Stream Rusko’s Bass Filled ‘!’ EP!


Keeping some of that classic bass, but kicking it up a notch with some unfamiliar instrumentation, stimulating, out of nowhere breakdowns and melodies, Rusko‘s ! EP is worth a listen through and through. It’s funkier, it’s cutting edge, and addictive.

iTunes: Rusko – ! (EP)

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Video: Childish Gambino Disses Drake, Kendrick & Schoolboy Q, Says He’s A Top 5 Rapper [Freestyle]


Sooo this happened in Australia… Childish Gambino goes in on fellow rappers Drake, Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q, and calls himself a top 5 rapper during a freestyle.

This n**** think he Drake,
Nah I ain’t Drake, I sing better, I do better, my s*** wetter.

I’m the best rapper, definitely top 5.
I’ll cut their head off, that’s every rapper living.
That’s Kendrick, That’s Drake, That’s SchoolBoy, That’s everyone.
I don’t give a f***, I’ll kill N****s.

Second video: MORE!

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SoMo – Ride (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign & K Camp) [Remix]


The super talented vocalist SoMo graces us with the official remix to “Ride,” featuring Ty Dola $ign and K Camp.

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Superchilled Sundays (Ft. Manila Killa, Hoodboi, Hudson Mohawke, TACHES & More) [Vol. 38]


Basically every single one of these songs deserves it’s own highlight post on FITA. Basically, they are all pure gold. Manilla Killa, Hooidboi, HudMo, TACHES, The Melker Project, Diplo, The Weeknd, Sweater Beats, Prince Fox, Flume, C2C and so much more make up this week’s installment.

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BANKS’ “Beggin For Thread” Is Really, Really Good


There’s a reason this gem has 400K plays in 5 days. BANKS returns after “Drowning” with yet another beautiful song, “Beggin For Thread.” It comes equiped with a radio friendly beat, so we see a lot of future success for this one. Goddess album is expected to be released September 9th, and that can’t come soon enough.

Pre-order: BANKS – Goddess (Album)

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