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ZHU X Bone Thugs-N-Harmony X Trombone Shorty – Hold Up Wait A Minute (Radio Premiere)


Oh cool Zhu. In case the entire world wasn’t already planning their entire schedule around every release you have planned for us this Fall…. you are just going to throw fkn Bone Thugs-N-Harmony in the mix. Half expecting his next track to be a post-mortem collab with Tupac. Oh then we are going to throw in Trombone Shorty to literally “blow” you away with his brass skills.

I’m done here. No words. Every song their team drops I think is better than the last. That Skrillex collaboration has to be next week or the week after…. call your local internet provider in hopes that they don’t break.

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Satchmode – Never Gonna Take You Back (LEFTI Remix)


I’ll never take youuuuu, never gonna take youuu back. Disco is coming back guys and LEFTI looks to be adding his name to the list of disco pioneers. This time it’s a remix of LA dream pop duo Satchmode who have a super interesting sound that works perfect for this type of production. If you have never heard of LEFTI before, you are missing out. This past year he has been dropping all kinds of remixes that you are just force you to dance while attempting to not spill your coffee on yourself in the process (true story). Go give this one some Hype Machine love as it’s already crushing the charts.

Heart on HypeM: Satchmode- Never Gonna Take You Back (LEFTI Remix)

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Hopsin Trolls The Absolute Living Shit Out Of Future With New Track


So I already know how this internet beef will go down. Hopsin makes a track called “No Words” about how Future’s lyrics are basically indistinguishable on tracks and it’s just trap beats and autotune. Future will tweet about how much more money he has made than Hop. Real hip-hop heads will still respect Hopsin more. The end.

Seriously though, I’m glad someone steps up and speaks about this. I live in ATL and if I turn on their hip-hop stations it’s like inadmissible bs spewed through my speakers with a dope trap beat. Then you mother fuckers catch on to the hook and make them go viral and then they spew out two more shitty songs before their label drops them. Keep doing you Hopsin.

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Avicii – Waiting For Love (OLWIK Cover) [Free Download]


So what we have here is a Swede covering a Swede. OLWIK surprises us this time by using his own voice for the cover. Pretty sure every producer has to try their own vox on a track at some point… it’s like a right of passage. The resulting product is like a pop/rock ballad and honestly gives the track a pretty cool new direction. That’s the whole point of a cover though. Take the original and make it yours. OLWIK clearly did just that.

Hopefully this track means the beginning of a new music onslaught for the Swede. That’s something we would all enjoy.

Download: Waiting For Love (OLWIK x Avicii Cover)

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The Chainsmokers Ft. ROZES – Roses (Two Friends Remix) [Free Download]


Two Friends music. Do you even want a write-up. Do we need one? DOES ANYONE READ BLOGGERS WORDS ANYMORE. Just kidding, but yeah I highly recommend checking out this track because it’s labeled “soul house” and is all like doo doo doo and then clap clap clap and say you’lllll never let me goooo. Go what? Go poop?

This is what happens when you give bloggers too much coffee and good speakers. Umm what else. Free Download. Extended mixes and haiku in soundcloud description. Go follow these guys on myspace and download their stuff on limewire because it’s super dope.

Download: The Chainsmokers ft. ROZES – Roses (Two Friends Remix)

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