Will WildFire – FNU (Bro Safari & UFO 2012 Remix)



New music from The Bro Safari & UFO and it’s their trap remix to Will Wildfire‘s track called FNU. I am digging this track a lot not only because it goes hard, but also because it’s easy to vibe to. Will Wildfire’s flow is fresh and his rap verses are laid down perfectly over the heavy bass beat that bangs. My head nodded through the entire track after I played it dozens of times already and I know yours will too. This is something rap and trap music fans will enjoy, so check it out and be sure to have your sub-woofers all the way turned up when you drop this.

Download: Will WildFire – FNU (BRO SAFARI & UFO 2012 REMIX)

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Armin van Buuren feat. Fiora – Waiting For The Night (Official Music Video) + Remixes


Armin van Buuren kicking off 2013 right, with not only the release of this special progressive track but the great news of his upcoming second child due this summer. (congrats!). As all Armin tracks speak for themselves there is no need for explanation, but if I must here is the official press release.

2013 brings a new musical promise to the fans of Armin van Buuren. The first one to come alive, is the soulful ‘Waiting For The Night‘, featuring the crispy clear vocals of the talented Fiora Cutler. A warm, sparkling tune, giving sound to Armin‘s latest score, for Dutch movie ‘Verliefd op Ibiza‘.’Waiting For The Night‘ has that warm, dreamy melody, powerful hook and catchy vibe, a perfect base to the mesmerizing voice of Fiora. Take a trip to Ibiza and have your perfect night out, in mere minutes.

The first light of dawn remains unseen, as two remixes of ‘Waiting For The Night‘ await you. LA’s most wanted, Clinton VanSciver, bathes the tune in a unique blend of electro-house, disco and prog. Ingenious and original. Estonian producer Beat Service was given the honour to be the official ASOT premiere of ‘WFTN‘, as it impressed the listeners with its deep progressive rush.

Check out the remixes of ‘Waiting For The Night‘ by Beat Service & Clinton VanSciver. Both thoroughly enjoyable as expected, but if I had to choose would be the dirty pop electro vibe mix by Clinton VanSciver whom you can get to know more here in a interview I did this past fall. (Clinton VanSciver Interview @ Nocturnal Wonderland 2012)

Download: Armin van Buuren – ‘Waiting For The Night’ (Remixes) via iTunes, Beatport


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Prince Fox – Damn (Original Trap Mix)


prince fox

Prince Fox delivers away trap production that is hella dope. Love the sample of “Damn where’d you find this” that fits the song so well. The Prince has been showing me more stuff that is in the works and you will be shocked once he gets it out. For now you can chew on this banger. Grab the free download below.

Download: Prince Fox – Damn (Original Mix)

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Lupe Fiasco Disses Obama, Thrown Off Stage At Inauguration


Lupe held true to his beliefs at the inauguration tonight, while on stage going off on our President in a slew of anti-Obama speech, and song. If you haven’t heard his recent album Food & Liquor II: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1, it’ll give you a feel of what you may have overheard there.

Recent news also broke that Lupe has trashed The Great American Rap Album Pt. 2. And now with this, who knows what’s going on with him or just what he will do next.

Live Tweets after the jump MORE!

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Bloc Party – Truth (Official Music Video)


Had this one drafted for a while now, and since today has had like 5 total drops, figured I’d publish the latest visuals from Bloc Party off their album Four they released last year.


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