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FITA Presents: Superchilled Sunday – 4/20 Special Edition


Well, today marks a few special milestones. It’s Easter. It’s still Passover. And it’s 4/20. That being said, lots of reasons to celebrate with the greatest plant known to mankind. The ganja, mary jane, herb, that good-good, or whatever you choose to call your medicine, have it rolled up, packed, and ready to go with this playlist at the helm. #StayHighMyFriends #420 #LegalizeIt

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Bebe Rexha – I Can’t Stop Drinking About You (Jump Smokers Remix)


I was so obsessed with the original and still am for that matter. Listen here. The Jump Smokers have taken their signature spin and given this a new upbeat makeover.

I don’t think I have heard a better remix from these guys and it has me wondering when it will be released. Hopefully for free download (ehhhh emmmm). Interesting to hear their take on trap a bit. I love the vocal stabs and how artists make them the centerpiece to drops.

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Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine (Kygo Remix) [Free Download]


Pick your poison. 1) Singing along 2) Humming along 3) Whistling along Whatever you choose to do, you can thank Kygo for putting a beautiful melody in your head to kickstart your day. Grab this beautiful remix for free below and don’t forget to help the guy out by hearting on Hypem.

Download: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Shine (Kygo Remix)

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Mat Zo – Oldskool Trip [Free Download]


Always nice when huge artists still release free downloads on their Soundcloud. Showin love to the fans. This new one from Matt, properly entitled Oldskool trip, does just that. This will take you on an old school house ride with a groovy bassline.

Download: Mat Zo – Oldskool Trip

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[FITA Exclusive] Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Brenton Mattheus & Ian Yelton Cover) [Free Download]


We like to think all of our premiere’s are special, but this one will forever be extra special to me as I am making my blogosphere debut. I was fortunate enough to link up with the ultra talented vocalist from the UK, young Mr. Brenton Mattheus, and collaborate on one of the best acoustic tracks dropped in 2013.

For this cover I provided the acoustics, and as you can see/hear, Brenton absolutely stole the spotlight with his vocal range, control and presence. This was a ton of fun and I am super excited to finally let you guys hear this.

Now that we are on the topic of Ed Sheeran, he has a new album on the way and released his first single, Sing, about a week ago.

Fianlly, since we are the nicest guys around we have decided to give you this cover for free. All we ask is to give us a follow on Twitter and go like Brenton’s Facebook page for the tracks.

Big ups to Mark Donne of Squirl House for making this video a possibility! He does fantastic work so get at him as well.

Download: [FITA Exclusive] Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Brenton Mattheus & Ian Yelton Cover)

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