Milk N Cookies – Friendly Sessions 2 Guest Mix



This is a mix the dudes of Milk N Cookies did for the second half of The Two Friends “Friendly Sessions” Podcast. I know everyone of our posts lately is put so and so on your 2013 radar, but these guys are one hundred percent gonna be a regular in your speakers this year. They have a remix coming out that I’m very excited for, and original all within the next couple weeks.

Definitely going to want to check out one of our past posts if you haven’t already of their song “I Want to Believe“. It has over 50 plays in my iTunes/Car.

Download: Milk N Cookies – Friendly Sessions 2 Guest Mix

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Choo Jackson – Beer Flavored Pizza (Mixtape)



Choo Jackson‘s debut mixtape “Beer Flavored Pizza” just released and it is completely FREE. Choo is co-signed to Mac Miller’s Most Dope and is on my must watch list of 2013. Choo makes real music and isn’t just another copy of something someone else has done. This album is priceless..pun intended. From track one I knew this album was going to be fire. Make sure to check the Mac Miller feature on “Old Pictures On The World.”

Download: Choo Jackson – Beer Flavored Pizza (Mixtape)

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Away For You – Na Palm (Official Music Video)


We’ve shared his behind the scenes video and posted his original mix, now the official music video for “Away For You” has arrived. The video provides a unique set of images that are both real and holographic. The concept of the video and song definitely form an alliance of unity. To me that’s something vital for music. Sound and visuals should go hand in hand. But enough about what I think, hit play and don’t forget to visit Na Palm’s soundcloud for a FREE download of this track.


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Ab-Soul – ILLuminate (Ft. Kendrick Lamar) [Official Music Video]


TDE affiliate Ab-Soul drops some new visuals tonight for his Kendrick Lamar assisted track “ILLuminate”, which lived on his most recent effort Control System.


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Mikal Minhas – Ignition (Original Mix) [OUT NOW]


ignition wallpaper

Mikal Minhas releases his debut single “Ignition” on Beatport today via GrayGoo Records. This one is just a club banger from second one. The beautiful melody to the wild drop this is a must have. You can give the preview of the track a listen below and the link to beatport has been provided as well.

Purchase: Mikal Minhas – Ignition (Original Mix) [OUT NOW]

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