Lemaitre – Wait (Elephante Remix) [Free Download]


Elephante kicked off his, Back To Stool mix, with this track the other day, and needless to say, it’s another gem from Tim. I think it’s safe to say that Elephante has solidified himself as one of the top remix masters in the game right now, as literally every remix Tim produces and releases, is immediately stuck in our heads and played on repeat for days. “Wait” from Lemaitre is no exception and I can’t wait for more from Elephante as all of his remixes are pure gold!

Free Download: Lemaitre – Wait (Elephante Remix)

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Martin Garrix – Animals (DeadMau5 Troll Remix) [Throwback Thursday]


Animals” is the most loved/hated track of our era. On one hand, when Garrix released it, it was revolutionary and captive to the EDM Scene. However, as it got overplayed, people started to hate on it and categorize it as “ever other EDM track.” Truth be told, even Martin Garrix stopped playing his own edit of the track, it got so old, that he started playing Botnek’s remix at festivals.

Nonetheless, we thought we’d throw it back on this Thursday to one edit of Animals that no one saw coming. Well, in reality, we should’ve known better, as Deadmau5 trolled the world at Ultra 2014, by dropping this edit of Animals for the ENTIRE world to see. It was both unexpected and humorous at the same time, but one thing it did do was put Animals back in the limelight, again. Love it or hate it, this was one of the greatest trolls of all time, and we commend Joel’s ambition to do so in front of such a big audience. TBT can bring back quite the memories, can’t it!? I wonder what would’ve happened had Avicii not gotten sick and Deadmau5 not had filled in…

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Cash Cash Take Over TomorrowWorld’s “Artists Of Tomorrow” [Volume. 4 Mix]


We’re so close to September we can almost taste it! Labor Day is this weekend and that means that TomorrowWorld is just 4 weeks away..I’m so excited, it’s ridiculous. As we get closer to the Festival we continue to get sets from TomorrowWorld to get us pumped up for the show. This week, Cash Cash is on deck as the “Artists Of Tomorrow” and they spin over 25 killer tracks for an hour. Let Cash Cash take you into Friday with this dope set and get ready for TomorrowWorld…it’s coming faster than you even know!

Free Download: Cash Cash – Artists Of Tomorrow Vol. 4 Mix

Artists Of Tomorrow Volume 1-3 + Cash Cash Tracklist: MORE!

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MAGIC! – Rude (Zedd Remix) [Extended Mix]


After the chillingly good live festival preview at Lolla, we get the extended version of Zedd’s remix to MAGIC!’s chart topping single “Rude” in all its glory! It’s out on Zedd’s birthday, September 2nd.

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Jez Dior – Starts Again (Prod. by Danny Score)


Jez Dior comes through with some fresh new “grunge rap” featuring production from his homeboy Danny Score. Take a listen and see what he had to say about the track below. This is just to hold fans over as he’s busy working on a hella dope project!

“Starts Again’ is a song written about the repetitive nature of relationships built off of emotions. I’m a very emotional person myself and with that comes mistakes directly related to conversations had in the moment without having time to think, but also comes with such highs that aren’t comparable…its almost hard to find the middle of it all sometimes” – Jez

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