Super Bowl 50 Halftime Performances From Coldplay, Beyoncé & Bruno Mars [Videos]


super bowl 50

There are three potential reasons why people watch the Super Bowl. 1) football 2) the $5 million 30 second commercials or 3) halftime show. We’re now a year removed from the infamous Katy Pery left shark incident, so it would take a lot to top that, but this year takes a shot. How’d they do? MORE!

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Beyoncé Reveals 2016 ‘Formation World Tour’ Following Super Bowl 50 Halftime Performance


beyonce formation world tour

Beyoncé cryptically released her new single “Formation” yesterday, forshadowing something much greater. Now we know what it was. With a commercial following her performance with Coldplay and Bruno Mars, she has revealed the #FormationWorldTour coming to a city near you. MORE!

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Watch Lady Gaga Crush The National Anthem At Super Bowl 50


Lady Gaga has had her ups and downs over the years, but this… was definitely an up. Probably one of the best national anthem performances in recent history.

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On Planets — Headlines [Drake Cover]


On Planets
just came through with a huge cover, a rework of Drake‘s radio hit “Headlines” off of his 2011 album “Take Care“. The Vancouver group does their finest rendition of taking on Toronto’s best in this synthy-future remix. Take a listen above.

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Deadmau5 Teases New Music



Just like yesterday where Martin Garrix & Dyro went to social media to tease new music, Deadmau5 has joined the party. After already uploading 2 tracks last month, the mau5 took to Twitter to show everyone what he has been working on. MORE!

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