Chris Rock Admits To Cheating On Ex-Wife With Famous Actress… Kerry Washington?

Chris Rock is currently on his Blackout Tour, preparing for his upcoming Netflix stand-up special. During the Denver tour stop, the comedic actor admits to cheating on ex-wife with three women, one being a fellow famous actress co-star.

During his Denver set, Rock admits to being a “Piece of shit” to ex-wife Malaak Compton-Rock during the couple’s marriage and further elaborated that he had cheated on ex-wife during their marriage with three different women. Describing the three women as “one famous, one semi-famous, and one a member of the retail class.”

Upon admitting guilt, many speculate that the “one famous” the “Top 5″ actor was referring to award-winning actress and former co-star on two of Rock’s films, Kerry Washington. The two co-starred with each other on films 2002 ‘Bad Company’ and 2007 ‘I Think I Love My Wife’.

Popular gossip columns report, “He was cheating on his wife with Kerry [Washington] when they were filming [ 2007’s ‘I Think I Love My Wife’] about him, ironically, having fantasies of cheating on his wife. That went on for a while, for like six months, and she found out.”

None of the parties involved have commented on the situation. There is also no word on the two other possible identities Rock was referring to as well.

Kerry Washington is currently starring in her sixth season of the hit NBC crime drama, ‘Scandal’ as the highly-successful character, Olivia Pope. Since ‘I Think I Love My Wife’, Washington has gone off to star in several films including: ‘Django Unchained’, ‘A Thousand Words’, and ‘For Colored Girls’.

Rock has been reported to label his current comedy tour as the “Alimony Tour”. It was reported that upon divorce, Rock’s ex-wife requested half of his $70 million dollar fortune to maintain her lifestyle. There has been no reports of ex-wife being granted that amount; however, the two parties have settled on a disclosed amount.

Chris Rock will be following in the footsteps of Dave Chappelle and Louis C.K. with releases of multi-stand-up specials on Netflix.

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