Avicii Ft. Pitbull – Wake Me Up (Remix) [CDQ]


Avicii Ft. Pitbull - Wake Me Up (Remix)

By now, you’ve all probably heard the atrocity that Pitbull performed… “remixing” Avicii‘s super hit “Wake Me Up” further proving that he does not belong anywhere near a mic. How does someone get the idea to do something like this? Like, what goes through his head? First Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky and now this? And that half smirk, quarter grin, wannabe Dr. Evil expression he has going on just makes me want to punch him. The saddest thing about this, is that there’s word this is an official remix? #facepalm. Anyway, here’s the CDQ version for some f*cked up reason. And no, it doesn’t sound any better.

Avicii Feat. Pitbull – Wake Me Up (CDQ) "Avicii Feat. Pitbull - Wake Me Up (CDQ)". "Avicii Feat. Pitbull – Wake Me Up (CDQ)"

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Linkin Park & Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes [Trailer]


Initially previewed as an Aoki track here

This is what the guys from Linkin Park had to say about their collab with Steve Aoki:

“Our new free-to-play game on Facebook, #LPRecharge, will be released on September 12th, 2013 and, in addition to saving the world, playing the game will also enable you to help unlock our new song with Steve Aoki, A LIGHT THAT NEVER COMES.”

Release Date For Linkin Park & Steve Aoki – A Light That Never Comes Is September 12th!


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Kanye West Picks Second Single Off ‘Yeezus’


Recording artist Kanye West attends the NBA basketball game between Miami Heat and Los Angeles Lakers in Los Angeles

Although Kanye West is indeed being sued by the paparazzi he allegedly assaulted, he’s got bigger things on his mind. Like Kim’s ass. And maybe his daughter. And continuing to rake that $$ in and keeping Yeezus in the mix of things. He’s revealed that his followup single to “Black Skinhead” will be (my personal favorite) “Bound 2“. You can stream the radio edit of it below:

Kanye West – Bound 2 radio "Kanye West - Bound 2 radio". "Kanye West – Bound 2 radio"


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Juicy J Giving Out $50,000 Scholarship To The Chick That Can Twerk The Best



Anyone else not surprised? Not only did Juicy J fuel his Stay Trippy album stream by throwing money at strippers, he is now putting the twerking phenomenon to good use, as it looks like one lucky woman can get her education funded by shaking her goods:

His album has a track called “Scholarship” featuring A$AP Rocky on it. I’m also not sure if he’s serious or not. Anyway, y’all #staytrippy now.

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Dannic – Rocker [Out Now]


Screen Shot 2013-08-22 at 7.09.40 AM

‘Rocker’ from Dannic has become an overnight hit as it’s climbing the charts faster and faster everyday…granted it’s only been out for two days!

Rocker was released the other day on Revealed Recordings and is currently sitting at #8 on the progressive chart and #20 overall on the Beatport top 100. Not too shabby. If you ask me, this one is bound to sky-rocket to the top real soon! Stay tuned.

Beatport: Dannic – Rocker

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