So… LeBron James and Kevin Durant Recorded A Rap Song Together

While LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers is busy licking his wounds from yet another beating by Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors in one of the biggest rivalries in sports right now, we can all take a break and enjoy some irony.

So a few years back, the two apparently recorded a rap song together during the 2011 NBA lockout ans league sources informed ESPN. Durant was visiting James for workouts in Akron, OH.

Someone who had actually heard the song reports that Durant raps first, then King James comes in for a second verse, before Durantula – who is believed to have produced the track – caps it off with another.

In fact, the players basically confirmed its existence when asked, but no one really knows the title, theme, or basically anything else about the track.

Think we’ll ever hear it? Maybe once they’re no longer rivals.

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