Aero Chord – Break Them (Ft. Anna Yvette) [Out Now on Monstercat]


Aero Chord has released another banger through what seems to be his new found home at Monstercat, this time featuring the versatile vocals of fan favorite, Anna Yvette. It comes as no surprise that, after the ominous breakdown, Aero Chord skillfully applies his “must-dance” electro noises to a twerk-worthy beat, ensuring himself a position as a staple in the future of trap influenced electronica.

Download: Aero Chord – Break Them (feat. Anna Yvette)

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Dillon Francis Announces New Moombahton EP With Skrillex Collaboration


Dillon Skrillex

Looks like Dillon Francis felt the spirit of Moombahton while he was in Washington DC this past Friday. While prepping for his show at Echostage, he posted the tweet below confirming a 4 track EP which includes a new collaboration with Skrillex.

Also while waiting for his performance he posted an Instagram video of a preview of a brand new Moombahton track he made just for DC “since it’s where it all started.” Catch that preview after the jump!

View The Instagram Song Preview: MORE!

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Mayhem Breaks Out In #FERGUSON After Officer Not Indicted In Michael Brown Case


ferguson fire

As expected, Ferguson, MO is an absolute shitstorm right now. In fact, cities all over the country are breaking out in protest. By now, everyone knows that officer Darren Wilson was not indicted on murder charges for the slaying of Michael Brown, and it’s not sitting well with a lot of people. Fires are burning, stores are being raided and looted, just chaos all around. The city is being wrecked and will soon be a ghost town. We’ll let you make your own judgments on whether or not the right decision was made.

But who better to represent all the ruckus than Mayhem? He gives scores the situation for us through his eyes ears, and had this message to go along with it:

“This record I made a few nights ago sums up how I feel about the Ferguson decision. Uncertain, grievous, saddened yet hopeful that there’s something positive to take from all of this. I’d like to put faith into the system but my gut tells me justice hasn’t been served. I look forward to the full story when it becomes available. I’ll reserve my judgement until then and I hope you decide to as well. Much love to all my Missouri folk dealing with the madness.” – Mayhem


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Jack Ü – Take Ü There (Ft. Kiesza) [Official Music Video]


jack u take u there music video

Skrillex & Diplo aka Jack Ü release their first ever music video, for “Take Ü There” featuring Kiesza. What at first seems like it’s just going to be a bunch of live clips thrown together gets real trippy, real quick, watch it after the jump!

Download: Jack U – Take U There (Ft. Kiesza)


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Download Krewella’s New Song “Say Goodbye” Now!


krewella say goodbye

As expected, “Say Goodbye” from Krewella as actually a brand new song. It’s time for a fresh start, and what better way to kick it off than with a free download for the fans! As you can hear, it takes us back to their grungier, heavier days, and we don’t mind one bit. Looks like they out-trolled Deadmau5 too.

Download: Krewella – Say Goodbye

Krewella – Say Goodbye Lyrics: MORE!

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