Impersonator Sings Frozen’s “Let It Go” In 21 Different Disney & Pixar Character Voices (Video)


Only 1.4 mil views in 2 days? I expected more. That’s how awesome this is. There are of course tons of covers and remixes of Frozen‘s Academy Award winning “Let It Go” currently making it’s rounds online. But none that I’ve heard have done this.

Brian Hull impersonates 21 Disney and Pixar character voices, from Pirates of the Carribean to Timon & Pumba, to Winnie The Pooh and more. It’s quite magical and my guess you’ll listen more than once. How the hell have people downvoted this on YouTube? Be sure to “bump it up” on bmpur if you think it deserves to be trending!


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It’s Official: Drake & Rihanna Are Now Dating “Exclusively”



There’s been some buzz that Drake and Rihanna had been hooking up as of late, even seen holding hands in public and seen on what appear to be “dates” across Europe.

And now, according to sources close to the two music moguls, things are starting to heat up. Word is they’ve spent every night since she arrived in Europe, and Drake is “in the best mood he’s been in a long time.” Can you blame him? Obviously not. I bet RiRi is in a great mood as well. I wonder how Breezy is feeling?

No word on whether or not this is Facebook official just yet, but I’m sure TMZ will notify us when that happens.


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Robin Thicke – Feel Good (Oliver Heldens Remix) [Official Music Video]


Here is Oliver Heldens straight up house remix of Robin Thicke‘s “Feel Good” and… well it’s damn good! We previewed it earlier but today we have the official video from Spinnin’ as well as the the extended version after the jump.

Robin Thicke – Feel Good (Oliver Heldens Extended Remix): MORE!

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KiD CuDi Performs ‘Internal Bleeding’ on The Arsenio Hall Show, Talks About State Of Hip-Hop


Recently KiD CuDi went on The Arsenio Hall Show to promote the new movie he’s in, Need For Speed (which is dope by the way). He performed ‘Internal Bleeding’ and then talked on releasing the surprise of ‘Satellite Flight: The Journey To Mother Moon,’ about the state of hip-hop, and what sick cars he owns. Watch the interview after the jump.


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Watch: Ellie Goulding’s “Beating Heart” from ‘Divergent’ Music Video & Acoustic Version on NBC


She didn’t write the song for the movie Divergent, but it sounds like it’s perfect anyway. As is, of course the music video. And to top it all off, hear the acoustic version she performed on NBC before her Madison Square Garden show later that day.

Ellie perform’s “Beating Heart” acoustic version on NBC: MORE!

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