Modestep – Paradise (Amazing Coldplay Cover)


Modestep happens to be my favorite dubstep group out there today and here are my reasons why. Not only do they possess a truly unique electro-dub sound, but they also incorporate live instruments into their mixes/live shows like guitar/piano/drums. This remix of the ever so popular ‘Paradise’ by Coldplay showcases all of these aspects to make one tremendous cover. See, I believe that when artists try and make covers, they should change it, rearrange it, and make it their own. Modestep does this here. This was available as a special track for those who pre-ordered the Show Me A Sign EP, but now out for all of us.

Download: Modestep – Paradise (Coldplay Cover)

ALSO: Their debut album Evolution Theory comes out the 14th of January! PRE-ORDER IT HERE and if you would like more information on it CLICK HERE. Preview a couple tracks HERE.

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Ke$ha – Blow (Acoustic) + Supernatural (Acoustic)


Ke$ha also released an all acoustic “Deconstructed EP” after her album “Warrior“. Once again I’m a closet Ke$ha fan, and thoroughly enjoyed these two songs off the EP.

Download: Ke$ha – Blow (Acoustic)
Download: Ke$ha – Song (Supernatural)

Ke$ha – Blow (Acoustic) "Ke$ha – Blow (Acoustic)"
Ke$ha – Supernatural (Acoustic) "Ke$ha – Supernatural (Acoustic)"
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The Game – Pray (Feat. J. Cole And JMSN)


Jayceon grabs Cole for another cut off his album Jesus Piece, in stores December 11th.

Click To Download: The Game – Pray (Feat. J. Cole And JMSN)

The Game – Pray (Feat. J. Cole And JMSN) "The Game – Pray (Feat. J. Cole And JMSN)"
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HeadHunterz – Hard With Style 17 (Hour Long Mix)


So we don’t post enough Hardstyle on this site. Seriously stuff like this is crucial for the gym and or finals. Just throw it on, and quit toying with the next song in iTunes every 4-5 minutes. HeadHunterz is one of my favorite Hardstyle artists and this is definitely a must-listen.

Download: HeadHunterz – Hard With Style 17

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Cherub & Two Fresh – Unplanned Parenthood EP


Ahhhhh musical fusion. Hit play and vibe out to this new joint EP from Cherub & Two Fresh. A nice breathe of fresh air for sure. Scoop it for free, with your e-mail through Bandcamp, or purchase through iTunes. I love seeing/hearing what creative minds can mold. Collab EP’s especially with brilliant artists and producers such as these two are truly special. Support em!

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