Diplo Confirms Jack U Mixtape With Skrillex & More In Reddit AMA



Diplo has been pretty busy as of late. He just released his Random White Dude Be Everywhere compilation album, last week previewed new music as Jack U, assisted in the production of Yellow Claw’s new hit “Techno,” and of course, remixed Lorde’s “Tennis Court.”

And now, he takes to reddit for an Ask Me Anything in which we learned some pretty amazing things about Mad Decent‘s front man. It seems hard at times to comprehend the scale at which Diplo operates. This appearance on Reddit gives us some insight into how much he is actually involved in.

Below are some of the more interesting things pulled from the AMA: MORE!

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Chance The Rapper Covers The Arthur Theme Song In “Wonderful Everyday”


Chance The Rapper recently revealed he had a song coming out with Wyclef Jean. The Social Experiment and Chance give us the soulful song, “Wonderful Everyday: Arthur” with additional Wyclef Jean vocals. Chancelor tweeted that the song was releasing from the Lollapalooza webpage. You can catch Chance The Rapper on the Lolla lineup. Check out the new music above.

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Deadmau5 Grabs Coffee With Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


I can’t believe Deadmau5 was able to get Rob Ford in his Ferrari for the latest installment of his Coffee Run. My mouth literally dropped. Not that anything controversial actually happened in it, but one would think his team wouldn’t let him be involved in anything uncut and uncensored. No controversy but plenty of laughs. I have so many takeaways from this including Rob Ford’s Tim Horton’s order, which had the clerk doing espresso math in her head. Deadmau5 once got that bad boy up over 200 MPH. No, not with Rob Ford in the passenger seat. I don’t know if math will allow that. A couple close calls with other cars, Joel talking politics and bonding over their city of Toronto are all packed into this Coffee Run.

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Air Dubai – Coasts (Gazzo Remix) [Free Download]


Yo, before you scroll over this because you have no clue who Air Dubai is (cause neither do I), just take a quick listen to the remix Gazzo has spun onto “Coasts.” Amazing vocals, followed by a super catchy house beat, makes this track well worth your listen. It’s basically like this song was made for a white sandy beach with beautiful women, tons of booze, and not a care in the world. Pack your bag full of f*cks, give them to no one, and listen to this track!

Free Download: Air Dubai – Coasts (Gazzo Remix)

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DeeJay Trademark – Moving On (Kelly Clarkson X Audien) [Free Download]


Deejay Trademark finally gives us another mashup that is extremely interesting combination but still damn good.

Download: DeeJay Trademark – Moving On (Kelly Clarkson X Audien)

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