Armin Van Buuren Ultra Europe Video Recap


With less than 24 hours until Tomorrowland kicks off, we here at FITA thought it would only be fitting to bring you a video that would get you all fired up for the greatest weekend of the year!

Two weeks ago, we brought you the live stream of Ultra from Split, Croatia.

Since that weekend, people have been raving about this set and today, we have the full, 2-hour HD video of Armin Van Buuren destroying Ultra (again!)…this time overseas. Enjoy the King’s work and get jacked for Tomorrowland cause we’re in for a wild weekend (which, by the way, we’re streaming live as well).

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Henrix & Jakob Liedholm – Close Your Eyes (Flaxo Remix)



Flaxo, making a little return as he comes back with a wildly structured trap version of Miami’s Henrix and Sweden’s finest, Jakob Liedholm. As both artists previously mentioned are on the constant rise to the top, pretty soon Flaxo‘s name will be mentioned as I have faith in the hands he’s in if he keeps up the quality work and consistency. At already 11k fans along with a perk of versatility in production skills, not to mention a pretty cool name, one can only hope that an artist with such potential will reach the greatest height they can ever imagine. Anyways, check this track out as well keep up to date with Flaxo as there will be more free downloads coming.

Download: Henrix & Jakob Liedholm – Close Your Eyes (Flaxo Remix)

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Franz Ferdinand – Love Illumination (Official Music Video)


I haven’t really tapped into Franz Ferdinand since I was in high school or his album ‘Franz Ferdinand’ back in 2005. I probably played that album atleast 20 times riding around town. This song is the similar UK sound you hear from the band after a 4 year hiatus.

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Kevin Drew – Summer Ashes (Ft. Taryn Manning)



This is epicness. Yes this is a house track, but I can just feel KDrew‘s dub production easing it’s way in to this as well with the phased synths and vocal edits going with the bass kicks. Idk if you know who Taryn Manning is, but she can sing me to sleep any time she wants (amongst other things…) Gorgeous vocals. Too bad summertime is winding down. :( Oh well. Remainder of summer anthem it is. If you missed his latest and greatest remix, you can check that here.

For those wondering about his recent creations in genres other than dubstep…

There will be new dub tracks really soon! I just enjoy exploring other genres and not keeping myself in a box. With this record I wanted to make a summer/love record that people could vibe out rather then rage out!

Beatport: Kevin Drew – Summer Ashes (Ft. Taryn Manning)

His remix of Candyland’s “Bring The Rain” will be a part of that official remix package. You can listen/download that after the jump.

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Shwayze Summer Tour Kicks Off This Sunday At Santos Party House in NYC (Event Preview + Tour Dates & Special Guests)



Ain’t no summer like a Shwayze Summer! Shwayze is bringing his cool vibes, classic sound, and fun attitude with him, around the country, as he embarks on his 17 date Shwayze Summer Tour (also the title of his most recent album ‘Shwayze Summer‘ that dropped on 7/14). The first stop, along the tour, will be THIS SUNDAY in New York City at Chinatown’s ultimate party venue, Santos Party House and he will be supported by Paul Couture, Cam Meekins, and Jitta On The Track.

With that being said, we here at FistInTheAir have circled this event on our calendar and will be in attendance. We hope that if you’re in the NYC area, you have the sense to get yourself to Santos Party House this Sunday so you can enjoy a once in the lifetime opportunity to party with Shwayze (and so we can meet you). In the mean time, immerse in Shwayze’s latest album, ‘Shwayze Summer‘, and get ready for a classic Sunday night! Ticketing information for all tour dates can be found HERE, but check out the rest of the dates, locations, and special guests along the Shwayze Summer Tour after the jump.

Buy Tickets For Sunday’s Shwayze Summer Tour At Santos Party House in NYC


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