Adventure Club Ft. The Kite String Tangle – Wonder (Jai Wolf Remix) [Free Download]


Jai Wolf, formally known as No Pets Allowed, just dropped this super chill ‘Future Dub’ remix to ‘Wonder‘ by Adventure Club featuring The Kite String Tangle. Listen above and grab the free download from his Facebook Page!

Download: Adventure Club Ft. The Kite String Tangle – Wonder (Jai Wolf Remix)

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Riggi & Piros – WOW (Original Mix) [Free Download]


Jersey Boys Riggi & Piros just released another big room banger with ‘WOW‘. The track just makes you want to go absolutely crazy and I can already imagine hearing this at all the festivals! Listen above, download below.

Download: Riggi & Piros – WOW (Original Mix)

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The Chainsmokers’ #SELFIE Hits Number One On Billboard Dance Charts



But first… let me congratulate The Chainsmokers! This is some of the most awesome news that I’ve written about in awhile. Alex and Drew have worked hard and it has payed off for them. #Selfie which is finally getting the attention it has deserved, has hit the number one spot on the dance charts on Billboard. Take a seat at number two Avicci because it’s time for The Chainsmokers to get their Selfie on.

If for some reason you live under a rock and and haven’t checked out The Chainsmokers, Snoop Dogg, Steve Aoki, Timeflies, and even David Hasselhoff get their #Selfie on, check the music video out here!

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Silverback – King Of The Jungle (Original Mix) [Free Download]


This is what Silverback had to say about his first original track, ‘King Of The Jungle‘:

THIS IS IT! The gorilla nation has just reached 10k members on Facebook, and it really blows my mind how fast the Silverback page has grown. This track is a big thanks to YOU and for your continuous support! So to celebrate, I’ve put together a special gift for you. :) Thanks again and keep being awesome! <3 #Gorillabass.

Download: Silverback – King Of The Jungle (Original Mix)

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Future – I Can’t Believe (Moving On) [Unreleased]



Here’s some unreleased Future that will not be appearing on his upcoming album Honest due on April 22nd. If you’re expecting his oh so familiar auto tune, well you’ve come to the right place.

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