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Hilarious Video Absolutely Rips Tidal A New Bleached Asshole, Says What Everyone Is Thinking


We are so happy that JAY Z’s new artist supported streaming platform TIDAL is quickly proving to be an epic fail. The first few days after “the announcement” where a bunch of rich artists awkwardly stood on stage, many were silent. But as time went on, more and more are speaking out against it. Even Kanye has hidden any shred of his previous support. There’s just no way in hell people would choose to pay $20 – sorry, $19.99/month, while Spotify is still an incredible option. We don’t even think an exclusive JAY Z x Beyonce joint album is going to save it.

We can rant all day about the greed these artists have displayed in backing such a product, but perhaps nothing says it better than this hilarious parody video.

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Jack Ü – To Ü (Meaux Green X Magnifico Remix)


Man so there has been like 50 million Jack Ü remixes out there, but I’m already going to label this one as a top 5. Taking the original AlunaGeorge collab and turning it into a real festival trap anthem was definitely the right move here. I’m sure you are pretty familiar with Meaux Green but it looks like Magnifico is either a new alias or just starting out. But if he’s already collabing with Meaux you know the kids gotta be talented.

No download or purchase available for now.

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Flux Pavilion Returns To Roots With “International Anthem”


Everyone who hears this radio rip of Flux Pavilion’s track is going to be so excited. It sounds like he’s going back to his roots and this track is reminding everyone of ‘Gold Dust’ in the best way possible. The track premiered last night on BBC radio and people can’t stop talking about it. I really, really, really hope that Flux keeps moving in this direction.

No word on a release date yet, but stay tuned.

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The Chemical Brothers Announce New Album, Release First Single In 5 Years


HELL YES! The Chemical Brothers was like one of the first groups in electronic music I ever checked out. Pretty sure it was some Olympic snowboarders playlist that was featured on iTunes and “Galvanize” by TCB was like her number one track. Somehow it’s been 5 long years since TCB has dropped anything other than soundtrack songs. But now they have gifted us with a single in ‘Sometimes I Feel So Deserted’ and a brand new album in Born In The Echoes

Check out the full tracklist after the jump MORE!

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Cleveland Cavaliers Iman Shumpert Just Dropped A Hip-Hop Track


It’s always a funny spectacle when athletes release hip-hop tracks. My favorite will still always be Metta World Peace’s hip-hop tracks. This time around it’s Iman Shumpert of the Cleveland Cavaliers dropping his 2015 Playoffs Anthem, “The Offs.” It must be working because the Cavs are up 2-0 on the Celtics already (or maybe just because they have Kyrie Irving & LBJ). This actually isn’t the worst thing I have ever heard, but clocking in at only 2 minutes…. it’s nothing that special.

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