Excision – Codename X


So I saw Excision open for Deadmau5 at Red Rocks back in the Fall of 2011 and to be honest, Excision absolutely killed it…he may have even put on a better performance than the Mau5 (sorry to say). Nonetheless, Excision just released his new track “Codename X” and it’s everything a dubstep fan could want and more! Get ready for some heavy drops, loud bass, and house shaking tunes, because Excision turns the knobs way up on this track!The track will be released on Rutton Records on Feb 3rd. Speakers beware.

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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. Terravita, Barely Alive, TrollPhace & More)


Welcome back to another bass-heavy installment of Womp Womp Wednesday! This playlist has dubstep and DnB tracks from the likes of Terravita, Barely Alive, Trollphace & Sub Antix, Habstrakt, EH!DE, Erotic Cafe, Covex, Dubloadz & Walter Wilde, Arrient, River Accorsi, Mr. Welch & Beatcore, Conrank, DJ Burnout, Sharps x CHVSM, and Dirt Monkey. Enjoy the playlist and grab the downloads below!

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Nathan Barnatt Dances To Skrillex’s “Ease My Mind” [Music Video]


We’ve heard this song for at least a year now, as Skrilly has been playing it at most of his live shows. Today, we’ve got a Music Video to “Ease My Mind.” The song itself is a complicated undertaking of a man’s battle with love, and “hoping” that the music will ease his pain. The video is actually really well done as it was directed by Nathan Barnatt, who also starred in the video as well. Not all Skrillex songs are as complex and deep as this one, but take a listen to the vocals from Niki & The Dove and watch the video and you’ll see just how deep Barnatt takes things.

Beatport: Skrillex With Niki & The Dove – Ease My Mind

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Hear Skrillex’s Full Set From X-Games Aspen 2015


skrillex xgames aspen set

In case you didn’t know, Skrillex threw down a MASSIVE set at this year’s Winter X-Games in Aspen. And you can listen to the gnarly, action packed 90 minute jam session right here: MORE!

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Here’s What Skrillex Is Listening To Right Now On His ‘Skrillex Selects’ Playlist



When has Skrillex not been in the news. Between his upcoming EP with Diplo, releasing sounds on Snapchat (Once & Twice!), Bonnaroo’s Skrillex Superjam Documentary, and the possibility of Skrilly releasing a track with his own vocals on it, there’s been a lot going on with Sonny; and this is all in the first 22 days of January. Damn! Anyways, here’s what Skrillex is listening to at the moment with his ‘Skrillex Selects 1/22‘ soundcloud playlist. Did you think there was a chance “Take U There” wouldn’t be on that list? Didn’t think so…

Skrillex Selects 1/22 Playlist HERE: MORE!

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