“People Are Awesome” 2014 Video With Alesso’s “Heroes” Will Make You Want To Go Base Jumping


People Are Awesome” takes some of the coolest things done by everyday people and puts them together into one TRULY inspiring video, proving that “everyday people” can not only do “everyday things” but can do the extraordinary. And is there any more fitting background music to use than Alesso‘s powerful “Heroes” featuring Tove Lo?! No, no there is not.

Anyone else want to go base jumping now? Hmu let’s plan a date.

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Madonna Drops Diplo, Kanye West & Nicki Minaj Assisted Tracks


madonna-diplo-jeremy-scott-party-nyfw-2014-billboard-650[1]Photo Credit: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images

It didn’t take long for Madonna to remind everyone that she is still the queen of the industry. She wasn’t happy with the song leaks a little bit ago, so this time she decided to get ahead of them, as she dropped the first 6 tracks off her upcoming album Rebel Heart. These 6 feature 3 Diplo produced songs which has “Bitch I’m Madonna” also featuring Nicki Minaj. The others with Diplo are “Unapologetic Bitch” and “Living For Life” while Kanye West contributed to “Illuminati” also available today. You can get all 6 of these when you pre-order the album. It’s officially out May 2015.

Download: Madonna – Rebel Heart (Album)

Listen: MORE!

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Google Uses Porter Robinson In Year End Video


With Porter Robinson‘s Worlds album bringing a breath of fresh air into the electronic music scene with beautiful, uplifting instrumentation and melody, it was a pretty obvious move by Google. As the “Year In Search 2014” video begins with a view of earth from space, it quickly becomes evident their choice of music was spot on – the song you’re hearing in the video is “Divinity” and you can hear the full 6 minute version after the jump.

Porter Robinson – Divinity (Ft. Amy Millan) MORE!

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The Game On Officer Slayings: “I guess y’all “can’t breathe” either.”



In one of the worst PR moves of 2014… The Game took to social media to with his 2 cents on the officers that were ambushed and executed earlier today in NYC. He (kinda) just supported the murder of two cops in response to the Eric Gardner slaying and lack of justice – to his fairly sizable following, quickly losing the respect of many fans.

“I guess y’all “can’t breathe” either. #RIPEricGarner #AllLivesMatter #ShitHasToChange #Now”

Nobody should have died.

He then followed up the post explaining himself, it’s best if you just read it for yourself.

Here’s the actual posts: MORE!

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RiFF RaFF To Drop Two New Albums On Same Day In 2015: ‘The Peach Panther’ & ‘The Purple Panther’


riff raff 2014 2015

JODY HiGHROLLER aka RiFF RaFF has stopped searching for Molly and no longer likes the “CoCo” (but still makes time for Mary Jane) in lieu of weight lifting. He’s also just switched management to Golden Hare Group – the same group that manages Kygo & Thomas Jack. Looks like those breaths of fresh air for him are paying off, as JODY just announced quite the… imaginative plan to release new music.

He’s going to be competing with himself June 1st, 2015, releasing TWO NEW ALBUMS ON THE SaME DAY: The Peach Panther as the rap release, and The Purple Panther as his rock record. He’s “in competition” with himself, to see which one does better. This follows up Neon Icon from this past June, and it’s safe to say we really have no idea what either will sound like, but RiFF RaFF gives us a little glimpse into it in a fairly lengthy Instagram post which you can read after the jump.

But what we DO know, is that The Peach Panther will have no features and will also have JODY on the hooks as well, and that The Purple Panther will be sporting live instruments and featuring his new drummer who will actually be part of the act. He had quite a bit to say so take a minute and read it after the jump.


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