Watch Migos & Chance The Rapper Play Knockout For $100,000

When your two of the biggest acts in today’s music, money is simply no object. For the platinum selling Chance the Rapper and Migos, especially when it comes to placing bets. On a break between tour dates, the Atlanta trio links up with Chicago’s biggest star and NBA Indiana Pacers Center Myles Turner for a game of Basketball Knockout.

To make the game interesting, the recording artists place a friendly $100,000 dollar bet on the game, given to the winner.

Never played Knockout before? Here are the rules to the game below:
-Form a single file line handing the balls to the first two players in the line. The first player will shoot, once they have gotten their shot off, the player behind them may shoot.

-Everybody’s first shot must be taken from a determined distance away from the hoop (typically the free-throw line).

-If the first shooter makes a basket before the second, they hand the ball to the next person in line.

-If the second shooter makes a basket before the first, the first shooter is eliminated. The balls are then handed to the next two players in line and play resumes.

-The order of the players can never change during the game.

-The game continues until all but one player has been knocked out. This one talented player is the winner!

While it appears Qauvo won the bet, checkout the complete video from Migos’ Instagram below.

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Chance is currently on his Spring tour while the Migos are currently on tour with Future, Tory Lanez, A$AP Ferg, and Young Thug on the “Nobody’s Safe Tour”. Myles and the Indiana Pacers just got knocked out of the NBA Playoffs by the Cleveland Cavilers in the first-round.

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