Wiz Khalifa on 21 Savage and Amber Rose: “He’s a Good Kid From What I Know”

Due to contrary belief there appears to be no smoke between Taylor Gang and Slaughter Gang. Wiz Khalifa is totally cool with ex-wife Amber Rose and her current relationship with 21 Savage along with him around Wiz and Amber’s son Sebastian.

TMZ caught up with Wiz Khalifa and girlfriend/model Izabela Guedes as they jumped into a car service and through out a couple questions on his previous relationship’s new relationship. Since the reveal of the newfound relationship between 21 and Amber, rumors have circulated that Wiz Khalifa expressed discomfort with the Atlanta recording artist around his three-year-old son and “proposedly” warned his ex-wife of having the “X” hitmaker around his child. However, Mister Cap had a completely different attitude on the Epic recording artist.

Watch the clip above.

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa divorced in June 2016 after a three-year marriage (2013-2016) that resulted in the birth of their only son, Sebastian Cameron. After the divorce, Amber Rose was linked to Machine Gun Kelly and Val Chmerkovskiy before 21 Savage.

Several days ago, TMZ also caught up with 21 Savage and Amber Rose as they exited an event. 21 Savage spoke on him and Amber’s new relationship and warned those against it that he is prepared to defend his new love, anytime, anywhere.

Watch the clip below:

21 Savage recently released his debut album, ‘Issa’ last week while Wiz Khalifa is getting ready to release the sequel to his debut album, ‘Rolling Papers 2’ late-2017.

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