EDC Vegas 2017 Reports Fatality, Over 1000 Medical Calls and Almost 100 Felony Arrests

An estimated 400,000 people attended EDC Las Vegas this year, but not without tragedy. Reports are coming in of a death at the festival.

34-year Michael Morse – an EDC vet here for his 3rd festival – passed away this weekend, with initial rumors of the cause being excessive heat although no official cause has been confirmed. His death was pronounced at 7:41 a.m. Saturday at the event at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Jennifer Marshall, Morse’s wife, said the coroner’s office told her Morse had a body temperature of 109 degrees at the time of his death. “He was complaining about how hot it was,” she said based on texts he had been sending her. Temperatures hit north of 110 degrees this weekend.

She also notes how there were multiple complaints getting water at the festival, with long lines at the filling stations.

RIP Michael Morse.

As if one death wasn’t more than enough, there were over 1000 additional medical calls this weekend, with 15 needing emergency transport to a nearby hospital.

And with a festival this large, and a drug-infused EDM culture, it should come to no surprise that 95 people were arrested for felony charges, majority of which were of course narcotics related.

On a brighter note, if you’re suffering from EDC FOMO, head on over here to relive dozens of the best sets from the weekend. And then the whole DJ Khaled fiasco.


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