Drake’s “Hotline Bling” Gets Sexy Rework From Erykah Badu


Happy Hump Day everyone – If you love Drake’s “Hotline Bling”, check out this chilled out cover by Erykah Badu. She lays down some super mellow vocals for a remix on par with the original. The remix was made with Badu’s son Seven Benjamin as a teaser for her upcoming mixtape ‘But U Cain’t Use My Phone.’ Check back for more updates on the rising singer!

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Hellberg – Slumber Party


Swedish DJ/Producer Jonathan Hellberg has always been hungry to prove his musical prowess to the world. Hellberg’s flawless dedication and love of his craft has led him to become the go to progressive house producer and today shows why. Check out his newest release “Slumber Party” above, read what he had to say about it, and grab it below.

This track was one of the funnest projects I’ve worked on in a long while, it’s just so uplifting and happy. I was super excited when working on this and tried experimenting with stuff I hadn’t tried out with my past releases, it definitely took me out of my comfort zone a bit. After a couple of months of work I still really love the track myself and now that it’s finally out, I hope that you will too! :D <3

Download: Hellberg – Slumber Party

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Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Sokko & Lyons x Dryden Brown Remix) [Free Download]


The Bieb’s latest track, “What Do You Mean?” was (and still is) a monster of a song. Sitting at the #2 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, the original is one that people immediately turn up when that first “clock-esque” sound hits.

Sokko & Lyons, who actually just had their previous remix hit #1 on Hypem the other day (congrats guys), have teamed up with Dryden Brown for this incredibly diverse remix of “What Do You Mean?” It’s diverse in the sense that it plays on a multitude of melodic aspects such as, Tropical House, Chill House and Progressive House, all fused with Futuristic drops that make the track very interesting to say the least. I like how many different layers there are in this remix, and yet, it still maintains it’s continuity and flow, without breaking a stride.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, S&L are two that I’d keep on your Artists to Blow Up in 2016 radar, because they sure know how to bring the heat. Grab this remix as a free download below and let it take your humpday pains away!

Free Download: Justin Bieber – What Do You Mean? (Sokko & Lyons x Dryden Brown Remix)

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Kasbo – ‘Umbrella Club’ EP [Free Download]


Swedish Producer Kasbo has just released his 5 track Umbrella Club EP and WOW this is great. Each track is beautiful and unique in their own way but one thing is certain, he knows how to produce some sexy music. Check em out above, grab them below for free, and as a special treat you can download the EP + bonus tracks through BitTorrent!

Download: Kasbo – ‘Umbrella Club’ EP | Download: BitTorrent Bonus Bundle

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Trap Tuesday (Ft. Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz, AB THE THIEF, Razihel and more) [Vol. 143]


Welcome back to another great installment of Trap Tuesday. Today we have tracks that’ll help you Run The Trap from Party Thieves & Lazy Boyz, AB THE THIEF, Razihel, DJ Burnout, Havok Roth, Unknown & Ship Wrek, Vaccid, Hanar, BARE, EFF3CTS, AO Crew, WATGOOD, Nxize x Alennz!


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