Watch Mia LJ’s Debut Video, “This Livin”

New York City singer/songwriter Mia LJ is preparing for a breakout summer as she is set to release her full-length debut album and kicks off her campaign with the release of the first track and music video from the upcoming debut titled, “This Livin”.

Written and produced by Mia LJ herself, “This Livin” shows the beautiful songbird donning all black leather and hitting the New York streets. Exploring the nightlife, Mia reflects on a recent love interest and basking in the moment hoping to last an eternity. The song delivers a catchy smooth blending element of Rock, R&B, and Pop. Perfect song for the upcoming summertime flings of this generation.

Mia’s upcoming debut will be written and produced completely by songstress and is slated for a summer release and follows up her latest EP, These Are The Years.

Watch Mia’s debut above.

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