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Paris Blohm – Sailing The Sky Ft. Mimi Page (Original Mix) [Free Download]


This amazing ambient track will be on repeat for the next couple days. Here is what Paris had to say about this masterpiece. When you are done reading/listening be sure to pick up the free download.

Having a background in all styles of electronic music, including downtempo/ambient, I’ve really missed making different kinds of music. While still staying true to my current sound, I wanted to take a different step for this instance, because as an artist I like to express myself differently at times. This isn’t to say i’m taking a different path, because i’m not. I’m just having fun with music, which is what it’s all about.

I also wanted to show people to not be afraid to take a step towards something else. There’s so much potential in ‘EDM’, and not many are taking advantage of it. We keep hearing the same rehashed sounds, melodies, and drops. I’m not bashing the scene by any means because i enjoy it a lot in certain circumstances, but i feel people are afraid to step outside the box. Aspiring producers should be limitless, because they are the future of the scene.

Download: Paris Blohm – Sailing The Sky Ft. Mimi Page (Original Mix)

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Tritonal & Paris Blohm – Colors (Luke Shay Remix) [Free Download]


With two solid entries in remix competitions (Tiesto’s Take Me & Adventure Club’s Wonder) Luke Shay knows how to throw together a remix that will not only be remembered, but played heavily by DJ’s around the world. Afterall, his Wonder remix did win the competition that Adventure Club put on. Ever since then he has been hard at work and this is what he has come up with for his fans in the mean time. A free download to one of the best vocal tracks of 2013. Grab your free download below and support Luke on social media.

Luke Shay on Facebook and Twitter.

Download: Tritonal & Paris Blohm – Colors (Luke Shay Remix)

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Die Antwoord – I Fink You Freeky (Vanic Remix) [Free Download]


Die Antwoord is one of the weirdest groups ever, but Vanic, who has come through with some hugely successful remixes as of late takes this and takes the lyrics to “I Fink You Freeky” and molds them into a festival trap heater. If you have not blessed your ear drums yet with his amazing remix to CHVRCHES‘ hit “The Mother We Share” it is a must add to your collection of tunes. One of the best remixes I have heard in the past few months and I am sure this will get some heavy rotation from trap DJ’s during festy season as well.

Get at Vanic on Facebook and Twitter.

Download: Die Antwoord – I Fink You Freeky (Vanic Remix)

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Superchilled Monday?!? (Ft. The Kite String Tangle, Cosmo’s Midnight, Brenton Mattheus & More) [Vol. 34]


Whoops. Ran out of time last night. Started my new job today. So to unwind, I have this mega playlist on in the background while I crank out my work. And prob will at work too to keep the chill vibe going. If you missed last week’s dope 4/20 playlist I made (took a lot of time) you should definitely check that out here. This week is too too too good to sleep on. LOTS of NEW MUSIC from lots of BIG ARTISTS. Here are some: The Kite String Tangle, Cosmo’s Midnight, The Glitch Mob, The Neighbourhood, Oliver Nelson, BOOTS, Little Dragon, Portugal. The Man, Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend, Chromeo, Passion Pit, Lido, and so many more.

Downloads: MORE!

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FITA Presents: Superchilled Sunday – 4/20 Special Edition


Well, today marks a few special milestones. It’s Easter. It’s still Passover. And it’s 4/20. That being said, lots of reasons to celebrate with the greatest plant known to mankind. The ganja, mary jane, herb, that good-good, or whatever you choose to call your medicine, have it rolled up, packed, and ready to go with this playlist at the helm. #StayHighMyFriends #420 #LegalizeIt

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