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Andy Milonakis & Chief Keef “Glogang” Is Trippiest Video You Will Watch Today


Don’t watch/listen to this trippy ass music video if you are looking for good catchy lyrical content. However, if you came to watch Chief Keef & Andy Milonakis float through space in a Rolls Royce or if you just rolled up a blunt…. you are in luck. I’m not sure I can accurately described what I just watched. Just take a gander yourself.

Also shouts to Andy Milonakis for uploading a music video in 360p to his channel?

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Zhu Releases Creepy Video For “The One”


It’s been about a year now since the 4/20 release of the ‘Nightday EP‘ which begin the unstoppable reign of King Zhu. Finally we have the video for a favorite of mine off the EP. “The One” tells a story of some psycho female (aren’t they all) who looks like she is keeping a dude either drugged or dead, and pretending they are in some beautiful relationship together. There’s a lot of deep motifs that I’m not even going to try and analyze in this one.

Don’t worry though, the infamous Steven Zhu makes a cameo at the end.

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Robin Thicke & Pharrell Hit Labeled “Rip-Off”, Owe Gaye Family Astounding Amount of Money


Ouchhhhhhh. Back in 2013 Marvin Gaye’s kids sued Pharrell & Robin Thicke based on the fact that their single “Blurred Lines” 100 percent sounded like a rip-off of Gaye’s own #1 single “Got To Give It Up”. As you can hear from the audio comparison above….. they definitely have quite the case.

Welp the ruling just came down a few hours ago and Pharrell/Thicke are on the hook for 7.3 million dollars owed to the Gaye family. The court decided that T.I. who rapped on the remix wasn’t liable for the damages. I’m not sure what kind of royalties the Gaye family still gets, but they were reportedly crying tears of happiness after hearing the news. Yeah no shit…. you just got awarded 7.3 million dollars.

You know T.I. is just sitting back like…

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Kanye West & John Legend Performed A Very Different “Gold Digger” 12 Years Ago


This is tripping me out. Imagine if this had been the finished studio track and not the pop version you will never be able to forget as hard as you try. While the released version is more of a catchy sing-along, this John Legend x Kanye West version is more of a humorous skit. Not sure on the outfit Yeezy is rocking doe…..

This is almost as weird as hearing the alternate version of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”. Let us know in the comments which version is your favorite!

H/T Hypetrak

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Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2015 [Free Download]


Ahh the holy grail of mixes has arrived! Kap Slap’s annual Spring Break mix literally means it’s time grab a 30 pack of lime-a-ritas and ride around town in banana hammocks on tandem bikes blaring tunes from that portable boombox you got at the the thrift store. As soon as I’m done with this post I’ll be doing just that.

Also check out Kap Slap’s first ever original. In case you live under a rock and missed it.

Download: Kap Slap – Spring Break Mix 2015

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