Stream Russ Debut Album, ‘There’s Really A Wolf’

After release three hit singles with “What They Want”, “Losin Control”, and “Ain’t Nobody Takin My Baby,” Atlanta recording artist Russ debut his first full-length album, creatively titled, ‘There’s Really A Wolf’.

Playing it solo his first time out, Russ debut album contains zero features. Apart from the hit singles, the debut delivers noteworthy tracks like “Pull The Trigger,” “Do It Myself”, and “Cherry Hill.” Leading up to his release, Russ has been conquering the airwaves and selling out shows all across the nation. A lot of the production on the debut is helmed by Russ himself.

Russ debut effort is inspiring, brave, and remarkable. While it’s no secret of today’s recording artists releasing albums with no features, it’s not familiar for a new artist to release their debut project without any recognizable guest appearances.

‘There’s Really A Wolf’ is a product of Columbia/Sony/Russ My Way.

Listen to the complete 20-track debut below, courtesy of Spotify:

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