Datsik – Cold Blooded EP (Part 1 Out Now)



One of the hardest hitters in the game, Datsik, released part 1 of his Cold Blooded EP today on Firepower Records. Buckle up. Shit’s about to get heavyyyyyyyyyyy.

iTunes: Datsik – Cold Blooded EP
Download: Datsik – Cold Blooded EP

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Dirty South & Deniz Koyu – Halo (90 Second Teaser)



Now that my friends is what you call a teaser. Holy shit, I was left wanting more than just more. And pronto. Damn. This is gonna be one special track. And I’m not even a fan of previews. This was just glorious though.

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W&W & Ummet Ozcan – The Code (Bring The Noise Remix)


bring the noise

Every time these kids touch a remix, it turns to gold! Bring the Noise really delivered on this one!

Download: W&W & Ummet Ozcan – The Code (Bring The Noise Remix)

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Jetpack Jones – Afterburners 3 Mini Movie


In anticipation of his next mixtape, “Afterburners 3: The Brink” Jetpack Jones has released a mini movie that features 3 brand new songs that will be on the mixtape. The video acts as a music video for all 3 of these new tracks and both casual and hardcore Hip-Hop fans will like what they are about to hear. These 3 tracks all showcase Jetpack’s chill flow, the wide lyrical range he has at his disposal, and also includes features by frequent collaborators of his LB & Reem Riches. Afterburners 3 drops on February 17th.


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Nickelus F ft. Drake – Number 15



Nickelus F and Drake, who previously linked up on several tracks off Drizzy’s Room For Improvement mixtape, find their way back into the studio to collaborate once again. Give their lastest a listen below..

Click To Download: Nickelus F ft. Drake – Number 15

Number 15 Feat. Drake "Number 15 Feat. Drake"

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