Migos And Chris Brown Brawl After BET Awards [Video]

migos 2017

Looks like Migos and Chris Brown couldn’t keep their tempers in check after the BET Awards, as reports are coming in of a brawl that required cops to show up.

Word is Chris Brown had just finished premiering his new video with Future near the Microsoft Theater in downtown L.A. when the Migos clan was walking by nearby.

Witnesses tell TMZ that someone from Chris Browns’ crew shoved Quavo. Then one of the Migos guys decided to join in, before getting punched. Chris Brown apparently kept walking – likely thinking (for once) about his legal history, but that didn’t stop Migos’ crew from following him to his car and then surrounding him.

Looks like Breezy was able to make it out without anyone getting hurt, so he’s probably alright on the legal side, but cops did have to be called – although everyone had already dipped by then.

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