Deadmau5′s Facebook, Twitter And iPhone “Hacked” By Anonymous As April Fools Prank


deadmau5 twitter hack

Professional internet trolls (h4x0rs) Anonymous decided to pull a fast one on professional dick (musician) who makes $800K a night filling in for Avicii and trolls on the side Deadmau5′s Twitter account. And by pulling a fast one, I mean hacked. They hacked it. AND, they also f*cked with his Facebook, this is too good. They’ve changed profile pics, sent out random tweets, took his followers down to just 1. And in case you were wondering, word is he used the same password for both Facebook and Twitter. Update! Andddd they’ve gotten his phone too.

Anyone else think it’s starting to look like both parties are just trolling us all?



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Deadmau5 Trolling Ultra Music Festival Was Amazing, But Of Course It Didn’t Stop There!


multiple orgasms

I’m sure many of you were watching and having a blast witnessing Joel… being Joel as he stepped in to fill Avicii‘s shoes (get better bro). Deadmau5 played a fantastic set, it was full of good music, and of course entertainment. Particularly memorable was this 4 minute span where he played a concoctuion of Martin Garrix‘s “Animals” but in parody form as “Old McDonald Had A Farm” followed by Avicii‘s “Levels” followed by his very own “Ghosts N Stuff” – it was hilarious and awesome and you can watch it after the jump. This is why mau5 is the man.

But of course, it didn’t stop there. As soon as his set was over, half the listeners were calling for his head. So he took to Twitter to bash and retweet the haters, even his mom joined in. He was also kinda called out by Tiesto which spawned a back and forth that is best explained by simply showcasing the tweets, which you can see below! Keep in mind though, that Deadmau5 did say get well to Avicii at the end of his set…

Speaking of sets, here are all of Ultra 2014′s live sets!

Check out all the shits & giggles below: MORE!

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BREAKING NEWS: Deadmau5 Set To Replace Avicii At Ultra Music Festival



Deadmau5…what a guy. With Avicii hospitalized, and Ultra in full swing, the Mau5 took to twitter to announce he’ll be stepping in for Avicii and playing during his set time tomorrow. Say what you want, but I have a feeling Deadmau5 is going to kill it and it’s too bad Avicii won’t get his shot at redemption after last years mess…

And for the record, Afrojack just tweeted he’s fine and will be performing as scheduled.

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Deadmau5 Launches New Music Site



After weeks of waiting, Deadmau5 has official launched his own, personal music site. Composed of live streams, message boards, chats, videos and music, the site, in it’s initial stages at least, is pretty cool and interactive. Looks like this could be a gateway for more artists to develop stuff like this, but only time will tell. Register for it here (all you need is an email address and password) and be sure to check out all the new features Deadmau5 himself is bringing to the table.

Side note…if you’re feeling ambitious, you can upgrade your “free” account to a monthly or yearly subscription to gain access to more features…for a price, of course.

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Deadmau5 vs. Eric Prydz vs. Bastille – The Veldt (White Panda Vocal Edit) From Panda Waves Episode 9



Wow! The White Panda may have just outdone themselves with this one. The other day, in their Panda Waves Podcast Episode 9, the duo mashed Deadmau5′s track, “The Veldt“, with Eric Prydz and the gorgeous vocals from Bastille’s track, “Pompeii“. This edit is super clean, and to be honest, I can’t take it off repeat. Take a listen to this masterpiece and be sure to listen to the full episode of the podcast after the jump!

Panda Waves Episode 9 MORE!

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