Flux Pavilion Returns To Roots With “International Anthem”


Everyone who hears this radio rip of Flux Pavilion’s track is going to be so excited. It sounds like he’s going back to his roots and this track is reminding everyone of ‘Gold Dust’ in the best way possible. The track premiered last night on BBC radio and people can’t stop talking about it. I really, really, really hope that Flux keeps moving in this direction.

No word on a release date yet, but stay tuned.

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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Extra Terra, Delta Heavy, JuJu & More)


Welcome back to another great installment of Womp Womp Wednesday! Here’s your weekly dose of bass brought to you in the form of our favorite dnb and dubstep tracks. This week features songs by Trollphace & JuJu, Extra Terra, Ziu & Nyanara, Dack Janiels, Lord Swan3x * Kram, Bass Farmers, Brawler, Dr. Ozi, Dubloadz x 12th Planet, Figure, Zombie Penthouse, Delta Heavy, Dec3mber, Evol Intent, and $unday $ervice.

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Goshfather & Jinco x Sullivan King – Toro! [Free Download]


Goshfather & Jinco have teamed up with Sullivan King for quite the track. “Toro!” is the product of some heavy trap and heavy dubstep vibes. Listen to this monster above and grab the free download below!

Download: Goshfather & Jinco x Sullivan King – Toro!

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Datsik & Bear Grillz – Fuck Off [Out May 5th]


So I heard this track and couldn’t figure out where I recognized the sample from. Well thanks to the 100s of comments hating on it already I now know that it’s using a ton of vengeance samples and also samples Zomboy’s “Pirate Hooker.” I know it’s some of these kids lives to call out artists on their tracks, but hell I just enjoy them for what they are. If you are feeling bass heavy blare this track with the rest of your Datsik playlist. If not, go find everywhere it’s posted and comment how smart you must be.

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Liquid Stranger vs. Mayor Apeshit – Weather Change (Figure Remix) [Out Now]


FIGURE is one of my favorite producers out there. Literally every track he has made, I have listened to 10000x. Today, we have his insane remix to Liquid Stranger vs. Mayor Apeshit’sWeather Change.” This is what he had to say about the track:

New remix for Liquid Stranger is out now! This is one of my favorite remixes I have done in a long long time! Some of that bouncy filth biznas.

Download: Liquid Stranger vs. Mayor Apeshit – Weather Change (Figure Remix)

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