Reconciled? Birdman Shares Photos of His Kids With Lil Wayne in Miami

Birdman and Lil Wayne have been in the midst of a $51 million legal battle for over 2 years, and as of last week, Wayne was still yelling “Fuck Cash Money!” at his shows. However, fans are believing that father and son might have reconciled with a recent release of photos of all of Birdman’s children all posing together for IG pictures.

Lil Wayne, an adopted son of Birdman, performed over the weekend in Miami at the Rolling Loud Music Festival. After his performance, backstage on his tour bus, Weezy linked up with Birdman’s legitimate children and posed for several photos with his step-brother and sister. A proud pop Birdman shared the photos on his IG with the caption that proves at the end of the day it’s about blood. There is no word of Birdman at the festival, as well as, him shown in the photos alongside his children.

Checkout the series of IG posts below:


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At the end of the day, it’s always about the kids and family. It’s great to see that the beef doesn’t affect the children on both sides. After Wayne’s performance at Rolling Loud, he did state to the crowd, “It’s YMCMB and The Roc.”

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