Watch Paul Oakenfold Perform Mt. Everest, The “Highest Party On Earth” [Video]

Paul Oakenfold just played the show of a lifetime in a place few have the chance to even visit – Mt. Everest‘s Base Camp. Dubbed the “highest party on earth,” he took his talents to 17,600 ft, making him the first and only DJ to do so.

He planned this SoundTrek journey for two years, and chronicled everything for a life album and documentary. He also used the opportunity to raise money for a myriad of charities like Himalayan Trust, Youth Music, Mayor’s Music Fund, and Supporting Nepal’s Children and will be donating his DJ equipment to “the local community.”

You can check out videos from the stunt below, and for an in depth look into the experience, be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of his Soundtrek diary.

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