Logic Unveils Secret J. Cole Verse & Title To Final Album In Cryptic Message

Def Jam recording artist Logic‘s new album, ‘Everybody’ is filled with secrets and surprises. On the road to accumulating 220,000 sales-plus-streams in the first week, following the release of the documentary, fans are discovering more in the secret messages left by the Maryland-native in his 44-page insert booklet. It’s been discovered that Dreamville/Roc Nation multi-platinum J. Cole might have spoken to soon when telling Joey Bad@$$ that he would have the last J. Cole feature as Cole supplies Logic with a secret verse at the end of the ‘Everybody’ track, “AfricAryaN” and Logic uses the track to announce his final album, titled, ‘Ultra 85’.

On “AfricAryaN”, J. Cole portrays Logic’s therapist and spits the line of inspiration amidst the pain of the following:

“Your trauma is deep,” he raps. “Don’t bury it, you should weep / And clean it out of your system, then truly forgive ’em / Just my opinion, only then can you find peace.”

Listen to the J.Cole and Neil Degrasse Tyson-featured, “AfricAryaN” below, courtesy of Spotify:

While many were revealed to a shocker at the end of the track that announced Logic’s next fourth album would indeed be his final. A fan on Reddit, dug deeper and discovered that Logic also presented the title of his final album in a secret message on the album thank you credits. On page 18 of the booklet, Logic asks fans to read the letter at the end of the booklet and to decipher it, pay attention to every 8th and 5th word of it.

After solving the puzzle, it’s revealed that Logic says:

“For the real fans reading this hidden message my next album will be called, Ultra 85, and it will be the conclusion to this saga.”

Checkout the decoding below in the following pictures:

Logic’s new album, ‘Everybody’ features guest appearances from Killer Mike, Khalid, Big Von, Alessa Cara, and Juicy J.

‘Everybody’ is available for streaming now on all your favorite streaming services via Def Jam/Visionary Music Group.

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