Ray J – I Hit It First (Ft. Uncle Murda, Dorrough Music, Clyde Carson & Uiie Popcorn) [Remix]



Did anyone have any doubts that there would be an official remix to Ray J’s “I Hit It First? Radio rip for now, from DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Radio – music starts at 1:35.

iTunes: Ray J – I Hit It First (Ft. Bobby Brackins)

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Wiz Khalifa – Karate Chop (Remix)



This track has been remixed a billion times already. Well make it a billion and one, as Wiz “Karate Chops” some mary jane.

Download: Wiz Khalifa – Karate Chop (Remix)

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Birdman Flaunts It Cause He Got It, Hypes GT Vodka in “Flashy Lifestyle” (Video)


We knew Birdman was living large.. but damn didn’t see him in a classy mansion like this. Not exactly sure what this video is for but if I had to take a guess it looks like a promo shoot for Grand Touring Vodka (“No Hangover, No Regrets”), who Bird and Cash Money have partnered with. Another BTS promo video from 7 months ago after the jump shows the early stages of the partnership. Anyone try this stuff yet?


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Wyclef Jean ft. Young Chop & Jack Red – Bang Bang Bang (Official Music Video)


A good friend of mine Dan Reagans [correspondent for XXL,The Source, and BET] from Harlem has made his directorial debut for Wyclef Jean, Young Chop, and Jack Red’s joint collaboration Bang Bang Bang which speaks upon Chicago’s current state of violence. The visuals were shot entirely in Chicago, along with the vocals being laid down there as well which adds to a perspective that Wyclef was able to capture.

As many of you all know there is an alarming state of violence in the urban community of Chicago. This whole situation was brought to the attention of others outside of Chicago during Lupe Fiasco’s tearful interview with Sway on RapFix. But other than trying to reach out to rectify the problem he stuck to social media without really carrying a true presence in the street. Wyclef, even though he isn’t from Chicago, realizes there is an issue that needs to be addressed. Creating a powerful visual, and song and actually stayed close to the street hopefully will transcend a snowball effect.

Recruiting Young Chop to produce the record is a bold statement. Young Chop is the one that produced Chief Keef’s I Don’t Like and countless other hits for Keef. Hopefully a lot of kids and other people living within this culture can think first without shooting first.

Click To Download: Wyclef Jean – Bang Bang Bang (ft. Young Chop & Jack Red)

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Will Smith, Jaden Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Carlton Banks Perform on BBC One


Almost exactly a year ago, Will Smith joined Graham Norton on BBC One and rapped the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song. He was back yesterday this past week, and he didn’t come alone. He brought his son Jaden, his DJ Jazzy Jeff, and for old times sack he brought out Alfonso Ribeiro or as most of you remember him, Carlton Banks.


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