Introducing: Ethic – What Ya Call Me EP + Interview



With heaps more next-level material due in the coming months, Ethic is at the very start of an exciting career. Fully representing Dub Police’s dedication to the next generation, his reputation as a key artist to watch in 2014 deserves every slice of hype and more!

Pre-Order: Ethic – What Ya Call Me EP


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Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 11: Road To Coachella [Free Download]


I love the selection process that goes into the Troll Mixes. Lots of unknown artists that are happy as hell to be in any Krew playlist, and lots of favorites I have forgotten about in my iTunes. And as per usual you can download and pretend that you are a DJ at your weekend or weekday party.

Download: Krewella – Troll Mix Vol. 11

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Chelsea Wolfe – Feral Love (Collin McLoughlin Game Of Thrones Remix) [Free Download]


All of you Game Of Thrones fans should have a hard-on right now (ladies included). Collin McLoughlin has taken on remixing Chelsea Wolfe‘s, “Feral Love,” which if you weren’t aware was the backing music to the season 4 trailer of Thrones. Collin puts his signature melodic dubstep spin into this dark piece, but this time he experiments by working elements of the trance, hip-hop, and even trap genres into this remix. Take a listen and snatch up the free download.

Download: Chelsea Wolfe – Feral Love (Collin McLoughlin Game Of Thrones Remix)

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LAXX – Step Two EP [Out Now]


Earlier this year we posted LAXX‘s Step One EP, and today, here is Step Two! This is what he had to say about his second EP:

“This is the next step in my sound, style and I’m bringing something new to the table. I wanted to take it to a new level, and it does that 100%% – bring your bass faces.”

Purchase: LAXX – Step Two EP

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TBMA – Obsessed (EP) [Free Download]


The Bolivian Marching Affair a/k/a TBMA just dropped their 3-track EP “Obsessed”. Featuring Remixes from Voltran & Leefo, as well as Our Time rounding out the 3 pack. The single is definitely radio ready, and perfectly complements Electro, Trap, and Dubstep all into one.

Free Download: TBMA – Obsessed

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