Dan Bilzerian & Deadmau5 Duke It Out On Twitter


She can't swim, but her tits are real, and today was nice 📷 @playmatekhloeterae

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Dan Bilzerian is living quite the life. But then again, so is Deadmau5. And they both have pretty intense personalities, which in this day and age that’s just a recipe for yet another Twitter war. MORE!

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Deadmau5 Drops New Track In Response To Fan’s Challenge



Challenge accepted! On Monday (July 27th), Deadmau5 took to Twitter to share his ‘thought of the hour‘ and tweeted, “128bpm 4/4/snore.” Of course, this provoked the slew of responses, but one in particular caught Joel’s eye. Jez Biggs (feel free to comment if you know who on Earth this is), responded to the Mau5’s tweet with a challenge – and a relatively tough one at that. Biggs suggested that Joel make a track with alternating time signatures of 7/8 3/4 13/16 AND that the track had to be listenable. Within two hours Deadmau5 uploaded what he thought was a ‘listenable’ track and noted that it was “half-assed.” Check out the final product below titled, “78341316,” and read the Twitter conversation that sparked this challenge after the jump.

Tweets HERE: MORE!

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Is Eric Prydz’s “Opus” The Next “Strobe” By Deadmau5?


Legendary electronic music icon Eric Prydz closed out EDC Vegas 2015 with a brand new 9 minute track: “Opus” and it’s been all the rave since. It’s seriously epic, from the drawn out intro and buildup, to the euphoric melody, this is one of the more memorable electronic songs I’ve heard in a while.

I’ve basically had it on repeat for a couple hours now – switching between this and Deadmau5‘ “Strobe” because it reminded me of it and I know some of you will say this is a blatant rip on it, so we’ll mention it. Are there similarities? Sure – mostly that they both make me feeeeeeeeel.

So. Many. Feels. MORE!

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Deadmau5 Trolls Jack U x Justin Bieber’s “Where Are U Now” With His Own Remix


justin bieber deadmau5

Yesterday, Deadmau5 took the interwebz by storm by uploading a seriously fresh hip hop track. But today’s antics… take the cake. Today, Joel proves there truly was a purpose for learning the play the recorder in elementary school. It was clearly taught to reach expert troll status by “remixing” Jack U and Justin Bieber‘s “hit” “Where Are U Now” (which he thinks is a piece of shit). Make sure you’re seated and not eating or drinking anything, because this shit’s HILARIOUS. MORE!

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Deadmau5 Goes Hip-Hop For “Are You Not Afraid Blah” Ft. Shotty Horroh



When you think Deadmau5, you probably aren’t thinking hip-hop. But you are today. MORE!

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