Jack Garratt’s “Weathered” Is Just Too Good


Jack Garratt made a name for himself with tracks like “Chemical” but also became a Spotify sensation with ~10 million plays from “Worry” and a few others. His latest though definitely takes the cake in my book. “Weathered” is just too damn good and there’s a reason it’s topping out the Hypem charts. Officially out July 6th, but you can listen to it in full now.

Download: Jack Garratt – Weathered

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Karetus Drop Deep House Anthem “One Deeper” Off “27 Genre” Album ‘PIÑATA’



What Karetus are doing with their forthcoming album PIÑATA deserves a ton of respect. MORE!

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G-Eazy Drops “You Got Me” & “Running” in Collaboration with Apple Music


When Apple Music officially launched the other day, it was a given that there would be some new music released to accompany the brand new streaming service. One of the artists that delivered was G-Eazy, as he dropped two brand new tracks titled “You Got Me” & “Running“. Both songs are incredibly dope, but they couldn’t be any more different from each other. “You Got Me” is a trap banger, while “Running” is a much more lyrical piece that touches on G’s come-up. Give each joint a listen and let us know which one you’re feeling more in the comments below!

“Running:” MORE!

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Mike Stud Relives The Best Day Of His Life In “This Feeling” Music Video


“Think back to the best day of your life.” The feeling of euphoria that day evokes in you is the premise of Mike Stud‘s brand new music video. The song is appropriately titled “This Feeling“, and it originally dropped back in March as the first song on Mike’s It’s Spring Break, Homie! mixtape. It was one of my personal favorites off ISBH due to the positive summer vibes that are evident throughout the song. The video (which is of course a Jon Kilmer production) documents July 7th of last year, the day that Mike describes as the best of his life because of his album debuting at #1 and the incredible day that ensued.

“This Feeling” is just about as perfect as a summer anthem could possibly be, so if you’ve been sleeping on it for this long, make sure to grab it for free download below!

“Most of this video is actual footage from one of, if not, the best day of my life. On July 7th last year, my album debuted at number 1, and my friends & family organized a surprise “dream day” to celebrate. We drove around in Ferrari’s & helicopters, celebrated with fans on a boat cruise, a full concert and an epic after party. It was MY version of a perfect day. The feeling I got from being with all the people I love, doing all the things I love, is something that truly stayed with me. This song is about happiness…and the video is what mine looks like.”

Free Download: Mike Stud – It’s Spring Break, Homie! (Mixtape)

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Deadmau5 Trolls Jack U x Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” With His Own Remix


justin bieber deadmau5

Yesterday, Deadmau5 took the interwebz by storm by uploading a seriously fresh hip hop track. But today’s antics… take the cake. Today, Joel proves there truly was a purpose for learning the play the recorder in elementary school. It was clearly taught to reach expert troll status by “remixing” Jack U and Justin Bieber‘s “hit” “Where Are U Now” (which he thinks is a piece of shit). Make sure you’re seated and not eating or drinking anything, because this shit’s HILARIOUS. MORE!

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