Duke Dumont – Ocean Drive

Seconds in, I could tell that Duke Dumont‘s newest single “Ocean Drive” would become one of my favorite songs of the summer. The subtle deep house served up with an addicting melody and luscious vocals is the perfect blend to not only satisfy the hardcore Duke Dumont fans, but inevitably reach the pop masses too. You can get this song when you pre-order Blasé Boys Club EP: Part 1 being released on his label. Be sure to also catch the Duke on tour both in the U.K. and here in the U.S. – it kicks off the end of September and will continue through October, tour dates after the jump.

Pre-order: Duke Dumont – Blasé Boys Club EP | Tour Tickets

Tour dates: MORE!

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Timeflies – Undress Rehearsal

This might be the catchiest song I have heard from Timeflies in a long time. Most of their tracks are usually catchy but this one sounds like a #1 smash single to me. The song title is already pretty clever in itself and the ooo la la la will be ringing throughout your head for the rest of the day. Plus Cal is one of the few white dudes that can rap on a pop song and not get laughed off stage. Although we knew that already from the countless freestyles on Timeflies Tuesdays.

Their second full studio album Just For Fun is set to drop on September 18th. MORE!

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Strange Talk – When It Feels Good

You may remember Strange Talk from their debut album last year, which featured “Young Heartsmade famous by The Chainsmokers. Well, things have changed a bit since then. Strange Talk have gone from a four-tet indie/dance/pop band, to a disco influenced, electronic duo. With their second release as a new project, they give us “When It Feels Good,” as a vocal jam with a groovy breakdown.

Download: Strange Talk – When It Feels Good

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Hear RAC’s Latest, “Falling Hard,” Inspired By Nintendo Bleep Bloops

RAC gave us a catchy, feel good chune with “Back Of The Car” earlier this summer, inspired by a care free, no fux given spirit. His second single of the year is a slight change of pace – proving that it’s still kinda a collective (but not really). “Falling Hard” features Madi Diaz and was inspired by those 8-bit bleep bloops sounds remenicent of the Nintendo era, as Andre points out:

“I grew up in the Nintendo era. Those melodies have a way of infiltrating my songwriting and I couldn’t hold back any more. It’s a nod to that era not only in melody, but in texture. Primitive 8-bit chips are a novelty these days, but it has a special place for me and I wanted to showcase that in my new track Falling Hard. Madi Diaz is one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with, so it came together really naturally. Check out the full premiere of my new track on SPIN!”

Song gets released this Friday, July 31st. Check RAC on tour here.

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The Weeknd Releases “Can’t Feel My Face” Music Video

Because The Weeknd‘s “Can’t Feel My Face” wasn’t already big enough, he finally drops the music video. He’s the center of attention, performing (hella ironically) at a club and they just weren’t feelin’ it until he’s literally set on fire and the crowd goes wild. Will this be enough to push OMI’s “Cheerleader” outta the #1 spot where it’s been for three weeks now? No doubt. Will The Weeknd be crowned as the new king of pop soon enough? Quite possibly.

Download: The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face

And just for kicks, check out this mix of Kanye (who btw is the only feature on The Weeknd’s album) going over this song.

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