Everyone is Talking About This Year’s Dack Janiels EDC Set, Hear It Right Now

Missed EDC in Vegas this year, went and didn’t get a chance to see every one of your favorite DJ sets, looking to recap what you may have missed? Then make sure you checkout the EDC 2017 Live set from up-and-coming sensation Dack Janiels right now.

You might’ve missed Dack, being he wasn’t a headliner on the main stage; however, his incredible performance at this year’s festival is still being talked about even weeks after the annual festival. Dack should have taken up the moniker of the Pied-Piper with the way he turned a few hundred at the beginning of his set into thousands by the end with his infectious sound, all while competing against morning headliners and holding his own.

Dack Janiels set was also accompanied by several big names, including: Barely Alive, Dubloadz, Virtual Riot, Snails, Crichy Crich, Myro, and Vegas Banger. Dack shouts all of them out during the mix as the crowd erupts from excitement.

Dack just recently release his debut EP, ‘Never Say Die’ and is currently working on his sophomore effort due out late 2017.

In case you missed it or looking to get familiar with a sensational new comer, hit the play above already.

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