RiFF RaFF Announces New Weed Strain “Lamborghini Leg Lock” & “Red Carpet Kush” [Music Video]

RiFF RAFF unveils his new branded medical cannabis strains in the music video for “Lamborghini Leg Lock,” out today. Tryke Companies, operators of Reef Dispensaries in Nevada and Arizona, have partnered with the hip-hop artist to present these new lines. “Red CarpetKush,” is an uplifting, inspirational sativa, while “Lamborghini Leg Lock,” is a stunningly potent indica.

“It’s the equivalent to when the Lamborghini came out,” said RiFF. “Imagine NASA, when it first came out with the space program. This is what this is.”

The two strains are now available at Reef Dispensaries’ LasVegas locations on May 1st and will be available in Northern Nevada on May 5th!

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