KSHMR & Dillon Francis Ft. Becky G – Clouds [Free Download]


Just the other day, we previewed this track “Clouds” from Dillon Francis & KSHMR with Becky G. on the vox. Just the minute and a half video clip was stellar enough, but today, we’ve got the full version of the track AND it’s a free download. Trust me, this song is mad good and don’t forget to check out KSHMR’s other latest collab with Tiesto called “Secrets.”

Free Download: KSHMR & Dillon Francis Ft. Becky G – Clouds

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Skrillex Shows Off New Collab With Wiwek


lalive_097Photo Credit: Rukes

What a surprise? Skrillex collabing with yet another artist; this time with Wiwek. Skrillex was in Estonia last night, so we’re guessing this track was dropped during that set, but we can’t say that for certain. What we do know is that this is sounds like vintage Skrillex and we can’t wait for it’s release. Although, it’s only a 15 seconds Instagram clip, we’re hoping this track sees the light of day soon, because it goes damn hard!

Skrillex & Wiwek Collab Video HERE: MORE!

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LAXX Talks Traveling, History, The Future Of EDM + More [Exclusive Interview]



The incredibly unique sounds of LAXX have led him to become one of the freshest names in Dubstep at the moment. We at FITA were lucky enough to sit down with the man himself last weekend before he played at Webster Hall in New York City. We spoke about his name, inspirations, traveling, the future of EDM, and more in this exclusive interview.

Exclusive Interview + LAXX Tracks: MORE!

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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Lumberjvck, Sub Antix, Dirt Monkey & More)


Welcome back to another insane edition of Womp Womp Wednesday where we gather our favorite dubstep and DnB songs from the week for your listening pleasure! Crank up the volume from tracks by Lumberjvck, Sub Antix, Dirt Monkey & Mark Instinct, BAR9, Papiyon, Sideproject, Helicopter Showdown & XaeboR, Totally Normal, Rameses B, xKore, Dimension, Soloman, Extra Terra, and Ethic. Listen to the playlist up top and download the songs below!

Follow us on SoundCloud! HERE


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Check Out This Week’s ‘Skrillex Selects’ To Hear What Skrilly Is Jamming To At The Moment


Welcome back to another week of ‘Skrillex Selects‘ where Skrilly puts together a soundcloud playlist of some of the tracks he’s listening to. Most of the time, they’re interesting, new tracks, that the world has yet to discover, but Skrillex has because, well, he’s Skrillex…and he knows all! This week he’s got one of the hottest tracks on the list, Zhu’s Grammy Nominated track “Faded 2.0,” the DJ Snake and DJ Mustard remix. So damn good, right!? Anyways, check out the other songs on the playlist and rock out to what Skrillex is jamming to right now!

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