Deadmau5’s ‘5 Years of Mau5′ Is Now Available! [Stream]



We’ve been waiting months for this, and finally ‘5 Years of Mau5‘ has dropped. With early previews from Dillon Francis and Chuckie, Deadmau5 set the stage for this massive release as he re-released many tracks from his 4×4=12 album, along with 11 remixes of the original tracks. The remixes include; Chuckie, Dillon Francis, Deadmau5 vs. Eric Prydz, Botnek, Madeon, Michael Woods, Shiba San, Wax Motif, Pig&Dan and Nero. You can stream the album on Spotify now and purchase the EP on iTunes as well. With all the commotion around Deadmau5 lately, it’s nice to finally get back to the “real” stories, which is his music…not his antics.

iTunes: 5 Years of Mau5

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Watch Krewella “Speak Out” And “Say Goodbye” As Deadmau5 Trolls It Hardcore



As scheduled, Krewella are set to “Speak Out” and “Say Goodbye” on a live Twitch stream following mysterious changes to their social media and responding to Kris Trindle’s lawsuit.

At the same time, Deadmau5 is about to (ok already is) wreck havoc on this: MORE!

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Deadmau5 Is Doing WHAT With His EDM Money?


deadmau5 spends edm money

Deadmau5, what a guy. Moments ago he took to Twitter to give fans an inside look into what he’s using his “EDM money” for. If you remember, he recently “saved” a boatload of money by buying a mansion for “only” $5 million. He also recently spoke out about “quitting EDM” … but he of course still has a fortune to spend thanks to EDM.

And by the sounds of it, he’ll be putting it to good use. Looks like he’ll be building a massive, 45,000 sq ft music compound for “actual musicians” right behind his giant new mansion. He’ll also be working on even bigger and better live sets for “epic stage shows” as he tweeted.

See the plans: MORE!

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Deadmau5 Ft. Rob Swire – Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff (Chuckie Remix)


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Back in September, when Deadmau5 announced his upcoming EP, “5 Years of Mau5,” Joel hinted at some artists that would be on the EP; Chuckie being one of them. Released today, we have the full version of Chuckie’s remix of “Ghosts n Stuff.”

It’s tough to beat the original because it’s ultimately Deadmau5 at his best, but, Chuckie did a great job of keeping the original’s glorified beauty and then adding some new, electro elements to the track that make this one super catchy. Trust us, Joel wouldn’t allow this remix to go on the EP if it wasn’t worthy. Take a listen below, grab it on Beatport, and wait another six days till the EP is released on November 24th! Like this track? Be sure to check out the Dillon Francis remix of “Some Chords” and the Shiba San remix of “I Remember.”

iTunes: 5 Years of Mau5

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