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Rusko – Jahova (Jauz Remix) [Free Download]


This is a hell of a throwback remix. Pretty sure Rusko’s “Jahova” is back from like 07 or some shit. Anyways Jauz says that this track was really influential in his electronic upbringing and therefore he just wanted to remix it for fun and of course drop it for free for the fans. I get to see Jauz this weekend at Counterpoint and let me just say…. after listening to the dude’s soundcloud for like the past hour… STOKEEEEEEEED.

Download: Rusko – Jahova (Jauz Remix)

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Snails – VMPR [Free Download]


Snails has made 2015 his bitch. Everywhere I go the dude is playing and people are talking about it. With VMPR we get a high energy electro house track that features the signature “vomitstep” sound we have come to know and love. Along with the track Snails announced a free EP dropping in June and the locations for Pt. 2 of the Snailin USA Tour.

Snag the free download and check out the tour dates below.


Download: SNAILS – VMPR

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Candyland – Murda [Out Now]


It’s not often that Candyland drops something that isn’t for free download, so make sure you go and support this murderous trap tune they just dropped on iTunes. You know when something is dropped on SMOG it’s going to be super heavy and this one definitely fits the bill. Guaranteed to be dropped at all the remaining summer festivals.

Purchase: Candyland – Murda

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Bruneaux’s New Mashup Album Is Perfect For Every Pool Party This Summer [Free Download]


So I intentionally made sure I posted this because I hate mashups in general. However this is not a mashup album, but rather each song is a collection of an immeasurable amount of samples used to create something even more beautiful. If you have been around the scene for a while you definitely have heard the name Bruneaux before. He took a 2 year hiatus to perfect his craft and well as you can see from this project, it was definitely worth it.

I can pretty much promise you that this will be your go to for parties after you listen on time through. How he even thinks of mixing some of these genres is just unreal. Download the entire project for free below.

Download: Bruneaux – The Art Of Noise

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Herobust – Skurt Reynolds [Free Download]


Yoooooooooooooo this is a huge track.Herobust once again proves he’s not only the king of puns but also still one of the few actually talented trap artists out there. It’s been really cool to watch him blow up while consistently just releasing quality free music and not dealing with all that industry bullshit. When’s the last time you saw an article that mentioned Hayden tweeting about whether or not Caked Up is doing w/e the hell those retards actually do.

Can someone plz do me a favor doe? Next time you are at a stoplight with windows down…. perfectly time this song, look deep into the driver’s eyes in the car next to you, and right as the light goes green yell “Like Skurt” and go from 0-60 as fast as your mom’s Ford Fiesta will let you.

Download: Herobust – Skurt Reynolds

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