Foster The People – Best Friend



Not quite as good as “Coming Of Age” but this new leak from Foster The People, “Best Friend,” is more than great. It’s rumored to the the second official single off their upcoming sophomore album Supermodel, and you can preview it below thanks to the internet.

Pre-order: Foster The People – Supermodel (Album)

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Avicii – Addicted To You (David Guetta Remix) [Preview]



Avicii once again took to an inventive Twitter campaign to reveal what’s next. And that next, is a remix by David Guetta of “Addicted To You” and it will be out Tuesday February 25th! I wonder if people are finally realizing just how game changing True was? People complain so much about all EDM sounding the same, but then along comes Avicii and reinvents himself and the scene. And then… David Guetta does this:



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Major Lazer – Apocalypse Soon EP (Ft. Pharrell Williams, Sean Paul & More) [Full Stream]


With just 2 days until the official release of Major Lazer latest EP, Apocalypse Soon, we have all 5 tracks in full for your listening pleasure. Be sure to pre-order it below if ya dig. I’m expecting a wild music video for at least 1 of these.

Pre-order: Major Lazer – Apocalypse Soon EP

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Flux Pavillion – Exostomp (Jump Up High)


From Flux: I’ve recently just hit 2 million Soundcloud followers, because of that I wanted to share this new track with you guys first. It’s called ‘Exostomp’ and is coming out on the new Circus LP Grand Central on the 24th March.

Not dubstep if you were wondering, but an electro track that bangs pretty hard. Definitely showing off his production skills in all genres.

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Ellie Goulding – Hanging On (I See MONSTAS Remix)


I really wish I wasn’t super busy and we could’ve been the first site to share this beauty. I’ve heard a shit ton of “Hanging On” remixes in my day and most about a year ago when the song was released. This particular remix by London trio I See MONSTAS will be featured on the Divergent Original Motion Picture soundtrack, out March 11 (US). However, this is not your typical remix.

Normally you can break a song off into sections and it’s the same damn thing over and over again (especially in house/dub/trap). This production shatters those expectations bringing one solid constant flow of sounds. Blended, layered and mastered wonderfully, this is one of the best pieces of music I have heard in a minute. Melodic trap drop with vocal chops. This is just a straight jam. So much better than that festival shit that’s been in constant rotation in every set.

These guys have an EP out now, which they even provided stems for so you can remix what you want. Check it all after the jump.

Check out I See MONSTAS’ Evolution EP –> MORE!

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