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Le Youth Releases Groovy New House Bomb “T O U C H”


Le Youth, following up “R E A L” (just remixed by Bixel Boys), give us a classic new house single “T O U C H” and if this one doesn’t make you move… you’re doing it wrong.

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Taylor Swift Nudes Leak Threatened By Hackers


taylor swift nude photo hacked

Earlier today, Taylor Swift‘s Twitter (her’s is the 4th largest account on the platform) and Instagram accounts were hijacked by Lizard Squad hackers – the same ones that claim to be behind Facebook/Instagram/Tinder’s outage last night that left everyone helpless. MORE!

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Tiga – Bugatti (Ft. Pusha T) [Jauz Remix]


It’s not like you needed another sign that Jauz was going to blow the f*ck up in 2015. But just in case, he’s officially remixed Tiga‘s “Bugatti” featuring Pusha T, joining the likes of Boys Noize and Tommy Trash for the full package.

Download: Tiga – Bugatti (Remix Package)

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Feed Me – Wuzzle


Track titles are a very interesting thing to me – how sometimes they’re just… obvious and boring, other times super spot on yet unique, some make you think, some make you laugh, and some just have you scratching your head. But in the case of Feed Me‘s latest drop, “Wuzzle,” you already know what the song is going to sound like just by judging the book by its cover. Also can’t help but think of “Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair, Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn’t fuzzy, was he?”

Anyway, this is to hype his latest EP, A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo due out Feb 2nd on his Sotto Voce imprint.

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Royal Releases Stunning ‘Cycles’ EP [Free Download]


Super skilled 22 year old producer and songwriter from Maryland, Royal, dropped “Passenger” the first week of 2015 and it deserving blew up, joining “Round Two” (my fav) from 2 months ago to hype a massive release for his Cycles EP. The 5 track project is just so chill – full of unique instruments just totally meshing with each other. The limited vocals from Desktop and Axel Masoor are spot on as well. Time guys by like that listening to this one, a sure sign of quality. For the full visual & artistic experience with credits, check out his website, shit’s dope.

iTunes: Royal – Cycles EP | Free Download

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