Watch the Trailer for Eminem-Produced Film, ‘Bodied’

Now if you are a true Eminem Stan, then you are fully aware of the Detroit recording artist’s passion for battle rap. After starring as a rising battle rapper himself in the early 2000s film, ‘8 Mile’, Eminem brings battle rap back to the silver screen with his newly produced film titled, ‘Bodied’.

The film will deal with race, violence, and political correctness with relation to the controversial content that can be found in battle rap. ‘Bodied’ stars former Disney star Calum Worthy, actor Anthony Michael Hall (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club) and “MADtv” alum Debra Wilson. Adding authenticity to the film, cameos are provided by legendary battle rappers Dizaster, Hollow Da Don, Loaded Lux, Dumbfounded, Madness, Daylyt, Arsonal, Pat Stay, Charron, Big T, and Conceited.

Produced by Eminem, the film is directed by Joseph Kahn and written by himself and well-known Canadian battle rapper Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen.

Check out the trailer above.

Bodied is set to premiere Sept. 7 at the Toronto Film Festival.

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