Outkast Biopic in the Works, Ice Cube Son In Running to Play Big Boi

With the success of Straight Outta Compton and the high anticipation for the upcoming Tupac film, ‘All Eyez on Me’ coming this June on the big screen and the surprisingly huge success of the New Edition Story on the small screen. Many have been conversating what the next Hip-Hop biopic should be. While many acts have been in negotiations with studios for the rights to their stories of success, it looks like the next big biography film on the way will be the telling of legendary duo Big Boi and Andre 3000, professionally known as the Grammy award-winning group Outkast.

While promoting his upcoming third solo album ‘Boomiverse,’ Big Boi revealed to media outlets that him and Andre have been taking meetings with a couple directors along with discussing the idea amongst each other of taking their story to the silver screen. Big told Hip Hop DX the following:

“Me and [Andre 3000] just spoke about it last week when I was in New York… I think he might have been taking a couple meetings talking to people and then I got a couple of people in mind that I’ma talk to, one of them being Lee Daniels who I just did the TV show Star with so yeah all that’s coming and we just know it’s time to do it. It’s coming!”

Outkast is arguably one of the biggest acts to come out of Atlanta and are often brought up in the discuss of the Greatest Hip-Hop Groups of All-Time. Their musical journey includes not only winning a Grammy for their classic album, ‘Stankonia,’ but also thriving in the midst of a deadly 90s East Coast/West Coast beef that took the lives of legends Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. Now the question arises, who would be the perfect actors to embody the two Atlanta hitmakers?

When asked, Big Boi hinted that Ice Cube‘s son Oshea Jackson Jr. would be a great fit to play Daddy Fat Saxx. Big Boi says he views similarities in Cube’s son that resemble himself, stating:

“They (Ice Cube’s Sons) look exactly like me and they know all the words to all the raps so they probably could pull it off.”

Cube’s son does have the experience of playing a famous recording artist as he made his acting debut playing his actual father in the 2015 biopic directed by F. Gary Gary.

While nothing is set in stone, Big Boi is currently preparing the release of his new album which already produced two new singles in the Adam Levine-featured, “Mic Jack” and the Killer Mike and Jeezy-featured, “Kill Jill”.

Big Boi’s new album, ‘Boomiverse’ coming soon via Sony.

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