Dusty McFly – I’m Out Here (Remix) [Ft. Big Sean & Dom Kennedy]


Dusty McFly’s single “I’m Out Here” gets remixed with the help of fellow Detroit native Big Sean and up-and-comer Dom Kennedy.

Click To Download: Dusty McFly – I’m Out Here (Remix) [Ft. Big Sean & Dom Kennedy]

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Weekend Warriors Vol. 2 – Tune In, Rage On.


Two certainties in life:

1. You won’t run out of weekends.
2. You won’t (with our help) run out of new, good music.

This week I’ve thrown in a continuous mix for your pre-games/power hours… Weekend Warriors, party on. Tracklist after the jump:

Click To Download: Weekend Warriors Vol. 2 (Continuous Mix)

Download Weekend Warriors Vol. 2 [ZIP]


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Yelawolf & M16 – Heart of Dixie Mixtape


We were all too intoxicated by the time this dropped yesterday to post it. This is a must download. Way way better than Radioactive. Although M16 blows at mixing.

Click To Download: Yelawolf – Heart of Dixie Mixtape

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Charles Hamilton – I Don’t Care (Prod. Eminem)


Yes you did read the title right. Charles Hamilton is back on the blog radar, and yes, this is reportedly produced by Eminem. I used to be a major fan of Charles a few years back while he was on the Outside Looking days…My count of his tracks on my iTunes currently stands at 137, now with this track it’s 138. So it’s definitely a valid argument to say Charles has had a streak of consistency and has the potential to make great hip-hop records…So hopefully this means he’s back on his grind and we can start expecting the comeback of Sonic the Hamilton, apparently Eminem believes in him, so we’ll definitely stay tuned.

Click To Download: Charles Hamilton – I Don’t Care (Prod. Eminem)

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Asher Roth – Roof Behind The Grill (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)


New Asher Roth in the spirit of the 4th of July. And he released it for free.

Click To Download: Asher Roth – Roof Behind The Grill (Prod. by Hudson Mohawke)

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