[FITA Premiere] EDX – No Xcuses #197, ‘Collateral Effects’ EP [Out Now]


EDX graces FITA with another chance to present the killer podcast “No Excuses” that’s quickly nearing episode #200, with #197 today. This comes on the heels of his latest project, the stunning Collateral Effects EP released earlier this month which you can check out after the jump, along with the tracklist to the podcast and his North American tour dates!

Download: EDX – No Excuses #197

EDX – Collateral Effects EP: MORE!

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[FITA Premiere] Dave Matthews – Dreamgirl (Deuxième Remix) [Free Download]


Deuxième (pronounced “deu-zee-em”) are a brand new duo made up of Doug Bogan and Rick Mitarotonda who came together to take a brand new approach to electronic music: they took a lot of the electronic out. They fuse their talents of keys and guitar, as well as traditional production to form something new incorporating these live instruments. The result, is an “electroacoustic,” groovy new sound.

For their latest undertaking, they’ve selected a classic from Dave Matthews, “Dreamgirl” and put a brand new spin on it. They accentuate the music as they replace his band, and let Dave’s voice provide a subtle, almost mesmerizing tune. As they continue to cultivate their unique sound and continue to push boundaries, I would expect to be seeing much more of Deuxième. They’ll also have some shows coming up in NY as soon as Jan, so be on the lookout. Help them out with a <3 on Hypem!

Follow Deuxième:
Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Download: Dave Matthews – Dreamgirl (Deuxième Remix)

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Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Kenton Remix) [Free Download]


I’m not going to lie, I’m pretty skeptical of Taylor Swift remixes. Actually, I’m pretty skeptical of most Top 40 remixes in general. It takes a special touch to take a track that the radio’s played over and over again and make it something worth listening to on another level. That being said, however, when a remix of Swift’s hit “Blank Space” popped up on my Facebook feed courtesy of local producer, Ryan Kenton, I had to give it a listen. And I’m glad I did. Kenton blends the expected electro-pop vibes throughout the intro, and the first hard hitting, festival style drop not only catches the listener completely off guard, but immediately takes the track to that new level that I mentioned above.

Consider this your proper introduction to Mr. Kenton, and join me in hoping that he continues to progress with his production skills and put out more pieces like this. In the meantime, enjoy the track above and grab the free download below.

Download: Taylor Swift – Blank Space (Kenton Remix)

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Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Charity Strike Remix) [Free Download]


I have to admit when I first saw that Charity Strike gave Clean Bandit’sRather Be” a Big Room make over I was skeptical. Although two completely different sounds, Charity Strike has won me over with their festival anthem rendition of the hit tune. Get your fists in the air because this tune is massive. And even better it’s free! Grab your Free Download, enjoy.

Download: Clean Bandit – Rather Be (Charity Strike Remix)

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Jennifer Paige Ft. Lauryn Vyce – Crush (Goshfather & Jinco X JayKode Edition) [Free Download]


This is what Goshfather & Jinco and JayKode had to say about their newest release:

After 3 months of hard work, sleepless nights and blood and tears, we’re stoked to finally give you guys our rendition of Jennifer Paige’s “Crush,” the nostalgia of all nostalgic tracks from the 90s. We worked super hard on this one and tried to bring something different for you guys so we hope you enjoy listening just as much as we enjoyed producing it!

Download: Jennifer Paige Ft. Lauryn Vyce – Crush (Goshfather & Jinco X JayKode Edition)

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