Kanye West – White Dress (Prod. by Boogz, Tapez, Kanye West & RZA) [Snippet]


Off the Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack, here is a minute of new Yeezy!

Click To Download: Kanye West – White Dress (Prod. by Boogz, Tapez, Kanye West & RZA) [Snippet]

White-Dress "White-Dress"

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FITA Event Review: Counterpoint Music Festival 2012


Wow, so how do I summarize one of the best weekends of my life to date? I guess I’ll break it down by day.

Thursday: Open horse pasture, fresh middle Georgia air and a strong sense of southern hospitality are just a few things to describe the atmosphere of the 1st annual Counterpoint Music Festival. After getting media credentials and scoping out the massive horse pasture this festival was taking place on, we headed inside the Beat Tent for Adventure Club. The first thing we hear is them remixing a screamo song by A Day to Remember, which is pretty much my friends and I’s favorite band of all time. Needless to say we aren’t your typical hipster kids (I actually know what a gym looks like and my photographer plays Rugby) so when we began moshing and screaming the lyrics all hell broke loose. This just set the pace for the rest of the weekend right off the bat. Next up was Beat’s Antique which is an experience that I don’t think anyone could describe, followed by Big Gigantic, which if you haven’t seen them live you don’t know what you are missing. Dom is a freak of a man on the saxophone and it was just a great atmosphere throughout the whole set.

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Styles&Complete: October Mixify Set


After they rocked their set on Mixify last week, Styles&Complete hit us with their full trap-filled set available for download right here. Get ratchet & enjoy. Tracklisting after the jump:

Click To Download: Styles&Complete: October Mixify Set


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Meek Mill – Amen (Dotcom Remix)


I swear every remix that my homie Dotcom releases gets better and better. Today I am here to bless your ears with his newest release, remixing Meek Mill’s ‘Amen.’ Filthy, filthy dubstep right here. Listen & Download Below!

Click To Download: Meek Mill – Amen (Dotcom Remix)

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Olu – Gold


Olu’s first single off Educated Fool dropping 1/15/2013. You might recognize the vocal sample from Flight Facilities’ Crave You.

Click To Download: Olu – Gold

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