Ultra Music Festival 2013 Phase 2 Lineup (Official Teaser Video)


“These will be the years…” – what a perfect track for the teaser vid. No words can describe how pumped I am for Ultra Music Festival this year. Check it all out after the jump!


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Nino Bless – R.O.A.M. 2: The Greater Fool (Mixtape)


In an era where stand out lyrical ability is becoming a lost art in the great genre of Hip-Hop, a handful of MCs continue to release absolutely incredible material that reminds me why I fell in love with Hip-Hop in the first place. Nino Bless is definitely one of the above mentioned MCs, and his brand new mixtape “R.O.A.M. 2″ is a perfect example of why he is just that. This is one of those mixtapes you’ll hear people calling ‘Real Hip-Hop’ and for good reason. The flow that Nino Bless puts on display throughout this project is so spot on and complimentary of the great production, it will immediately jump out to any Hip-Hop fan. While on the subject of catching attention, the lyrics that Nino Bless dishes out are beyond extraordinary. One thing I love about his lyrics is his range and his lack of fear to tackle any subject, whether it be society, politics, the state of music, or whatever. If you consider yourself any type of Hip-Hop fan, do yourself a favor and download this mixtape. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

Click to download: Nino Bless – R.O.A.M. 2: The Greater Fool

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Popeska – The New Kings (Ft. Luciana) [Original Mix Out Now]



Kindergarten Records newcomer and Wolfgang Gartner protege, Popeska, returns with his latest original with hauntingly majestic vocals from dance music siren Luciana. She’s telling me I’m beautiful tonight. I think I’m in love. Lol, anyways, Popeska’s top notch melodies definitely find a way to push Luciana’s vocal cuts to the forefront of the mix. Just his second original release under his belt, Popeska has done well to establish himself as a promising young hopeful in 2013′s freshman class, representing the Kindergarten Records imprint with style and the rest of the EDM mega world.

Beatport: Popeska – The New Kings (Ft. Luciana) [Original Mix]
Download: Popeska – The New Kings (Ft. Luciana) [Original Mix]

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Machine Gun Kelly To Release A February Mixtape



Looks like someone’s been hard at work early into the New Year. Cleveland’s own Machine Gun Kelly (apparently no longer so fondly calling himself MGK), just dropped the news on us that we can expect a brand new mixtape from the rapper within the next month. Stay tuned.

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Valentino Khan – Twerk 4 Gold (Original Mix)



One of my favorite producers who makes awesome tracks in the trap realm, Valentino Khan, releases another piece of musical gold, literally. Twerk 4 Gold is a trap banger. I can see this in a lot of sets. This will get you goin. Idk, I wanna rave to this at a huge party. Go ape shit. Download it.

Download: Valentino Khan – Twerk 4 Gold (Original Mix)

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