Parov Stelar – The Sun Ft. Graham Candy (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)

I’ve been following GAMPER & DADONI since the release of their “Bulletproof” remix a few months ago, and I am in love with these housey tunes that they put out. They’re back at it, this time with an official remix of Parov Stelar‘s, “The Sun.” This is a great track to add to your chill summer playlists, so peep it and head to iTunes for a copy.

iTunes: Parov Stelar – The Sun feat. Graham Candy (GAMPER & DADONI Remix)

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Tiësto Explains His Upcoming Album “A Town Called Paradise” Track By Track

This is awesome! With all the hype surrounding Tiesto’s upcoming album, “A Town Called Paradise,” which is set to drop June 17th, there’s been a lot of questions on people’s minds. What is Tiesto going for with this album? Is it going be vintage Tiesto, or a new side of him that we haven’t seen before? I know we’ve heard many of the tracks already, but this video takes a deeper look at the reasoning behind each track on the album, as Tiesto himself, explains the true meanings of each of the tracks. It’s a very cool video and although it’s 8 minutes, it’s definitely worth your watch, especially if you’re as excited about this album as I am!

STREAM: Tiesto’s ‘A Town Called Paradise’ Album | Pre-order

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Stream Diplo’s MistaJam BBC Radio 1 World Cup Themed Guest Mix


In light of the World Cup, there have been many themed songs and mixes coming out, the latest and largest of which coming from Diplo with this 60 minute mix which was played out on MistaJam’s BBC Radio 1 radio show last night. Stream and enjoy the mix below!

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Moxie Raia – Buffalo Bill (Louis The Child Remix) [Free Download]

Louis The Child just dropped a remix to ‘Buffalo Bill.’ The Moxia Raia track gets sped up a bit and her vocals are so catchy. There’s a nice flow to this track and can be yours below for the lovely price of free.

Download: Moxie Raia – Buffalo Bill (Louis The Child Remix)

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Hoodie Allen – Little League (Mike Stud Diss) [Free Download]

Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean that really got out of hand fast. For those of you living under a rock these past 2 days, lemme give you a run-down of what’s taking place. Yesterday, Hoodie Allen made a song titled “Nolan Ryan”, which was a straight up rap song that include lines dissing G-Eazy, Riff Raff, and Mike Stud. Jody Highroller didn’t take too kindly to the diss, and went on a hysterical Twitter rampage at the expense of Hoodie.

Mike didn’t enjoy it either, so he released a remix of “0 To 100” a couple hours ago as a diss to Hoodie. It was a tremendous song with some great punchlines, so you knew Hoodie wouldn’t take that quietly. As the newest installment in what is turning into the craziest beef Frat Rap/White Rap/whatever you want to call it has ever seen, Hoodie dropped “Little League”, a response to Mike’s diss that was a response to Hoodie’s diss. It’s a remix of Mike’s remix of “Hold On We’re Going Home” (I think????) I don’t even know anymore, man. Judge for yourself. All I know is that there are some next level disses going on here. I know Hoodie is a great lyricist, but holy hell. Mike brought it, and now Hoodie definitely brought it, and we’re all winners. I think. All we need now is for G-Eazy and/or Riff Raff to make a response track and we’ll really be rolling.

Free Download: Hoodie Allen – Little League

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