Ookay Covers City & Colour As His Alter-Ego COASTER

Ookay is one of the craziest guys around. With his insanely obscure productions, to his hysterical social media videos, the man is WILD. On the other hand, we have his alter-ego COASTER. COASTER makes very chill music and today is no different. Today we have his deep house cover of City & Colour’sComin’ Home.” Check it out above, and check out more from COASTER on his Soundcloud page.

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Bright Lights Ft. 3LAU – Runaway

For the 4th time, Bright Lights and 3LAU link up for an amazing tune. This is what Justin had to say about “Runaway“:

I’ve always been dedicated to trying new things, and never repeating myself creatively. This was a pretty big departure from what I normally do, but I’m beyond stoked with the result and I REALLY hope you are too! My 4th record with Bright Lights and definitely a personal favorite, “Runaway” pulls influence from lots of different genres: from trap to pop to experimental dance. Heather and I wanted to go against the grain, but maintain familiarity and musicality; we hope you think we succeeded. BUT, most importantly, we hope you go absolutely apeshit wild while listening to this, the same way we do ;)
Much Love,
– Justin

Download: Bright Lights Ft. 3LAU – Runaway

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Selah Sue Ft. Childish Gambino – Together (Marlin Official Remix)

Marlin is a very talented DJ/Producer from France. He has been making quite a name for himself through his super creative productions. Today we have his official Future Pop remix of Selah Sue’sTogether” featuring Childish Gambino. So check out this great remix above and stay posted for more info regarding the release date.

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Sander van Doorn & MOTi – Lost [Spinnin’ Records]

As a generation-defining artist that reshapes our perception of what dance music can be, Sander van Doorn is without a doubt one of the world’s most essential, influential and popular DJ/Producers in dance music today. Today we have “Lost,” his monster collab with fellow Dutchmen MOTi. Check out the energetic preview above and stay tuned for the full release November 6th!

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Lindsay Lohan Announced She May Run For President In 2020


So with Kanye announcing his presidential campaign for 2020, I was excited to say the least about that election. Well, it now is looking like quite the election with Lindsay Lohan also considering throwing her hat into the ring. In 2 Instagram posts, she announces that she may run for president, she talks about Kanye, and taking care of suffering children. Imagine if it was Kanye, with T-Swift as his VP, running against Lindsay, and whoever the hell she would choose as her VP: now that would be quite the election.


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