Chance The Rapper Has Apparently “Saved” Soundcloud So It’s “Here To Stay”

Is Chance The Rapper about to save SoundCloud from a seemingly inevitable demise?

After laying off 400 employees and closing their San Francisco and London offices, the future seemed dim for Soundcloud and all the artists and fans that have thrived off the platform past and present. Sure, it may not be the same game-changing music sharing source it was in the past, but there’s no denying how important it’s been for the music industry.

But soon after the layoffs, ex-employees were seen sh*t talking the company, saying it was doomed, which helped bring about the “SoundCloud has only 50 days left” rumors. The platform quickly shot them down, but as everyone can see through social media, no one listened.

Fast forward to today, Friday July 14th. Chance The Rapper just took to Twitter to reveal he’s had a chat with SC’s big cheese CEO Alex Ljung, and came to the conclusion that the platform is “here to stay.” SC quickly followed it up with some tweets of their own.

The tweets quickly had the internet saying that Chance has “saved” SoundCloud. What’s Chance know that we don’t?

It does make sense that Chance would stand up for the platform, as he blew up as an independent artist thanks to streaming, without a major label pushing him, and SoundCloud is all about that life and has been for years.

Anyway, check out the tweets below, maybe we’ll soon find out exactly what this all means – but for those of you celebrating its demise (why?), sounds like you can sit down now.

SoundCloud also posted this on their blog.

And this:

Here’s what chance said before the conversation:

Thanks for sharing fam! Stay in touch!