Preview Jack U, a.k.a. Skrillex and Diplo’s “Take U There,” Featuring Kiesza [Free Download]


New fuego from the duo known as Jack U, which as you probably know by now is comprised of Skrillex and Diplo. “Take U There” features Kiesza, who you should know from her hugely popular hit, “Hideaway.” No word on when this track will be released, but for now you can scoop the free download of the live rip from their MDBP set.

Free Download: Jack U Ft. Kiesza – Take U There

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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Knife Party, Datsik, Synchronice & More)


Welcome back to another insane installment of Womp Womp Wednesday! This was an exciting week for music in general, but also for Womp Womp Wednesday material. The new Knife Party leaked and then we had two releases from Datsik, one with Protohype and the other with Bryx. Those monsters on top of new dubstep and drum & bass bangers from the likes of Synchronice, Tisoki, Barely Alive & Getter, From The Dust, Genetix, Monsters With Tiny Mustaches, Killabyte, Ray Volpe, HVSH, MashoX & Cyke, Venemy, Spag Heddy, Muzzy, and Aaron Bond.

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Gazzo – Inspire (Ft. Farewell Luna) (Jai Wolf Remix)


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Everything Jai Wolf touches is a masterpiece. We saw this with his haunting remix of Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind,” and we see it here again with his latest remix of Gazzo‘s “Inspire“. He incorporates beautiful strings and the original vocals into one immense buildup before completely dropping everything into one of the most well produced dubstep melodies that I’ve had the pleasure of posting. Check the track out for yourself above, and if you like it, support the artists below by pre-ordering the remix EP, as well.

Pre-order: Gazzo – Inspire (Ft. Farewell Luna)(Jai Wolf Remix)

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Flux Pavilion – Freeway (Kill The Noise & Flux Pavilion Remix)


Flux Pavilion has teamed up with Kill The Noise to remix the title track from his last EP, “Freeway.” The two maintain the serene vocal verses and dirty up the drops a bit, but nothing major was done with this remix. I must say though, of the changes that were made, I really enjoy this version a little bit more than the original, which I was a fan of. This will be one of the remixes off of Flux’s upcoming remix EP, so be on the lookout for new releases and news regarding that.

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Datsik – Wickedest Wobble (Ft. Bryx) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


You can play “Name That Sample” with this one. Loaded with hip-hop samples ranging from The Game’s “You’re now rockin’ with the best” to French Montana’s “Don’t Stop,” Datsik’s newest is being delivered to you for free. Listen to “Wickedest Wobble” above and grab that free download below.

Download: Datsik – Wickedest Wobble (ft. Bryx)

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