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Eminem Ft. Rihanna – The Monster (BeatBreaker & Pat C Remix) [Free Download]


Eminem Ft. Rihanna - The Monster (BeatBreaker & Pat C Remix)

Eminem‘s ” The Monster” is the GEM off MMLP2, but even the song that features the pop/R&B goddess Rihanna still doesn’t have enough juice to make it into nightlife. Luckily, the great DJ Beatbreaker & Pat C add their house music recipe to loosen Eminem’s “The Monster” into a HOT-N-READY, club hour BANGER. Take a listen to the new remix below and download it for free by liking DJ Beatbreaker on Facebook.

Download: Eminem Ft. Rihanna – The Monster (BeatBreaker & Pat C Remix)

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TLC – Waterfalls (Bixel Boys Remix) [Free Download]


TLC - Waterfalls (Bixel Boys Remix)

Not everyday do you discover TLC‘s name attached to a remix. Their original music is so classic, it’s really bold for any artist to try to remix their music. For the Bixel Boys, however, they heard  something in the 90s R&B song “Waterfall” that inspired them to experiment with it. The result of that experimentation is Bixel Boys’ modern, electro remix of the song that released nearly 20 years ago. The way Bixel Boys’ kept this song mellow, while adding edgy-ness to it with jazzy instruments is fresh and their production with TLC’s chorus’ creates feel-good vibes. Take a listen to Bixel Boys’ remix of TLC’s “Waterfalls” and download it for free via the download link below.

Download: TLC – Waterfalls (Bixel Boys Remix)

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Bob Dylan – Like A Rolling Stone (Interactive Music Video)



Bob Dylan’s name floating around in 2014 is special and what makes his music even cooler is this interactive web-site. While you listen to Bob Dylan’s “Like A Rolling Stone”, you can browse through channels that would appear to be mute TV stations . The first channel stars rapper, Danny Brown, and the further channels are remixes videos too. This interactive TV stream was released to spread the word about Bob Dylan: The Complete Album Collection, Vol. 1, which is a commemorating ‘box-set’ release for the 1960s music legend. Check out the music video’s via the link below and credits are after the jump.

Watch This Video!

View Credits: MORE!

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Audien feat. Michael S. – Leaving You (Official Music Video)


Audien‘s “Leaving You” is just too good to ever go away. The single, which released via Armada Records this past summer, is his second hit song that’s original and one of the biggest songs  of the year. With these newly implemented visuals, the song that features Michael S.’s wicked pipes, “Leaving You” is fresh again. It’s a classy and feel-good progressive house tune that will leave you breathless upon its conclusion. For a producer who’s just 21 years of age, Audien’s already become a staple name in dance music. Watch Audien’s “Leaving You” music video that features Michael S., above.

iTunes: Audien Ft. Michael S – Leaving You

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Migos – Emmitt Smith


Migos - Emmitt Smith

“Versace” rapper Migos dropped this new song “Emmitt Smith” off his upcoming mix-tape Y.R.N. 2.. “Emmitt Smith” is named after retired NFL superstar Emmitt Smith and Migos’ uses his name for this trap music BANGER. It’s hit or miss with Migos sometimes but his new “Emmitt Smith” will rattle all trunks! Take a listen to the newest drop from the ATL based rapper.

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