At Dawn We Rage – While The World Sleeps EP [Free Download]



At Dawn We Rage releases the full EP, While The World Sleeps, and to make your day even better, it’s a free download.

Download: At Dawn We Rage – While The World Sleeps (EP)

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Borgore – Love (Ak9 & Sikdope Remix) [Free Download]



Ak9 & Sikdope just released their remix to ‘Love‘ by Borgore and it is CRAZY! This multi-genre remix turns the original dubstep track into a trap – electro – traphop remix in under 4 minutes. Listen below and download for FREE!

Download: Borgore – Love (Ak9 & Sikdope Remix)

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Zeds Dead & Major Lazer – Turn Around (Ft. Elephant Man) [Free Download]



First I’m hearing of Elephant Man but I’m loving what he did on this track. Plus c’mon, do you even need to listen when Zeds Dead and Major Lazer collab on something, to know it’s a must download. Did we mention it’s free?

Download: Zeds Dead X Major Lazer – Turn Around (Ft. Elephant Man)

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Big Gigantic Ft. Sabina Sciubba – Love Letters


Big Gigantic Ft. Sabina Sciubba - Love Letters Artwork

New song from Big Gigantic featuring Sabina Sciubba of the Brazilian Girls. It’s titled “Love Letters” and you gotta love the infectious house sound in this one as well as Dominic’s orgasmic saxophone playing. Take a listen to this track off Big G’s upcoming album due out in 2014.

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John Legend – All Of Me (Damn Wright Remix) [Free Download]



Sorry Sara, I just can’t leave my post the way you left it after ruining a perfectly written improvised post about the homie Damn Wright. So, pretty much I was asked to do a easy cliché blog post write-up just like every other EDM Blog there is out there, knowing that I just don’t play that way I said tio myself: “hmm, I pretty much made this remix all possible so why not write about that” and so I did. Of course Sara had to ruin the part where I talk about Moore and I’s snapchat converation over the weekend during TommorrowWorld and how we call each other legend and I tell this dude to actually name a song ‘Legend‘ but instead he just decided to remix John Legend. Anyways, now that my territory has been re-marked you can read Sara’s version of this “trap-tastic” tune (twitter handle below so yo can bother her).

Sara – Legend’s name in his latest remix of “All Of Me“. He brings a sound to the table that is so unique, there is no way he’s not going to blow up. With a personality that will get him far in the industry as it is, his genuine sound and trap-tastic creativity will only get him to the top faster. This track is definitely more than worth the listen.

Download: John Legend – All Of Me (Damn Wright Remix)

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