Deadmau5 Holds Nothing Back During His 2-Hour Set At XS Nightclub Encore On Friday


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Say what you want about Deadmau5, but when it comes down to it, Joel is hands down one of the best DJ’s on the planet. Sure his antics aren’t necessarily conducive to the EDM world, or the general public for that matter, but holy f*ck does he know how to put on a show.

Listen as the Mau5 lights, XS – Encore, on fire with two hours of undeniably good music and proves to us that his musical talents significantly outweigh his, “less-than-personal” personality.

Deadmau5 – Live @ XS Nightclub Encore Las Vegas 25.07.2014 by Edmtunes on Mixcloud

Deadmau5 – Live @ XS Nightclub Encore Las Vegas 07/25/2014 Tracklist HERE: MORE!

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Deadmau5 Is Trolling Beatport Top 10 Producers With “Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter” [Free Download]


Deadmau5 is always stirring up the pot somehow. Twitter is usually his outlet of EDM destruction. This time he decided to do his trolling through his music. He claims to have only spent 30 minutes on this track and well it actually sounds pretty decent. He’s even giving it away for free. What do you guys think, would you buy this?

Download: Deadmau5 – Carbon Copy Cookie Cutter

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Deadmau5′s Album ‘while (1<2)’ Is Now Streaming In Full!


deadmau5 2014 album cover

Deadmau5′s latest album ‘while (1<2)‘ is now out. Need we say more? Enjoy the stream on Spotify, and look out for Joel’s next tour…it’s going to be massive!

iTunes: Deadmau5 – while (1<2) [Album]


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9 More Minutes of Deadmau5 in “Phantoms Can’t Hang”


With 1 week until the release of Deadmau5′s upcoming full project while(1<2), we get another glimpse into the masterpiece with “Phantoms Can’t Sing.” Pre-order now and get it, as well as “Avaritia,” “Seeya,” and “Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer” instantly!

Pre-order: Deadmau5 – while(1<2) (Album)

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Deadmau5 Goes Vintage And Releases Full Length Preview Of “Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer” Off Upcoming Album


We’re so f*cking close to the release of Deadmau5′s forthcoming album, While (1<2), which is set to drop on June 17th. While we anxious await this monster release, check out “Infra Turbo Pigcart Racer,” which will undoubtedly be on the album. It’s nine minutes long, so get ready for the ride as things pick up around the 2:30 mark, but honestly, are you surprised!? June 17th is in 15 days…and they can’t come soon enough!

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