JayKode – BeeHive [Buygore Records]


Joey Khodanian aka JayKode is a DJ/Producer hailing from Los Angeles. Today we have his super heavy trap/bass hybrid of madness entitled “BeeHive.” As it starts off so soothing and melodic, that is just the calm before the storm! Listen to the insanity above and grab it off Beatport below.

Download: JayKode – BeeHive

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You Gotta Hear Sullivan King’s Remix To The ‘Orange Is The New Black’ Theme Song [Free Download]


In case you live under a rock, ‘Orange Is The New Black‘ just entered its 3rd season on Netflix and the show is absolutely amazing. Seriously, watch it ASAP. The theme song for the show is Regina Spektor’sYou’ve Got Time” and today we have Sullivan King’s insane transformation of the track. Listen to the madness above, grab the free download below, and go watch ‘Orange Is The New Black‘ now!

Download: Orange Is The New Black (Sullivan King Remix)

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SNAILS is a Montreal-based DJ/Producer who pushes a forward-thinking brand of dance music combining hip-hop rhythms, dirty bass lines and off-kilter sound design. And he has titled his unique sound as #VomitStep. Today, we have his #FREETHEVOMIT EP with 2 originals, “Murda Sound” and “VMPR” as well as a collab with Ghastly for the “King Is Back VIP.” Listen to all 3 tracks above, and grab the free download below.


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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Getter, Delta Heavy, MUST DIE! & More)


Welcome back to another bass-fueled installment of Fist in the Air’s Womp Womp Wednesday! This is where the bassheads congregate to get their fix of dubstep and dnb. This week’s playlist features songs by Getter & MUST DIE!, Borgore & Tisoki, Dirt Monkey, Delta Heavy, Rump$tep, Bear Grillz & Trollphace, Phantom Sage, Billion Dollars, Kove, Jarvis, KS, Bone N Skin, False Panic, Urban Assault, and Bassthunder. You can stream the playlist above and download the songs you like most below.

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Borgore & Addison – School Daze (Borgore & Tisoki Remix)


How’s that saying go: if you want something done right, do it yourself? Well that was Borgore’s thinking as he teamed up with Tisoki to remix his own track “School Daze.” They have flipped the once electro fueled jam into a head-thrashing dubstep gem. Listen to this beauty above, and grab the original version below.

Download: Borgore & Addison – School Daze

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