Rihanna – Talk That Talk (Tracklist)


Talk That Talk out November 21st.

1. “We Found Love”
2. “You the One”
3. “Watch and Learn”
4. “Roc Me Out”
5. “Cockiness”
6. “Talk That Talk”
7. “Answer”
8. “Drunk on Love”
9. “Farewell”
10. “We All Want Love”
11. “Saxon” “Red Lipstick”
12. “Fool in Love”
13. “Where Have You Been”
14. “Do Ya Thang”
15. “Birthday Cake”

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Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel (NOIR Remix)


Here’s a sick electro take on a huge pop hit. NOIR takes a catchy tune and turns it into a banger quality, more upbeat electro rager. The whole track is tuned up a bit, but there’s also a few series of straight up ELECTRO.

Click To Download: Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel (NOIR Remix)

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Mac Miller – Up All Night (Off Blue Slide Park)


For those of you that have been following Malcolm McCormick for a long ass time, Blue Slide Park has been a long time coming. It probably wasn’t what you were expecting – some took it as a new stage for him, some were disappointed, and for some, maybe this was the first time they ever heard him. Regardless, one thing I learned was that “Up All Night,” Mac’s attempt at a club/party song, was one of the more listened to tracks off the album, so I figured I’d drop one more download from it before you all go out and support him on November 8th. BSP is estimated to drop 100,000 sales the first week, including all the presales, which would make the goofy, lovable kid the highest grossing independent artist ever, beating out Tyler, The Creater by about 50K. Enjoy.

Click To Download: Mac Miller – Up All Night

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Taio Cruz – There She Goes (Solo Version) (FULL , No Tags)


Pretty self explanatory.

Click To Download: Taio Cruz – There She Goes (Solo Version) (FULL , No Tags)

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Kaci Battaglia Ft. Ludacris – Body Shots (Official Music Video + MP3) (Not New…)


So this came across my radar earlier this week and I could not figure out where or when I heard it before, and then it hit me, I just had never heard it… It’s over a year old, but it’s actually not a bad track. More importantly though, the music video is one of the hottest ones I’ve ever seen. DAMN who is Kaci Battaglia? And Luda’s verse is solid, almost makes me think this entire thing is a comercial for Conjure?

Click To Download: Kaci Battaglia Ft. Ludacris – Body Shots


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