3LAU Ft. Bright Lights – How You Love Me (It’s The Kue Remix!) [Free Download]


So here’s the thing, when the artist of the original song (3LAU) is endorsing your remix of his track, you know you’re doing something right. Mike Morales (aka DJ KUE), takes possibly one of the hottest songs of this summer, and turns it into a super chill late night anthem. Talk about progressive house and making a track that’s absolutely perfect to get down and groove to in the club…this is it. Grab it as a free download below and check out what 3LAU had to say about the track too!

Free Download: 3LAU Ft. Bright Lights – How You Love Me (It’s The Kue Remix!)

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Drake & Chris Brown Working On New Project


drake chris brown rihanna

When news broke that Drake and Chris Brown had quashed their beef regarding RiRi and were in the studio, the internet went pretty crazy. Well now, TMZ has interviewed producer Mally Mall, who’s studio the pic was taken. Watch the video after the jump.

“I was in Vegas, that’s where we squashed the beef and stuff,” Mally explained. “I initiated it, we finished it, wrapped it up. But they’re working on a project. I can’t really talk about what’s going on, but it’s going to be some dope sh*t though.”

I know you’re all wondering though… will there be a collab between them and Rihanna on the project? Only time will tell.

Mally Mall with TMZ: MORE!

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The Weeknd Drops “King Of The Fall” To Push Fall Tour With Schoolboy Q & Jhene Aiko


OVO is going to have a huge rest of 2014. From Majid Jordan‘s EP being released last week, to PARTYNEXTDOOR‘s on the 29th, to Drake‘s new album Views From The 6… and of course The Weeknd, the whole team is killing it. Take a listen to the new track “King Of The Fall” as you grab your tickets for the mini tour. He’s going on mini tour this fall, starting September 19th. Schoolboy Q and Jhene Aiko will be special guests. Check out the dates/stops after the jump!

Download: The Weeknd – King Of The Fall | Buy Tickets

Tour dates: MORE!

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TomorrowLand Expands To Brazil In 2015, Dates Announced!



The World Cup has just wrapped up a few days ago but that’s not all the action Brazil will be getting. Dates have been released for TomorrowLand in São Paulo! From May 1st to 3rd in 2015. And… David Guetta actually announced the expansion during his set earlier today (video after the jump).

But why does Brazil get to use that name whlie the US edition went by TomorrowWorld? Maybe because Disney has a part of its theme park named Tomorrowland? The original festival in Belgium just ended a few moments ago, but you can relive the magic through the rebroadcast, as well as all the live sets. Of course, there’s also Weekend 2 next week!

For more news and to officially pre-register, check out the newly launched, official website.

Video: MORE!

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Vote For The Bottom 100 DJs



While we won’t support DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ “poll” simply because it’s largely a marketing competition, this… is something we can get behind. Someone decided to parody the original “contest” with the Bottom 100 DJs. Sound off in the comments on who you voted for, and look out for the “charts” soon.

Vote: Bottom 100 DJs

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