ISIS Claims Responsibility For Ariana Grande Concert Attack At Manchester Arena

London News Pictures

Last night scary news broke in Manchester at the end of Ariana Grande’s concert where multiple explosions left at least 22 people dead and over 50 injured. Now, the Islamic State aka ISIS states that one of it’s members carried out the attack, as multiple news outlets are now reporting.

This is now the deadliest terror attack on British soil since London’s 2005 bombing. It looks like a man carrying explosives died in the attack, while another 23-year old man was arrested in connection with the bombing.

British Prime Minister Theresa May made an official statement confirming everyone’s fear that this was indeed a terrorist attack.

“It is now beyond doubt that the people of Manchester and of this country have fallen victim to a callous terrorist attack. An attack that targeted some of the youngest people in our society with cold calculation,” she said.

“We struggle to comprehend the warped and twisted mind that sees a room packed with young children not a scene to cherish but as an opportunity for carnage.”

Ariana Grande has since taken to Twitter to express how sorry she is and that she’s “broken.”

President Trump has also finally said something about the attack, siding in solidarity with the people of the United Kingdom.

What kind of sick people attack a family event like this? What are you possibly going to accomplish? WTF is wrong with you?

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