Must Hear: Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (Halogen Remix) [Free Download]

ATL duo Halogen have been turning heads with their releases in 2015. Literally 3 releases totaling over 650,000 plays and counting (W&W even opened up their sets with Halogen’s Jack U Remix). Alex & Josh are known for their versatility between genres and are seemingly flexing their producer muscles by going back to their prog house roots on this Kaskade remix.

They have already hit the Hype Machine so please go give them a huge <3

Download: Kaskade & Adam K – Raining (Halogen Remix)

Raury – Fly (Ft. Malik Shakur) [Music Video]

If I had to pick one artist that I believe will be a household name by the end of 2015, I would pick Raury without a doubt. His eloquent lyrics, variety of styles, and the fact that he’ll be performing at some major festivals this year will lead to the inevitable success of the young Stone Mountain native.

His newest release is the official music video for “Fly”, a song he released with his friend Malik Shakur earlier this year. This song touches on the disturbing trend of unarmed African-Americans being killed by police officers, and Raury describes this song as one that “belongs to the universe”. The touching lyrics and message of this song are brought to light even more by the drawn visuals. Any time Raury picks up a pen it seems like a masterpiece is formed, and “Fly” is absolutely no exception.

Fly is a reset button on the revolution. Fly is an ode to the ones who were wrongfully murdered, mourning the deaths and also looking on the bright side to help us find peace in the fact that they are in a better place, they fly in heaven now.‬

Aylen – MVRIO KVRT [Free Download]

Aylen you have really outdone yourself on this one. Not only does this track have badass Mario Kart samples but he was able to manipulate them in the coolest way. I actually heard this track in a Popeska set at TomorrowWorld and completely forgot about it. Glad to see it’s finally getting released. Try putting this on instead of the game music when you are drunkenly playing Mario Kart/Drunk Driver.

Download: Aylen – MVRIO KVRT

Slumberjack – The Others (Ft. KLP) [ƱZ Remix]

Masked trap producer UZ is back at it, releasing his remix of Slumberjack’s “The Others.” Incorporating his trademark minimalistic style, he brings this song to the next level and makes it festival-ready!

Stream Yelawolf’s New Rock/Hip-Hop Album ‘Love Story’

yelawolf love story

So other than a few pretty solid singles I had little idea what to expect upon first listen of Yelawolf’s Love Story. I was pleasantly surprised with the product he put out. It’s like Kid Rock meets a better rapper. The perfect influence of hip-hop on a strong rock production. 18 tracks with only 1 feature (Eminem) is a testament to the quality of the entire album.

Listen: MORE!

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