Kanye West’s “Wolves” Producer Sinjin Hawke Releases Debut Album ‘First Opus’

Meet Alan Stanley Soucy Brinsmead, aka Sinjin Hawke, aka the talented producer behind one of the better known tracks off Kanye West‘s latest album The Life Of Pablo, “Wolves” which featured Vic Mensa and Sia.

Sinjin Hawke decides to take the veil off and takes his talents to the forefront, release his debut instrumental album First Opus. From the get-go you’ll hear the unique production from “Wolves.”

There are so many pivotal artists in the music industry that never see the light of day – be it songwriters (like Sia who coincidentally was also featured on “Wolves”), producers (like DJ Snake, who previously worked with Lady Gaga, Pitbull), etc.; they just take in a paycheck working alongside other high profile artists. But every now and then, they decide to go out on their own and test the waters of solo fame.

Is Sinjin Hawke next up? Take a listen to his debut album below, and let us know what you think! Btw, Kanye is reportedly working on a new album, atop a mountaintop, so you guys have that to look forward too.

H/T EDM Sauce (via Reddit)

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