Deadmau5 Follows Up “Carp” Release With “What a save!”


Yesterday deadmau5 shared a preview for “Carp” on his fuckmylife Soundcloud, which has recently featured mostly experimental, ambient tracks. The official release –  “What a save” – is a throwback to the producer’s older, more electro style, which he dubbed “rocketstep” on Soundcloud. Check out the full version above.

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Deadmau5 Uploads New Track “Carp”


The famed Deadmau5 soundcloud, fuckmylife, has another unexpected banger. This time the notorious DJ turned internet troll has released his new track “Carp” and it’s actually pretty cool. The page’s typical action has been pretty experimental and airy these days but this time he seems to have found the old mau5 spirit. Starting off with a sort of convoluted harp break he finds his old rock drum kit and starts up on the whole Justice french electro vibe. We are pretty happy with the product but what do you think?

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Deadmau5 Teases New Music



Just like yesterday where Martin Garrix & Dyro went to social media to tease new music, Deadmau5 has joined the party. After already uploading 2 tracks last month, the mau5 took to Twitter to show everyone what he has been working on. MORE!

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Kygo Asked Deadmau5 To Hang Out In Aspen, And This Is What Happened



Kygo and Deadmau5 will both be playing in Aspen, Colorado this weekend, and it would only make sense that two successful artists would want to meet up. Kygo sent out the invite to the mau5 over Twitter. His response?

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Deadmau5 Got Bored And Uploaded 2 New Tracks



I guess 2016 has officially started now that he have our first Deadmau5 post of the year. Last night, Mr. Zimmerman took to social media for 2 reasons: he uploaded 2 new tracks in addition to sharing a warning message about the state of EDM. MORE!

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