The Hood Internet – Classic Lean (Jidenna ft Kendrick Lamar x Major Lazer & DJ Snake)


You can be me when you look this clean. The Hood Internet continue their mashup success by combining “Lean On” and “Classic Man”. Give this one a few listens and you won’t even be able to listen to the originals anymore. Just kidding, the radio won’t let you have a choice. But this mashup works surprisingly well and I have had it on repeat for like 10 minutes now.

Sadly it doesn’t look like there’s a free download so just add it to your Soundcloud likes.

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T-Pain – Make That Shit Work (Ft. Juicy J) (Music Video)


Is this the next T-Pain radio banger? Has he had a hit on the radio since he removed the dreads? Maybe those contained all his secret musical powers. But naw this track is actually pretty catchy with constantly repeating “Make That Shit Work”. I’m assuming they are discussing their laptops unable to load with Windows 10 and not some girl twerking booty. But I guess the music video would prove my theory wrong.

This has apparently been out since June 7th but I haven’t heard it so I’m guessing you haven’t either + audio only versions don’t have booties.

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Dan Bilzerian & Deadmau5 Duke It Out On Twitter


She can't swim, but her tits are real, and today was nice 📷 @playmatekhloeterae

A photo posted by Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian) on

Dan Bilzerian is living quite the life. But then again, so is Deadmau5. And they both have pretty intense personalities, which in this day and age that’s just a recipe for yet another Twitter war. MORE!

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Mr. Carmack Uploads Soulfully Deep Freebie “thotsgalore”


Although it’s only 2:30 in length, Mr. Carmack‘s latest upload “thotsgalore” takes you down the rabbit hole; it’s got some future, some deep/R&B feel with a storytelling melody throughout.

Download: Mr. Carmack – thotsgalore

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Steve Aoki Ft. Fall Out Boy – Back To Earth [Music Video]


When Steve Aoki teamed up with Fall Out Boy (who have recently done work with Wiz Khalifa as well), it made headlines. “Back To Earth” was initially released about a year ago on Neon Future I. Today they bring us the official music video.

Be sure to check out the fan-made one from a few months back as well, it’s tight. MORE!

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