Skrillex Releases Grimy New Album ‘Recess’


It’s here! After taking the internet by storm a week ago with his “app” and streams to all the tracks leaking one by one, Skrillex‘s dirty new album Recess has officially arrived. It features an onslaught of collaborators such as Kill The Noise, Fatman Scoop, KillaGraham, Alvin Risk, Chance The Rapper and more. See the full tracklist after the jump, and stream it here. It truly is one hell of an electronic, dubstep, bass, crunkstep, moombah, etc. all out rager of an album. Grab it below.

iTunes: Skrillex – Recess (Album)

STREAM + Recess Tracklist: MORE!

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Pegboard Nerds – Hero (Ft. Elizaveta) [Monstercat]


New Pegboard Nerds just dropped, and “dropped” may be an understatement. They just unleashed a killer, hardstyle anthem in “Hero.” Happy Monday night to everyone, this is a banger that surely doesn’t disappoint! Purchase it early below…it’s worth your $1.29, no doubt!

Purchase: Pegboard Nerds – Hero

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Rhythmics – SNARE! (Mutrix Remix)


So Rhythmics released his original SNARE! today along with remixes by Mutrix and Vena Cava (all of which are included in the download link). However Mutrix’s version blew me away with that UK Hardcore sound that has rarely been used over here in ‘Merica. It will do things to your speakers that they have never felt before.

Download: Rhythmics – SNARE! (Mutrix Remix)

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Skrillex – Recess (Bone N Skin Remix) [Free Download]


Yo. So I’m a massive Skrillex fan. Everything Sonny touches turns to gold, and as I’ve said plenty of times before, there are some tracks that I think should never be remixed (ALL of Skrillexs’ songs included). I’m gonna make an exception for Bone N Skin, because their remix of Skrillex’s new track, “Recess,” is so on point and clean, I can’t help but A) post this track and B) praise it. This is DEFINITELY worth your listen…just wait till the drop at 0:52…so tight!

Free Download: Skrillex – Recess (Bone N Skin Remix)

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Stream Skrillex’s New Album ‘Recess’



It all started with the Alien Ride phone app which has been spewing Skrilly related info all day, including new music. It’s become pretty clear that tracks from Skrillex‘s new album Recess will continue to surface as the night goes on. So we’ve gathered what is available so far and will continue to add to it! The album appears to be 11 tracks and is due out March 18th. See the full tracklist after the jump!

iTunes: Skrillex – Recess (Album)

Skrillex’s Recess Album on Soundcloud + Tracklist: MORE!

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