Culture Code Ft. Alexa Ayaz – Slow Burn (Original Mix) [Free Download]


You will immediately be immersed into a state of euphoria with the latest production from Culture Code, “Slow Burn“, featuring Alexa Ayaz. Saturated with melody from start to finish, Alexa Ayaz’s beautiful voice makes for the perfect embellishment that really brings together this song.

Download: Culture Code Ft. Alexa Ayaz – Slow Burn (Original Mix)

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Kenna – Relations (Remix) [Ft. Childish Gambino] [Official Music Video]

Here’s a new track from Kenna with the help of Childish Gambino. It’s a remix of a Kenna original track called, “Relations.” It’s visuals along with the synths make this a really trippy song. Gambino’s flow his solid too as he is everywhere on the music scene currently. This single will be on Kenna’s upcoming album which is called, ‘Songs For Flight,” which is due sometime in 2014.

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Introducing: Oh Honey – With Love EP

Oh Honey

I’ve been following this duo since back in September when they released their first single. It was amazing and I’ve been hooked on Oh Honey since. Today they released their debut EP, ‘With Love,’ on iTunes and that has been on repeat since I bought it. Their music is so damn catchy and really just what you need, perfect for hump day. If you had to choose a track to listen to, choose “Be Okay,” and you can watch the music video for that after the jump. Buy Oh Honey’s EP, ‘With Love’ here now and get to listening to pure musical gold!

Watch Oh Honey’s music video for “Be Okay” here! MORE!

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Hardwell Ft. Matthew Koma – Dare You (Extended Mix) [Out Now]

Can’t really think of a better start to Hump Day than finally hearing Hardwell x Matthew Koma‘s new masterpiece “Dare You” in full! It’s now out on Revealed Recordings, and is even more massive than the teaser hinted at. Where does this collaboration fall with all the EDM anthems in 2013?

Beatport: Hardwell Ft. Matthew Koma – Dare You (Extended Mix)

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Childish Gambino Performs New Song “Shadows” On Arsenio Hall And Talks About His Future

This must be the chillest interview and performance of all time. Childish Gambino was on the Arsenio Hall show recently and Gambino just seems like the type of dude you could talk to for hours and just feel so dang insightful. Gambino touches on topics like his Instagram, leaving Community, and even how coding is an important skill. He just seems to have all the answers that leave you going, YES. After the interview Childish proceeded to debut a new song off his album, “because the internet,” from his seat on Arsenio’s couch. The track is titled “Shadows” and it was sensational as always. Check out Gambino’s tracklist for ‘because the internet’ and it comes out December 10th.

Check out the rest of the interview here! MORE!

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