Drake – Hold On Were Going Home (Ft. Majid Jordan)



Yea… gonna guess this is not what you were expecting as the first true taste from Drizzy‘s forthcoming Nothing Was the Same album. No rapping, at all. Featuring fellow vocalist Majid Jordan, this is mostly… autotune for your every day R&B/pop joint albeit maybe a flash back to a few decades ago. Sure, for what it is, you can’t say it’s “bad” because it’s not. It’s actually good. But, for what we were expecting, and hoping the album would be like…

We thought “5 AM in Toronto” or “Started From The Bottom” or maybe even “All Me” (although it was originally meant for Big Sean’s Hall Of Fame) may have pointed us in a direction, but clearly not.

Maybe if I was expecting something like this I’d be more thrilled, but honestly at the moment I’m underwhelmed. Maybe it’ll grow on me though? Anyway, listen for yourself, to reportedly Drake first single off the new album.

Update: CDQ, official, artwork and it’s now officially out. Starting to dig this for sure.

iTunes: Drake – Hold On Were Going Home (Ft. Majid Jordan)

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Armin Van Buuren Releaes New Label “Who’s Afraid Of 138!?” With Remixes From – Photographer & Jordan Suckley



What doesn’t Armin Van Buuren do and do extremely well at that!? Nothing…I can’t think of a single thing when it comes to music and “Who’s Afraid Of 138!?” is no exception.

Armin has official released his new record label – “Who’s Afraid of 138!?“, and has given us two inaugural tracks to go along side it; one from Photographer and the other from Jordan Suckley. Both stick to the fast-paced trance genre, and although they’re not tracks made by Armin himself, anything released on his label is bound to be “ok”…fine…amazing, which these remixes are.

I’m actually really excited about this release for two reasons. 1) It’s Armin and he’s The King of EDM/Trance. 2) This new label comes at an eerily similar time as Tiesto released his “Club Life After Hours” Radio Show which is dedicated to the polar opposite of Trance…deep-house. With that being said, we’ve got the worlds top DJ’s producing music for everyone and encompassing the full spectrum of the EDM World (almost…).

Check out the two remixes on Armin’s new label and stay tuned for more additions in the near future!

Beatport: Who’s Afraid Of 138!?

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KYLE – Beautiful Loser (Album) [Fresh Up N Coming Artist]



First off if you are a fan of G-Eazy or Skizzy Mars then chances are you will really dig KYLE. The sounds every song are a bit different from the last but all solid and over half of them I downloaded. With two songs being produced by Carnage and The Cataracs you know it’s going to be great. You can download it FREE or purchase it from iTunes for the Deluxe Version!

Here are my personal favorites from the album:
1. This Is a Hit
2. Fruit Snacks & Cups of Patron
5. Raining Love
6. Keep It Real
10. When Can We
11. Fun
12. View From Hollywood

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Listen To Tiesto’s Two Hour Mix From The Premiere Of His “Club Life After Hours” Radio Show


Just days ago we broke you the news about Tiesto’s new “Club Life After Hour” Show and yesterday Tiesto unveiled his new show for the world to hear! The show went on for 24 hours straight, however Tiesto played for about two and you can hear the mix above.

Dedicated to pure, deep-house, Tiesto strayed far, far away from his electro-house/trance roots and explored a softer, deeper, more mellow side of EDM. Personally, I thought it was a great two hours…totally different from the typical Club Life Radio Show’s we’re used to. In fact it was a refreshing change of pace.

Of course, many people are going to be upset by this and wish Tiesto had never dabbled in deep house, but don’t worry this isn’t his “go-to”. So in case you didn’t like it, you only have to hear it once a week…or just not listen at all. Don’t expect to hear this at any major music festivals in the future, because we all know one things for sure; when Tiesto gets in front of a crowd, he knows how to throw it down!

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Dim Mak Bets On Hardstyle: Coone – Times Gettin’ Hard (Ft. K19) (Original Mix)



As one of the first genres of electronic music that was introduced to me a few years back it always a satisfying feeling to see it finally see the “harder styles of dance music” peak to the North American dance scene. With the help of Steve Aoki‘s Dim Mak Records and their new artist signing of Coone, both are able to expand the taste of the general listeners of dance music and give them what they’re missing out on. ‘Times Gettin’ Hard‘, features rapper K19, but, this isn’t the first time Coone has worked with a rapper as one the first tracks i’ve ever heard from was ‘Starf*ckers‘, which sampled Eminem‘s ‘Superman’.

As Steve Aoki said in an interview “we’re here to make sure that hardstyle is in it’s truest form and we want to embrace that sh*t and bring it all around the world.“. Indeed, we’re all for it. If you love life at 150BPM some of you may recognize ‘Times Gettin’ Hard‘ being played at the 1:20 mark from The Live Set “Hidden Gem” Of Tomorrowland 2013: DJ Coone, and for those of you that haven’t checked it out, trust us when we say this is one of the rowdiest sets you have ever heard.

iTunes: Coone ft. K19 – Times Gettin’ Hard (Original Mix)

WATCH: New Dim Mak Artist Signing – Coone MORE!

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