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LARCY And Gazzo Link For ‘Running Home’ Masterpiece


It all started one year ago when she left her prestigious position with THE NEW YORK TIMES to pursue her life-long dream as a musician. That is when the LARCY project was born and the rest is history. Her first two singles “Best Friend” and “Locked Up” circled the globe with more than 1 million unique spins in only 2 months. She then followed up with the massive Moiez collaboration “Illusions” released on the prestigious Cr2 records. Since then LARCY has been working on developing her sound and today we have the first real look at that with “Running Home.” She wanted to take an indie approach to the rising electronic scene with elements of live instrumentation. An authentic feel was needed and NY based Gazzo was the man for the job.

Her follow up single “Taste” will be out in early 2015.

Download: Larcy – Running Home (prod. by Gazzo) | Hypem

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[FITA Premiere] Markus Cole Ft. Vuk Lazar – Deja Vu


deja vu square

Markus Cole and Vuk Lazar team up to create a masterful collaboration. A soothing melodic production layered with the stand alone vocals of Vuk Lazar. The lyrics really tell a good story and the title sums it all up. Word on the street is there is a music video in the works. I guess we will have to wait and see… Grab the Free Download below and spread it like wildfire!

Download: Markus Cole Ft. Vuk Lazar – Deja Vu

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Parade Of Lights – We’re The Kids


POL - we're the kids

Parade Of Lights is a band I stumbled upon on the internet after they released their Born To Live, Born To Love” EP about 9 months ago. They have been doing show after show recently and I can’t wait to see them take off. Their new track “We’re The Kids” is one of those songs you put on your summer playlist and listen to continuously all summer. So please do them (and me) a favor and share this with one friend so we can all see them on a stage near you!

Click To Purchase: Parade Of Lights – We’re The Kids

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B.o.B – Chandelier ft. Lauriana Mae [Official Music Video]


Bobby Ray teams up with a girl I have actually been following for a while now. I knew she was different and Atlantic Records was going to break her soon. Lauriana Mae is a name to keep your eyes on because she could come out of nowhere soon. Excellent song and love the video. B.o.B. is still one of my favorite hip hop artists right now.

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Aaron Wayne – Electrogressive [EP]



Aaron Wayne released his Electrogressive EP recently and it blends the genres of progressive house and electro house together. Great taste of both worlds. My favorite off the EP was a hard decision between Vitamin and I Will Be Okay. Let us know which track was your favorite! Grab this for your summer playlists since it is completely free.

Download: Aaron Wayne – Electrogressive [EP]

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