Ansolo & Jerm – The Right Stuff [Free Download]


New Yorker Ansel Elgort aka Ansolo hit the scene last Summer releasing his huge hit “Totem” with Tom Staar on Size Records which went on to become one of the biggest club songs of the season. Following up that success, he just released his first song on Soundcloud today, “The Right Stuff” with Jerm as a free download. With a touch of acid electro and a second drop that’s more progressive, it’s definitely a unique sound coming from a producer with a unique story!

Download: Ansolo & Jerm – The Right Stuff

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Gazzo – Sun Turns Cold (Ft. Chase Rice)


So ya boy Gazzo has been tearing up the scene lately after signing to Republic Records. He’s now doing the unthinkable and merging two genres that have remained relatively separate from one another. The vocalist on this track Chase Rice is actually the dude who wrote Georgia Florida Line’s “Cruise”. Even if you hate country (you do) you still recognize that track from your less musically inclined friends who blared it on the radio for like 6 months.

This result of the collaboration is very Avicii x Aloe Blacc’esque. Pretty much guaranteed to dominate radio stations in the next couple of months. It will be interesting to see what stations pick this style of track up. Will country stations embrace a new genre of music or will it only be the mainstream stations that are able to transcend their usual Max Martin produced hits.

Purchase: Gazzo – Sun Turns Cold (Ft. Chase Rice) /a>

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The Glitch Mob – Better Hide, Better Run (Ft. Mark Johns)


So this is a pretty sick track off The Glitch Mob’s upcoming Piece Of Indestructible EP. Not only does it feature the glitch sound we have come to know and love but it also features Moving Castles vocalist Mark Johns. I honestly would of loved to see more vocals on this track but you can never take away from TGM’s production value.

You probably want to go ahead and pre-order the EP dropping on June 9th after hearing this.

Pre-order: Piece Of Indestructible EP

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Jared Evan – The Art Form Of Whatever (Album) [Free Download]


Surprise! Jared Evan just dropped a brand new FREE album for his fans seemingly out of nowhere. This isn’t just any free project either; it’s good enough to be an album that Jared could’ve sold, but he decided to treat his fans with 10 free tracks that are all extremely good. Just as we’ve come to expect from Jared’s projects, The Art Form Of Whatever blends a variety of different styles to make a completely unique and dope project.

“Here is a surprise that I’ve been keeping quiet about for a while! The Art Form Of Whatever. This is a free album that I wanted to release without any prior promotion or campaign. It’s FREE for all of you! Thank you all so much for sticking with me and continuing to inspire me. You always push me to be even greater than before. So many great things to look forward to! Love you all endlessly.”

Free Download: Jared Evan – The Art Form Of Whatever (Album)

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Netsky Opens Up on Live Tour, Composing, Upcoming Collabs + More [Exclusive Interview]



Belgium’s very own Netsky has been shaking up the festival scene with his infusion of live instruments and adrenaline-pumping drum & bass. We at FITA were lucky enough to sit down with him before his set at Mysteryland USA. We discussed his thoughts on working with a live band, the production process, navigating festival food and more!


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