Crywolf & Skrux – Tides [Free Download]


So I had the pleasure of seeing these two play Saturday in ATL and the crowd absolutely loved the collaboration between the two. When you are able to get Crywolf’s unique sound & production on the same track as the heavy hitting Skrux, you know it’s going to be a hit. Crywolf has really been experimenting with his new “indie” sounds and all live sets, so every once in a while it’s good to see him tiptoe the line between his old dubstep sound and new chiller style.

Download: Crywolf & Skrux – Tides

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Dirtyphonics – Anonymous [Free Download]


The basshead trio known as Dirtyphonics just unleashed a monster with their newest track “Anonymous.” This is what the guys had to say about the release:

Here is our new track “Anonymous” and it’s a free download to thank you all for being over 300 000 fans on our facebook page and for getting DIRTY we us at every single show.
This is the song we wrote to open our special Surprise Set at EDC Las Vegas 2015 and so many of you asked for it!

Download: Dirtyphonics – Anonymous

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Womp Womp Wednesday (Ft. RainMan, Protohype, Zeds Dead & More)


First off, sorry that it’s been 4 long weeks since the last Womp Womp Wednesday but I promise you the wait was worth it. We have the best of the best from the entire month. I’m telling you we are packing some heat this time. We’re bursting through the gates with an absolutely ruthless, savage new track by RainMan and not letting up after that. Hold on tight because this is one month’s worth of the hardest and filthiest dubstep and dnb tracks for your bass-loving ears. The playlist consists of songs by Protohype & Paper Diamond, Zeds Dead x Megalodon, KSHMR & Vaski, Modestep & Culprate, Bear Grillz, Figure, Mantis, Sullivan King, Stratus, Dodge & Fuski vs. 12th Planet, Eptic ft. MUST DIE!, Two Fingers ft. Noisia, Notixx, Sex Whales & Tryple, PhaseOne, Evilwave, WAVEDASH, and Caspa & Mayhem.

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KSHMR & Vaski Ft. Francisca Hall – Lazer Love [Free Download]


The mysterious producer KSHMR has teamed up with basshead Vaski for quite a tune. After straying from his usual big-room style with “Jammu,” he is continuing that trend with “Lazer Love.” This is what he had to say about the track:

Thank you all for the support you’ve given me on Jammu. I’m incredibly grateful and in return would like to share “Lazer Love” with you, a collaboration with Vaski and Francisca Hall. They are both extremely talented and the result is something I truly love. I hope you will too.

Download: KSHMR & Vaski Ft. Francisca Hall – Lazer Love

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MitiS & SubLioN – Beneath Us [Free Download]


MitiS has teamed up with fellow Pennsylvanian SubLioN to create some magic. “Beneath Us” is an absolute melodic masterpiece. Really no words will do justice so just listen to this amazingness above and grab the free download below.

Download: MitiS & SubLioN – Beneath Us

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