Bloc Party – Octopus (Official Music Video)


Yup! You read that right. The same day The Killers made their official return, we get visuals to Bloc Party’s newest one, “Octopus.” Now, the track first leaked last week but after one of the best takedown attempts I’ve seen since I started blogging, it was instantly taken down on just about every website I saw, so we didn’t risk it. Here are the official visuals, enjoy! It’s out now, and look for the album, Four, to hit shelves August 21st.


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Ellie Goulding ft Tinie Tempah – Hanging On


Cascading harps herald the elegant entrance of the uniquely and vastly talented vocal talent of music aficionado, Ellie Goulding. Famously known for her single, Lights, she enters the musical landscape once again, taking it by storm over production that is understated in the best of ways. Leaving room for her to express through echoing lyrics, defined reverberating claps & eerie pitched vocals truly carry weight. Tinie Tempah offers his talents to lend another dimension to the story arc of the track, emotionally charged, the track feels like a conversation, one we’ve all had about significant others and lost loves. Rendering once again a masterpiece, Ellie Goulding only sets the bar higher as she solidifies herself as one of the world’s best.

Click to Download : Ellie Goulding ft Tinie Tempah – Hanging On

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Danny Olson & Adam Nello – Both Of Us (Remix) (Ft. Missy Modell)


Its boobs with your music time bro.

Danny Olson, an excellent producer affiliated with acts like the now disbanded Kresado, has teamed up with Adam Nello and Missy Modell for a pretty awesome remix of Both of Us. For me, the production shines like no other, the synth work and chord progressions ringing through so well that you seriously can’t help but want to fist pump.

Click to Download : Danny Olson & Adam Nello – Both Of Us (Remix) (Ft. Missy Modell)

Danny Olson & Adam Nello – Both Of Us (Remix) (Ft. Missy Modell) by Danny Olson Music

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Basic Physics – Light Me Up (Volume 1) [Incredible Electro Mixtape]


In an incredible shift in the blogosphere and the ever transforming landscape of music, mashups have faced a decline, both in commitment and quality. Often resorting to gimmicks and outright plagiarism, the genre has been tarnished with a sad perception that only few of the elite can escape. Basic Physics is one of these elite. With a stated and proven mind for vision and a standard of excellence that is not only necessary but rare in these times, he’s set his sights to correct the perception many have of what is being called a dying field. Light Me Up is incredible, the transitions flawless, the project well thought out and clearly a testament to his veteran nature. Featuring 8 tracks, 5 of which are unreleased, he whets our appetites for the coming weeks, which will be fraught with single track releases. To put it basically, 8 tracks, 5 unreleased in a little over 30 minutes. The only problem I have is, it leaves wanting more, but what’s wrong with that?

Click to Download : Basic Physics – Light Me Up Mixtape Volume 1

Basic Physics – Light Me Up (Volume One) by Basic Physics

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Kid Cudi Tweeting Spree: Talks Touring, New Album Producers, Features


I for one, am STOKED. Love Cudi, and hearing that he’ll be in the studio with Ratatat, Diplo, MGMT, Kanye, Pusha, Jaden, Kendrick Lamar, Chip, Cage.. HOV?? And he “still gotta link w 50 and Banks” ?? This is going to be legendary. Follow @wizardcud for updates. #realtalk

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