Radical Something- California


Radical Something is back with another summer hit. Loggy, Josh Cocktail, and DJ Big Red just seem to know the perfect equation to make addicting songs, and “California” is no exception. Make sure to download this song and “like” them on Facebook!


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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- Wings (Video)


Finally. The stunning video for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis\' powerful song “Wings” is here. Back in January of this year, the team putting this video together called upon the fans for donations to create not only a music video, but a short film. Ten thousand dollars from the fans helped to cover basic costs of the video directed by Zia Mohajerjasbi, who is also the director of Macklemore’s hit “The Town.” Zia has done an amazing job putting the story of “Wings” into visual form. The story of Nike’s presence in Macklemore’s life and also the lives of millions around the world is so clear and powerful that you can’t help but get chills when you hear the song. Macklemore is truly one of the greatest storytellers and artists of our time, and undoubtedly my favorite hip-hop artist I’ve ever listened to.

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Big Sean Doing Mixtape With Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y


So that explains these two leaks.

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Mike Posner – Shut Up (Feat. Rusko)


So the unthinkable has happened and Mike Posner has teamed up with Rusko for an absolute banger entitled, “Shut Up.” You can definitely feel a great vibe between Posner’s lyrics and Rusko’s sick beats. This is a MUST DOWNLOAD, ENJOY!!

Mike Posner – Shut Up (Feat. Rusko)

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Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y & Big Sean – Flowers


WOW 2 tracks in 24 hours from the trio. Here’s that classic kick back and roll up track. Really chill beat.

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