Dabin – Hold / She Was EP [Kannibalen]


Dabin certainly remains true to the mantra in his Soundcloud bio; “Making music for your feels”.

His latest offering via Toronto imprint Kannibalen Records sees the producer teetering between styles in his usual fashion. The A-side boasts a soothing, cinematic piece simply titled “Hold”. The flip transports us to an amalgamated world of heavy bass stabs and brilliantly compositions. If that wasn’t enough, Stolensnares amps up “Hold” with an injection of future bass. Grab all 3 tracks now.

Download: Dabin – Hold / She Was EP

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Savoy Just Released Their ‘1000 Years’ EP And It’s Them At Their Finest [Monstercat]


Savoy, the trio from the place that holds a special place in my heart, Boulder, CO, just released their 1000 Years EP, and man did it come at a great time! All you CU alumni (and current students), all know and love Savoy (hopefully) – especially when they bring down the house at Red Rocks! We look forward to that show every year!

Their latest, 1000 Years EP, is Savoy at their absolute best, as each one of the four tracks is different from the next, but still encompasses everything we love about Savoy and their sound(s). Lead by the signature track, “Love Is Killing Me (ft. Chali 2na)“, this is one EP you’ll listen to and get hella stoked to hear it played live! Support the trio and grab the EP on iTunes, via Monstercat, below!

iTunes: Savoy – 1000 Years EP

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Bear Grillz & Getter – EDM (VIP) [Firepower Records]


Last week we posted Kennedy Jones’ remix of Bear Grillz & Getter’sEDM.” Now if the original dubstep tune or KJ’s traptastic remix wasn’t quite enough for you, today we have the VIP version of the track. The KJ remix, and this VIP version are parts of the EDM (Remixed) EP which also features a remix from Protohype. Listen above and grab the whole Remix EP below.

Download: Bear Grillz & Getter – EDM REMIXED

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Hear The Full Version Of Skrillex’s Unreleased Remix Of LH4L Ft. Billion Dollars’s Track “Neoprene”


There’s no question Skrillex has hard drive, upon hard drive, upon hard drive of unreleased music. One of his remixes that was first played at Ultra Music Festival back in March (as Jack Ü), was his unreleased edit of LH4L Ft. Billion Dollars‘s Track “Neoprene” – it was the opening track of that set, btw. People have been looking far and wide for it, and it was actually dropped again in Snails‘s – SNAILEDIT! Mix Vol.3 Enter Slugz City, which was released a few days ago.

Well, we finally got our hands on the full version of the track and it’s an absolute MONSTER! Just vintage Skrillex at his best! And we’re not talking new-school, “Justin Bieber” Skrillex, we’re talking 2011-2012 Skrillex – when he was dropping all the dubstep tracks that were making walls fall from how heavy his basslines were. This one is no exception. We’re still not sure about an official release date, or if there will ever be one, but at least you can hear it in full and in CDQ for now.

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Skrillex Has An Official Release Date To His “Red Lips” Remix From GTA


What’s felt like years of waiting and rumors, Skrillex finally put them to rest by announcing, via Twitter, his official remix of GTA’s “Red Lips” will be dropping on November 30th! You can preview the track and its music video above, but before you get too excited, it’s going to be released via Apple Music – so unless you have a subscription, you might have to wait less than 5 minutes for it to hit the web in another capacity. We’ll keep you posted as soon as it drops! Enjoy the dark, weird, animated and vintage-Skrillex teaser video for now.


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