Taio Cruz Is Back With “Don’t You Dare”



It’s been 3 years since Taio Cruz’s last album TY.O released back in 2011, and even longer since he’s owned the charts with the likes of “Dynamite” and “Break Your Heart.” Well, in May he confirmed that he’s working on another album due out this year, and that the first official single from the project will be “Don’t You Dare” and you can hear it below. Word is it’ll be released in August. Is this enough to resurrect his diminishing career? Probably not.

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Taio Cruz Feat. Deadmau5 – Touch The Sky [Official Audio]


I know I know, Taio Cruz ruined “Brazil (2nd Edit)” originally released by Deadmau5 awhile back, but that didn’t stop Joel from linking up with him, and seriously this is really good in my opinion. I am sure it will be aired everywhere soon! Grab it below.

Download: Taio Cruz Feat. Deadmau5 – Touch The Sky


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Taio Cruz – Rihanna Diamonds (Live Acoustic Cover)


Click To Download: Taio Cruz – Rihanna Diamonds (Live Acoustic Cover)

Wow. This is actually a beautiful cover. Taio has a great voice though… So why cover it with autotune? Oh well. I think anyone’s ears will enjoy this. Glad he decided to take a break from setting up his new LA studio and make this magnificent cover.

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Taio Cruz – Fast Car (Official Music Video)


Visuals to “Fast Car” because why not.

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Taio Cruz – Fast Car (8BarZ BAMBI’s Car Remix)


Less than a week after Taio Cruz’s Fast Car surfaces, 8BarZ gives the track the energy-filled boost it needed to elevate it into a a great upbeat dance record. This one really provides a nice vibe to jam out to, and even carries some personal value to 8BarZ, worth the listen & download.

This track has some personal value to my own life at this moment, so i am happy to get this out for my friends out there. Thanks so much for all your love, means the world to me and makes my boring studio work that much more worth it.

Click To Download: Taio Cruz – Fast Car (8Barz BAMBI’s Car Remix)

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