Deadmau5 Goes Full Techno At Amensia Ibiza And Recorded The Set


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Photo credit Marc de Groot

Deadmau5 played at Amnesia Ibiza for Cream’s 20th anniversary celebration and apparently played a two-hour techno set. This doesn’t come as a surprise as Joel does what he wants when he wants. You can read the tweets from Joel below. There are two great things about this 1) Deadmau5 recorded the set, and he promised to give it to us shortly. 2) He “cleaned up the foam” referring to Paris Hilton’s DJ residency in which he criticized her last week for making a “mess” at Amnesia with her music. Absolutely hilarious if you ask me. Stay tuned for the full two hour set from Deadmau5 as we’ll post that as soon as we get it!

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Martin Garrix – Animals (DeadMau5 Troll Remix) [Throwback Thursday]


Animals” is the most loved/hated track of our era. On one hand, when Garrix released it, it was revolutionary and captive to the EDM Scene. However, as it got overplayed, people started to hate on it and categorize it as “ever other EDM track.” Truth be told, even Martin Garrix stopped playing his own edit of the track, it got so old, that he started playing Botnek’s remix at festivals.

Nonetheless, we thought we’d throw it back on this Thursday to one edit of Animals that no one saw coming. Well, in reality, we should’ve known better, as Deadmau5 trolled the world at Ultra 2014, by dropping this edit of Animals for the ENTIRE world to see. It was both unexpected and humorous at the same time, but one thing it did do was put Animals back in the limelight, again. Love it or hate it, this was one of the greatest trolls of all time, and we commend Joel’s ambition to do so in front of such a big audience. TBT can bring back quite the memories, can’t it!? I wonder what would’ve happened had Avicii not gotten sick and Deadmau5 not had filled in…

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Deadmau5 – Live At ‘Sziget Festival’ In Budapest (8/12/14) [Free Download]



Say what you want about Deadmau5 and his antics, but when it truly comes down to the music, and I’m talking solely based on musical talents, there might not be anyone better in the game than Deadmau5. One thing’s for sure, there is NO better “off-beat” producer on this planet than Deadmau5…that’s undeniable.

This set from the Sziget Festival in Budapest last week may be one of the best Mau5 sets I’ve ever heard. No joke, from start to finish, Deadmau5 absolutely murders it. All I can say is press play on this set and I’ll let Deadmau5 do the talking (mixing) from there. Enjoy!

Free Download: Deadmau5 Live At Sziget Festival 8/12/14

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Deadmau5 & Skrillex – Imma Try Some Chords (POWERCYAN Mashup) [Free Download]


This video surfaced a few weeks ago, but I just stumbled upon it today and thought it was too good not to share. POWERCYAN takes Skrillex’s “Imma Try It Out” and mashes it with Deadmau5′s track “Some Chords.” This isn’t just your everyday mashup, as you can see the talent and skill involved in making this edit from the video. I could watch this on repeat for days it’s that cool and good. Watch the video and see what I’m talking about…and make sure to grab the track as a free download too! Mad props POWERCYAN, mad props!

Free Download: Deadmau5 & Skrillex – Imma Try Some Chords (POWERCYAN Mashup)

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Deadmau5 Grabs Coffee With Toronto Mayor Rob Ford


I can’t believe Deadmau5 was able to get Rob Ford in his Ferrari for the latest installment of his Coffee Run. My mouth literally dropped. Not that anything controversial actually happened in it, but one would think his team wouldn’t let him be involved in anything uncut and uncensored. No controversy but plenty of laughs. I have so many takeaways from this including Rob Ford’s Tim Horton’s order, which had the clerk doing espresso math in her head. Deadmau5 once got that bad boy up over 200 MPH. No, not with Rob Ford in the passenger seat. I don’t know if math will allow that. A couple close calls with other cars, Joel talking politics and bonding over their city of Toronto are all packed into this Coffee Run.

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