Saved By The Beat 037 Feat. Swab & Joey Mova – Michael S.



Here is episode #037 of Saved By The Beat and it’s always great featuring some of the past weeks greatest songs that drop or remixes that emerge. This one is one of my favorites with new Cazzette! Enjoy!


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Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2013



I remember listening to Kap’s back to school mix in August like 30 times, before seeing him destroy it at Life in Color. Then came the New Years Mix. And now just in time for Spring Break, we have yet another 60 minute masterpiece from Kap.

Download: Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2013

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Another Brick In The Wall (Koyote Bootleg) Pink Floyd, Jason Risk, Eric Prydz



Our Mashup Monday guy had me give this a listen and to be honest, I am not a huge bootleg/mashup fan at all, but this track is special. Such a great all around vibe and mixing three awesome tracks, Koyote outdid himself with this one. What a great blend of music. Great party track.

Download: Another Brick In The Wall (Koyote Bootleg) Pink Floyd, Jason Risk, Eric Prydz

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Jared Evan – Toast (Ft. Hoodie Allen)



Hoodie returns the favor for Jared Evan, who helped out with a verse off Hoodie’s Crew Cuts. These two have been on tracks together before, but I am excited for this new project (Boom Bap & Blues) from Jared. Should be fuego. Very unique soulful R&B feel from him that you should be bumpin through your stereo or headphones.

Download: Jared Evan – Toast (Ft. Hoodie Allen)

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JAMS – Threehundredsixtyfive Days (Prod. Nedonomix)


Download: JAMS – Threehundredsixtyfive Days (Prod. Nedonomix)

My Chi city homie JAMS has been hard hard at work on his new project, which will be coming soon. This track will not be on the new tape, but I love his old school sound and feel. He has a unique flow and feel for tracks that makes him stand out. More to come from JAMS soon prior to the release of his project which is gonna be huge! Get at him on FB and Twitter.

What Jake had to say about the track: This track is really about how nothing will ever be enough. We as humans will never be satisfied, we always crave more. It makes us restless, unappreciative, etc. But it also makes work hard and chase our dreams a little bit more. All in all, 365 days will never be enough just to live. This is my first time on all original production, so really my first time with a project showing my sound as an artist.

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