Prowler Breaks into Amber Rose Home While Her & Son Sleeps, Stays For Hours

First 50 Cent, then A$AP Rocky, now Amber Rose is the latest addition to this week’s fill of intruder breaking-and-entering. Wednesday morning (May 17), Model/Actress/Wiz Khalifa ex-wife Amber Rose found out a guy broke into her house and hid inside for 4 freaking hours while she was there asleep.

After awakening to discovered broken window, Rose reviewed surveillance footage and to her horror discovered a man had uninvitingly broken into her San Fernando Valley home and rummaged through her pantry. Rose was home during the intrusion with her mother, son, assistant, and bodyguard whom all were asleep throughout the entire ordeal. The 33-year-old was the first to notice the broken window in which the prowler entered through.

The unknown male broke into Rose’s home through the Kitchen window, Rose’s assistant did wake up during the intruder’s rummage; however, hid while the assistant made a meal. Rose saw on camera later that afternoon the intruder enter and flee after remaining in her home for four hours.

While thankfully, no one was hurt, Rose did call Police and after investigation, it was revealed that the intruder did not take anything for Rose’s home.

Currently, there are no leads on identifying the intruder by law enforcement at press time. Both Amber and Wiz has yet to comment on the incident publicly.

Wiz Khalifa is currently on tour with Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill on the “Mount Kushmore Tour”.

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