L.A. Reid Accused Of Sexual Assault, Epic Records Departure Now Makes Sense

It didn’t make any sense when news broke that L.A. Reid, the kingpin of Epic Records, would be stepping down from his role. Especially during a time like this, when buzzing acts like DJ Khaled, Future, 21 Savage, Rick Ross and others on the imprint were pushing crazy numbers and always in everyone’s face. Looks like we have an idea now.

The New York Post reports that Sony Music had him removed after a co-worker complained about sexual harassment – that happened more than once.

The accuser wrote a letter to Sony Music’s General Counsel Julie Swidler. She cites innapropriate “physical advances” at a Christmas Party last year. She also claims that he asked her to lay down with him and give him a hug at a hotel room during a business trip, while Reid commented on her clothes and looks, saying she was “fine.” Oh and, he was married.

If this is true, his sudden departure from Epic makes much more sense now. But it is interesting how Sony’s initial statement didn’t mention such a thing, citing that he was just leaving.

Reid was reportedly talking to Warner Bros. about running their label, but with this in the news, if true, good luck getting anyone to hire you.

First Dr. Luke, now L.A. Reid…


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