocalists are a rare breed in the industry. It may not seem as such since the radio is super saturated with singers, but how many times a year do you hear breakthrough singers truly make it? Not often. Every once in a while though you come across a talent like Shura, who instantly gained support from the likes of Sam Smith. Her latest song, “2Shy” is simply put, gorgeous, and the singer from across the pond has now released the music video for it. It’ll only take a few more like this one, maybe a few remixes from some powerful artists, before Shura is a household name.

Download: Shura – 2Shy

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Lost Kings Go Deep With Thief’s “Crazy”


The guys of Lost Kings decided to “step out of [their] comfort zone” and go deep for this remix of Thief’s “Crazy.” Read what they had to say about it below:

“Thief hands down is one of the most talented guys we’ve worked with. Such a fan of his and his song Crazy. We definitely stepped outside our comfort zone for this remix but really felt that this was what his vocal called for. Plus we love some of the deeper music out right now so we decided to have some fun and make something different. Be on the look out for a ton of releases coming soon.”

iTunes: Thief – Crazy (Lost Kings Remix)

Check out Vance Joy – Wasted Times (Lost Kings Remix) MORE!

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