Zedd Shares New Single, “Get Low” Ft. Liam Payne

Following up his #1 new single, “Stay” with Alessia. Multi-platinum, GRAMMY award-winning artist/DJ/producer Zedd has released “Get Low,” his new single with Liam Payne on Interscope.

“Get Low” marks a more urban sound for Zedd that he also described as one of his catchiest songs and recently told BuzzFeed, “just had to live in the summer.”

The second single from Zedd is a new lane for both recording artists, building a collaboration a year ago. Zedd and Liam met last year as Liam was beginning to plan his solo career. Zedd had been working on “Get Low” at that time and thought Liam would be perfect for it. Zedd and Liam then began working on the song together and as Zedd recalls, “Liam’s voice gave the song a lot of soul and really influenced the song a lot.”

Check out the official video below.

Later on this month, Zedd will be embarking on a North American tour called, “Echo Tour“.

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