JAY Z vs. Ed Sheeran – Crying Out Loud (Carlos Serrano Mix) [Free Download]

There was a time years and years ago when mashups were few and rare, original, and most importantly not just overused pop vox over the biggest EDM hits. Carlos Serrano time and time again reminds me of the good ol’ days. After giving us one of the top mashups of 2014 with Kanye West vs. Sam Smith, today he connects JAY Z with Ed Sheeran for “Crying Out Loud.” Dopeness.

Download: JAY Z vs. Ed Sheeran – Crying Out Loud (Carlos Serrano Mix)

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Chris Brown & Tyga – Fan Of A Fan: The Album [Album Stream]


Pretty big collabo album dropping today from Chris Brown & Tyga. Say what you want about Brown, but he’s definitely talented as hell. Combine that with Tyga’s flow and you have an album stream you gotta give at least one listen through too.

I’m only about 3 songs in and it’s about what I expected. Some great Brown hooks, catchy beats, and great verses from Tyga.

Purchase: Fan Of A Fan: The Album

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Did Donald Glover Just Announce He’s Retiring Childish Gambino?

Nooooooooooo, say it ain’t so Childish Gambino. Donald Glover was on the Today Show to discuss his upcoming role in The Lazarus Effect, his chances at being Spiderman, and unfortunately the future for Childish Gambino.

“I guess Childish Gambino is like a period of my art time, and I want to have periods in my life, so I feel like Childish Gambino is a period that should come to a close,” Glover said. “I like endings.”

OK phew, it looks like he will still make music at some point, but just using another identity.

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Dada Life Releases “February 2015 Mix” [Free Download]

Dada Life has got to be the king of making bomb mixes. Like you put on one of their mixes and there’s just no way you aren’t having the best hour out of your day. Fun game, try and listen to the entire thing without tapping your foot or bobbing your head at least once.

This features a bunch of tracks from their upcoming album Welcome To Dada Land. It’s also free download if you subscribe to their podcast. Probably the only reason you should ever be listening to a podcast (besides Joe Rogans).

Download: Dada Life – February 2015 Mix

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Flosstradamus Ft. Travis Porter – Drop Top (Party Favor & Meaux Green Remix) [Ultra Records]

Last summer, Flosstradamus linked up with Travis Porter to release “Drop Top,” which was definitely one of the top trap tracks of 2014! The original was pretty turnt to begin with, that was until Party Favor and Meaux Green got their hands on it.

It’s safe to say that these guys definitely broke the knob with this one, as they turn this track up to full on Plurnt mode and then some. This track was actually played by Party Favor back at EDC Vegas in 2014, but after months of waiting, it’s finally been released. This track is part of PLURNT: The Remixes, which will drop on March 2nd via Ultra Records. Speakers way up for this one!

Photo Credit: Ultra Music

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