YOGI Ft. Pusha T – Burial (Skrillex & TrollPhace Remix)


Yogi’s huge hit “Burial” featuring Pusha-T gets a remix from their label head. Skrillex teams with TrollPhace to pull off this new remix. Check out the remix above and hear more “Burial” remixes on Yogi’s soundcloud.

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Stream Knife Party’s Debut Album ‘Abandon Ship’ In Full


After iTunes “accidentally leakedKnife Party‘s Abandon Ship album Friday evening, the internet went haywire. And even after being released at the most obscure time when few were on the interwebz, the album has somehow managed to already hit #3 on the overall iTunes charts. And they aren’t pulling a Taylor Swift and making you buy it to sell more copies either. Nope. They just went and uploaded the entire thing to Soundcloud for a full album stream. So do your part, and support the electronic duo by purchasing your copy on iTunes and see if they can somehow surpass T Swizzle and One Direction.

iTunes: Kinfe Party – Abandon Ship (Album)

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Skrillex Selects 11/7 (Ft. The M Machine, Crookers, RL Grime, Cashmere Cat & More)


After a brief hiatus (where I picked up the slack), Skrillex returns with this week’s selections. I gotta give Sonny props for discovering O.T. Genasis‘ “CoCo,” the last track on this set. The song is offiially out Monday and you can expect a reminder post then, but this has the potential to go BIG. It’s so.. whack, but there’s just something about it… Clearly people agree since it’s rec’d about 350K views on YouTube in less than a month.

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Download Knife Party’s ‘Abandon Ship’ Album Now!


knife party abandon ship album artwork

Looks like we finally have Knife Party‘s debut album, Abandon Ship.

It all started with a Tweet a few months ago when Rob Swire confirmed both Knife Party and Pendulum albums were coming and electronic music fans all around the world grew grins the size of the Grand Canyon.

KP’s album Abandon Ship was announced and we were impatiently awaiting the October 27th released. We were teased and teased, and then outta nowhere, those grins turned into #sadface when the album was pushed back not just once, but twice.

But it’s all ok now. Because the duo’s album is HERE! In a total Knife Party move, it hits iTunes with no warning, weeks ahead of schedule. Take a listen to some of the new songs below, and grab your copy on iTunes RIGHT NOW.

iTunes: Knife Party – Abandon Ship (Album)

The album really is a complete electronic project. It features beautiful melodies, some heavier drops, some experimentation meshed with that classic Knife Party vibe throughout… and in total KP fashion, almost Deadmau5 like, they named a song “EDM Trend Machine” and it’s definitely deep house. Lawlz. Happy Friday indeed.


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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Zomboy, EH!DE, LAXX & More)


Welcome back to another great installment of Womp Womp Wednesday! There were a ton of epic Halloween shows around the country so I’m hoping you did it up. This week’s playlist features tracks by EH!DE, Zomboy, QUEST!, D.Beam & Dak, Kyral x Banko, LAXX, Maxx Baer x Daffy, Draper, D.Beam & Dubsick, Illenium, Snow Dayy, Diskord, Airia, OmegaMode, and Mark Instinct featuring Armannie Reign. Enjoy the playlist and grab your favorites using the download links below.

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