Farr Shares New Song, “Blades”

Sparking a buzz a couple of weeks ago with their hot new song, “Down”. Los Angeles-meets-London duo of Linden Jay and Romeo, better known as new group Farr, keep the momentum going with a spectacular follow-up release of new music in new single, “Blades”.

The song delivers a smooth eclectic vibe filled with deep seductive subject matter and a perfect blend of sultry R&B, Electronic, Pop elements. “Blades” makes newfound fans a believers that this duo is quickly becoming the most sought after group of 2017. Upon the release of “Blades”, Farr has more new music on the way. Until then, let “Down” and “Blades” suffice your ear buds.

“Blades” is available now on all streaming service platforms.

Listen to the new track above.

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