Justin Bieber – Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj [Official Music Video]


So did naked pictures of his vag get leaked or not? its still a LIL unclear over here…

must see moments/reactions:
1. I just don’t understand the beginning an anonymous viewer uploaded his video to Vemo? NO totally
2. why is he L.V Beethoven for 3 seconds 10 seconds in
3. this isn’t timeflies tuesday Scooter Bruan (jk i rly respect you and everything you do)
4. lol is just dance four the sponsor or am I just dreaming
5. 45 seconds in, “JUSSSSTIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN” tell em nick!!
6. his arm.
7.”were gonna party like its 3012 tonight”…. idgi thats in a thousand years he won’t be alive
8. 1:36 when cirque du soleil makes an apperance
9. 1:50 the pool dance off.. eeee so uncomfortbale wet clothing so dramatic right now
10.2:14 the usa water acrobatic team does a performance and I saw a lil grope action at 2:20
11. his fake lols at 2:50 (ur such a gr8 actor bby!!)
12. no really his arm its 4 miles long I’m not over it
13. when the WHOLE quality of the video changes for Nicki Minaj I guess that wasn’t stolen material?
14. aw when he mouths the words when she raps #BIGGESTFAN (3:12)
16……. its not that bad ugh.


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Kaskade vs. Nicky Romero – Angel On My Stronger (Nicky Romero Mix) [Kaskade FON Mash]


Kaskade has been releasing some bootlegs he has been playing while on his Freaks Of Nature tour and today here is his newest release. This is what Kaskade had to say about the track:

I put “Angel On My Shoulder” over the Nicky Romero instrumental mix of Kelly Clarkson “Stronger”. I used this edit all summer long for the Freaks Of Nature tour, great memories!

Listen & Download Below!

Click To Download: Kaskade vs. Nicky Romero – Angel On My Stronger

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Bon Iver – Beth/Rest [Official Music Video]


Bon Iver is one of my favorite musicians of all time. Nothing seems to compare to what he has been releasing as of late. These eloquent productions always resonate the strongest feelings of nostalgia. From the calming instrumental sections to the simplistic vocals each track leaves you in awe. This video is a perfect visual example of what I have just previously described.

Click To Purchase: Bon Iver (Deluxe Album)

Click To Download: Bon Iver- Beth/Rest

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Bruno Mars – Locked Out of Heaven (Official Music Video)


Haha yeah, your sex takes me to paradise. New album “Unorthodox Jukebox” due out December 11th. Looks to be like it will be better then DooWhoops and Hooligans.

Click To Download: Bruno Mars – Locked Out Of Heaven


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The Wanted – I Found You (Official Music Video)


As previously stated… It is what it is.

Click To Download: The Wanted – I Found You


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