Chance the Rapper Disses All Major Labels During First Tour Show

First, Chance the Rapper made a hit single that bewared major record labels to not mess with him or suffer the consequences with the Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz-featured, “No Problems”. The Chicago-native, who is the first Grammy award-winning independent recording artist, further elaborates on that statement on his first tour date by clowning all major labels with redesigns of major label logos with negative messages.

On his first tour stop of the Spring Celebration Tour in San Diego, California. Chance the Rapper, with the Social Experiment behind him, performed his biggest hit to-date in “No Problems” to an arena of cult following fans reciting word-for-word the entire song. While performing, the titan ton behind the band began to flash images that resemebled iconic record label logos; however, each image rebanded with a slandered tone in mind, representing Chance’s idea of the record business.

For example, Def Jam was renamed “Don’t Join”, Sony was renamed “Phony”, Atlantic Records was renamed, “A Titanic”, and so on. Following the images, three grammy logos appeared on the screen, representing Chance’s recent crowning achievements.

Watch the complete live performance below.

At this year’s Grammy’s, Chance won awards for Best New Artist, Best Rap Album, and Best Rap Performance. Overall, Chance was nominated for seven grammy awards and ignited this 37-city tour.

While Chance has pledge he will always remain a independent entity, many have frowned upon his exclusive deal with streaming service Apple Music for the release of his Grammy winning mixtape, ‘The Coloring Book’. Many look at it as a label situation, and Chano has addressed the deal on Twitter in the past as a deal he had to take because he needed the money to do other ventures musically. Chance signed an exclusive deal valued at 500,000 dollars for the exclusive release of his latest project.

While Chance has accomplished unprecedented accolades, that no other independent artist has ever done before, many have began to speculate if his success is nothing but an industry hoax. Many believe that Chance actually has a major label deal; however, working a gimmick that can potentially lure the next generation of recording artist into a similar trap to help major labels stay in power. Recording artist claiming independence and actually signed to majors is nothing new to the music business. However, there is no evidence that shows otherwise to refute the claiming of Chance’s independence.

The live show diss antic did spark a debate on Complex’s new webseries starring Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks entitled, ‘Everyday Struggles’. The two questioned after Chance’s actions in San Diego and his recent deal with Apple, is he truly an independent recording artist. Watch the complete debate below:

Will Chance suffer backlash for this antic? More as this story develops.

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